Work Towards Red Boar Fall


A full day has passed since I got badly beaten by Jet Boar.
We've been making plans and arrangements with the villagers in order to deal with it, currently we're allocating manpower.
No magic beast has raided ever since, but this lull will probably only last until Jet Boar has recovered.
Once it's done recovering, they will definitely come for the crops again.
We gotta come up with a way to beat that thing until then.

First, I went to ask for help from the guild.
Relying on others now might be weird, but it's undeniably a bit too much with just us two.
In fact, asking for someone stronger is the natural course of action if we want to kill the Jet Boar for sure.
That red boar is so obviously above our level.
It didn't take long for me to get back to Daijel by flying through the scenic route.
But the answer from the guild was:

We won't send help, the request does not specify the existence of Jet Boar.
The rank clearly doesn't match up.
The two adventurers that have accepted this commission may cancel their contract but the request will need to be reapplied with correct info.

Thus was the reply.

Well, Daijel has been seeing fewer adventurers lately post Stampede, so the lack of manpower is their other reason to refuse us.
It's gonna take two, three months before the magic beast forest gets back to normal, and until then a lot of people go to other towns to make money.
Even the innlady was grumbling how she was getting less than usual.
That's still around one million en a month though…  Whoops, let's get back to topic.

So yeah, we can't expect reinforcement from the guild.
We've gotta take care of this problem with our current manpower.
…What do.
I do have an item on hands that would work super well on those boars, but I'd rather not use it if I could help it…
But then, I won't get that item anymore if this incident isn't settled, not like I have other option dammit.

Our first and foremost goal is to kill the herd boss, Jet Boar.
To that end, we need appropriate measures to overcome that thing's powerful status.
All the villagers, both combat and non combat job are diligently working toward this magic beast countermeasure plan.
There are even children doing their best to help their parents.
I'll make sure to give them rewards once this is over.
Once we've taken care of Jet Boar, the rest should be a cinch.
We can cull out Rush Boars to their normal number easily, it's just gonna take time.
But man, the people in this village have such a nice communal spirit.
All of them is working hard without a hint of reluctance.
Even though the job is quite strenuous.

“Oy, Kajikawa-san, should we keep digging in deeper?”

One of the villagers called out to me as I supervised the work.
It's a hard labor so they're all drenched in sweat.

“Ah, be there.
Let me see, please dig in one more meter deep.”

“Uhya, ain't that fierce.
But well, just a lil' bit more.
Folk, watch your hips~.”

They all put their trust on me in this.
I'll definitely put an end to that Red Boar.
…Oh yeah, wonder if that thing's meat tastes good.
Gotta think up the menu…
Wait no, no putting cart before horse.
Thinking that now's gonna raise a flag, settle down my appetite.
Speaking of appetite, those boars are only raiding the village for the crops, there doesn't seem to be malice behind their actions.
Looking from this viewpoint, these magic beasts don't differ much from animals on earth.
Guess magic beasts don't always mean evil.
But the goals differ depending on positions.
The boars eat crops to live on, the villagers raise crops to earn income, while Alma and I are looking to get rewarded.
There is no way to reconcile these two sides.
Only ruin awaits the one that concedes.

…No point in thinking this complicated stuff.
I'll just work on what's served to me.
Don't wanna get served to magic beasts after all.

We're finally done with the preparations after two days.
And now we, just gotta wait for the raid.
By preparations here, I mean making a trap in the village square aimed for that Red Boar.
It's a simple yet very manpower and time hungry labor.
Near the trap, we set up a basic stove and a fry pan.
No no, these aren't for cooking entrapped boars, okay? It's part of the trap.
No denying how surreal it looks despite not being a gag though.
…I came up with the plan and all but I wonder if this is even gonna go well? I mean I can't complain if they gang up on me if it doesn't.

“Kajikawa-san, so the trap's ready and all, but uh ya sure those boars gonna fall for it? Ain't they just gonna steer clear out of suspicion?”

“I plan to lure them here with something I have on hand.
I cannot guarantee its efficacy, but I believe it has a much better chance than doing nothing.”

The villagers sounded anxious.
Can't blame them with this surreal trap.
But this is the limit of my brainpower.
Not like anybody else came up with a better plan, so we just gotta take it as they come.
If this doesn't work, I'm gonna drag guildmaster to this village and have him order the men here.
Guy might get a stomach ulcer from overworking though.

As I was inspecting the trap, some villagers came running this way.

“Kajikawa-san! The boars have come raiding in!!”

“There's about 20 of 'em, including that red one!”

…Here they come.
Now then, time to activate the trap.

I turned on the stove while formulating the flow of combat that should take place.
Hope it goes well this time.

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