Probable Case


Alright, good morning.
The sun is rising and the sky is bright out here.


I'm currently running around all over trying to get away from two pursuing goblins.
At a glance, we may look like we're having fun running together.
Seen from the sideline, it does look like I'm not having issue at all outpacing them, but these guys are surprisingly slow, so I'm doing OK.

Isn't my AGI (Agility) 0 and these guys' around 50?
But these goblins are only about as fast as half of my maximum speed though.
I can't really run at full speed in a forest like this, yet I've still got more than enough leeway to outrun them.
What's going on?

I found out the reason after getting about 50 meters away from them.

“…Dammit, so that's why…!”

I ran into an open space with no gaps inbetween trees,
At first I thought someone had set up a camp here, but after leaping in there I saw,

5-6 goblins waiting there.

They were entrapping me!? No wonder those two goblins ran so slow,
They did it on purpose! They were leading me here!
Are they gonna come out and say 『This was  your escape route…
You lost in a battle of wit against us goblins!』 No way, that shoulda been my line!




Oy, these guys are kinda late reacting though, did they get tired of waiting or something.
You there, stop yawning.
I'm sleepy myself after walking and running around all night.
Wait, this is no time for this! Turn! Back! Gotta go!

『Gi…! Gigi…! Zeezee…!』

『Giyi…! Giggeho…!』

The two goblins caught up behind me.
Dangit, shoulda run when I had the chance! I'm an idiot!
Wait I mean, these two are running out of breath though, you telling me they really ran at full speed back then? Look really painful.

And now I'm surrounded by goblins.
This is the worst.
Don't seem like I can get away.
Fight? Against this many? I'm gonna have go up against two at a time at least, y'know? No way.
There's only one thing I can do here!


“Someoneeeeeeeeeeeee!! Help meeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Shouting out loud for help! It's a checkmate if no one passes by nearby, but I've got no other choice!
The goblins look taken aback to see me yelling all of a sudden, this is all you guys' fault!
It's not like I want to look this pitiful!
But I ain't gonna complain when it comes to life or death!


『Gigi…! Giyii!』

They seemed to realize I was calling for help, the knife and club goblins came attacking!


I tried dodging while screaming involuntarily.


“Ga! …Ku!”

I managed to avoid the knife but the club hit my side.
Hn? I was sure it'd break or at least crack my rib, but it's surprisingly not that bad.
Are they planning to slowly torment me with weak attacks…? Like some space emperor.


Oh crap, it's knife attack the second!
I can't dodge, this is it, that was when

Dodoon! With that loud sound, the knife and club goblins' head were set on fire.

『Gihiii! Ga…!』

Once the fire died out, they fell down forward with smoke rising out of their heads.
Their Menu windows turned red just before.
They're dead.
What just happened?
I-Is it a rescue team?

“Are you okay?”

Someone stood behind goblin as they spoke that.
From the voice, it's a woman? I looked there and,
A short black haired girl was standing with her sword drawn.
or not.
Her face kinda looks like a foreigner.
'Foreigner' sounds weird coming from an otherworlder like me though.

“Um, can you move?”

“Eh, ah, yes.”

I replied the second question in fluster.
Wait I mean, guess our words connect even in this world.
Plot convenience is the best.

“Then, get back.
It's dangerous.”

She pointed her sword at the rest of the goblins afterward.
She's planning to fight against that many?
As I thought that, she rushed toward one of the goblins.

Zash, her sword pierced through the goblin's throat, killing it.

She's clearly on a different level than these goblins.
I guess numbers mean nothing against that.
…I peeked at her status despite thinking this is a breach of etiquette.



Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Paladin

State: Mana Shortage (Small)


HP (Health): 196/196
MP (Mana): 14/113
SP (Stamina): 30/85

STR (Strength): 90
ATK (Attack): 90 (+30)
DEF (Defense): 82 (+20) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 95 (+16)
INT (Intelligence): 112 (+5)
DEX (Dexterity): 56
PER (Perception): 80
RES (Resistance): 78
LUK (Luck): 42

Swordsmanship Lv2 – Attack Magic Lv2 – Martial Arts Lv2 – Throwing Lv1

EXP: 1759
NEXT: 2000


Iron Sword (Buff: Int Up)
ATK+30 (INT+5)

Lizard Leather Body Protector

Boots of Wind
DEF+10 AGI+16

S-she's strong?
I've only got kobold and goblins as points of comparison, but she's clearly a cut above them.
Her equipment…
Feels like that of an apprentice adventurer I guess.
No, stuff from games might not be a good reference here.
Rather, these equipment stat boost is huge.
Safety shoes…

『Giyiii! Gigu!』

She cut at the arm of a goblin who readied its sword, neutralizing it before killing it for good by slicing its throat.

Gosu!! Dosu
『Gyaa!! Gabufu』

Another goblin lunged at her during this opening, but then she kicked at its vital point (male only) before piercing its heart with her sword.
That kick looked the most painful for some reason.
That was really dangerous.
Like it sent a shockwave through me…

Three goblins left.
After watching their friends getting quickly disposed of, they should be about ready to run off, shouldn't they?


How dare you, unforgivable.
Thus their glaring expressions spoke.
They seem to have a surprising amount of camaraderie, they're trying to get their revenge instead of fleeing.
I'm slightly awed despite their rashness.


As I was thinking that, the bow goblin readied an arrow aimed at the girl.



Just when the girl was about to close the distance between them, the spear and knife goblin charged at her.
These guys went for a coordinated attack after perceiving they're no match individually!
The bow goblin shot an arrow at the girl as she was dealing with the two charging goblins.
That's dangerous!


A fireball got shot out of the girl's hand, dwon! and shot down the arrow.
Was that just now magic!? The real thing!?
Must be the thing that burned the two goblin heads earlier.
Oooh, it's a genuine magic!
This place is another world for real.
I'm overcome with emotion for a bit.


The girl staggered while holding her head after shooting the fireball.
W-what's wrong.
Did she get hit somewhere!?
I checked the girl's State  at once.

State: Mana Shortage (Large)
MP: 6/113

【Mana Shortage (Large)】
<Temporarily hinder motor and sensory functions.>>

W-what!? Mana Shortage, wait, she's almost out!
Judging from the decreased mana, one shot costs 8 MP huh.
She shot two earlier and then another.
Meaning she didn't have much to start with.

She went up against that many monsters despite having little mana left.

…To save me.


The bow goblin readied another arrow as it laughed at the girl.
She could get hit or worse, die at this rate.

Like hell I'd let them!!


Bishi, the stone I threw hit the bow goblin right in the face.


Hyun! The arrow flew out with with a wrong aim,

Busu! It got stuck in the spear goblin's ass.


Oo, that must hurt.
But I ain't gonna care anymore.
It does look really painful though.
I've no pity for fiends who'd shoot an arrow at a tottering girl while laughing.

I picked up a club from one of the corpses with smoke still rising from its head, and ran at full speed toward the bow goblin.



I swung down the club with all my strength at the bow goblin who was shook from hitting its friend.

Gocha, with that awful sound, the bow goblin's head got crushed.
Its status window turned red at the same time.

What the, so even a stat zero like me could beat them huh.
The heck I got all frightened for.
Damn, I'm sad.
Even ended up making such a delicate girl go through all that and got her in danger.
Ah, crap, I wanna die.
You're next.

“Damn, you!”

『Gyahi!? Beba!』

Gosha! Docha! With that grotesque sounds, the goblin who had a new hole in its ass opened earlier got its teeth and eyeballs flung everywhere as it tumbled down.
An unpleasant sensation got transmitted to my hands, but my mind was preoccupied with my sorry state and hatred toward goblins.


The last goblin pointed its knife as it made a mad dash toward me.
It looks very desperate, probably a suicidal rush.
But well, I ain't afraid of you no more!

“Come at me!!”

As I was about to counter attack,

Shun dosu! The girl threw its sword, stabbing through the goblin's head.
The last goblin got its life reaped without a scream.

All goblins down.
Crisis, averted.


I hugely breathed out reflexively.
While wiping my cold sweat.
No good, I got swept into it in an attempt to get over the crisis, but that was quite rash of me in hindsight.

I killed two goblins.
If I didn't the girl or me would have been killed, but now the sensation of hitting them remains on my hands.
It's gross.
I could have been stabbed by that last goblin.
Can't imagine what'd happen if that girl didn't throw her sword.

Oh crap, she's about to fall down!

“Ah hey! Are you all right!?”

I ran in a panic and caught her as she was about to fall.
Probable case? This ain't no time for it! It's an emergency!

“I-I'm fine.
I just, used, too much magic.”

“I see…
I'm sorry, I made you go through that.”

I'm amazed she could fight to the point of exhaustion like this.
Really feel bad.

“I'm saved, thank you.
If you didn't come, I'd have been…”

“No, I think, you'd do just fine.”

The girl interrupted as she watched the goblin with a crushed head.
That looks like a wry smile…
No, I'm telling you that was a fluke.
I don't normally do this okay.

“It's just a fluke.
I was really desperate there.”

“You can't, beat magic beasts with flukes.
You, have a Combative Job, don't you?”

“No I'm…
Wait forget about that, you said something about using too much mana, is it Mana Shortage?”

My body's sluggish, head dizzy.”

Then, that.
…She ain't gonna become ge*in, will she.
She's lost a lot of mana, will she be fine.
I took Efi fruit from my bag and handed it to the girl.

“This fruit can apparently restore mana when they're fresh.
You can have it.”

“…Is this, Efi? I've never seen one this white and springy.
You sure?”

“Of course I am.
You went through that cause of me, you're my lifesaver.”

“…Then, digging in.”

Ah, 'itadakimasu' even in another world.
She timidly take a tiny bite as if saying 'Is it really okay?'

“…! Yummy…”

“Good to hear that.”

She chewed through it like it was the tastiest thing.
Like a hamster?

Her expressions don't really change much, guess she's an expressionless one? Her face's so small.
Her figure is on the slender side overall, yet it's filled up on the parts that need to, a good balance.
Umu, wonderful.

Oh shit, looking closely, this girl is unbelievably cute.
Wait, calm down me.
The other party is a minor.
No probable case.
Heck, she's my lifesaver.

One wrong move and I'd be like that goblins earlier.
…Yup, let's not go there.
I don't wanna become sterile.

While my mind was wandering off, she finished eating.
She's quick.

“Thank you for the treat.”

“Was it enough?”

I kinda still feel a bit sluggish…”

The girl tried to get up, but she's still staggering.
Guess her MP hasn't recovered to 10% yet.

“Don't push yourself.
I've still got some Efi left, you can eat more.”

“But, I heard they're expensive, I'd feel bad having more…”

“It's fine.
Like I said, you're my lifesaver.
I'm not gonna complain even if you eat them all.”

I showed her the bunch of Efi fruits in my bag as I said that.

“…I can't eat, that many.”

“Yeah? Then how about one more?”

I took one fruit and handed it over.

Thank you.”

She started biting on Efi.
Yup, cute.
…The ghost in my head kept whispering, probable case, probable case, I'm gonna ignore them.

The girl suddenly stopped eating and spoke.



“It's, my name.
You can short it to 'Alma'.
Nice to meet you.”

“A, ah.
Nice to meet you, Alma?”

Sorry, I knew already.
I saw (arbitrarily) your Status earlier.

“Oh excuse me for my late introduction.
I'm Kajikawa Hikaru.”

“Kajikawahikaru? That's an odd name.
And long.”

Yup, a good competitor for you in term of long name.
Wait, no.

“Ah, no, Kajikawa is family name, while Hikaru is my name.
Call me whichever.”

“Family name? Are you a noble?”

Which part of me looks like a noble again.
I mean, just having a family name equals a noble in this world huh.
Alma doesn't have one after all.

“Oh no, I'm not.
It's customary to have a family name in my hometown, see.
I'm just your ordinary peasant.”

Can I call you Hikaru then?”


I got happy just because she called me by my first name.
Wait stop, she's a minor! When did I become a lolicon anyway!? My resistance is way too low even considering my almost complete lack of experience with women.

“Where did you come from? Can you go back on your own?”

“Nope, there's no way I could.
I went to bed at night and woke up inside a forest.
To be frank with you, I can't even hazard a guess where I am.
I come from a place called Japan, does it ring a bell?”

“Japan..? Never heard of it.”


Once it was clear I had no clear destination, Alma offered to lead me to the nearest town.
…Yup, near (two hours on foot).
It's taking a toll to my untrained body, but I guess it's still better than walking all night.

Alright, I'll get a good rest at an inn once I arrive at town.
Future plans can wait until then.
Ah, what to do about cash.
I can finally take a breather enough to start thinking carefree stuff.
Yup, it sure is a relief to stay somewhere where people gather.

At this point, due to being preoccupied by such thoughts, I still hadn't noticed the change to my stats.

Just when I thought it wouldn't get any worse than now.

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