Idle Talk 1 Cliched Reincarnation


This episode is about reincarnation of the summoned hero.

I was in a white space when I came to.
Rather everything is white as far as I can see, I'm not even sure if my eyes are working.
There's nothing here.
I don't even see my own body.
Wait, where's my body?
What's happening to me?

Ah, this must be a dream.
A dream where you're aware, lucid dream or something.
Heard you can experience everything you want in dreams like this.
Gotta have some fun before I wake up.
Time to have an isekai OP play like in those web novels.
Oh also I want a harem with many girls and a normie life.
…How do you even make your dream do that? Maybe by imagining hard or something but this space has nothing but white.
Is this a hyperbolic chamber thingy or what?


I heard a voice all of a sudden in this space where nobody else is around.
From the tone, I think it's a woman's? Audible yet invisible.

(T-that was startling…
Who's there?)

<You were so absorbed in your desires for isekai OP harem and the likes, I could not find the right timing to interject.>>

(Eh? D-did I say that out loud? My bad.)

Uwaa, so embarrassing.
But I mean that's men's dreams.
You can't blame me.

<Are all men like that?>>

Eh, pretty sure I didn't say that one out loud though?
Did you read my mind?

<You are in a state of bodyless soul, hence the act of thinking is akin to talking.>>

(S o u l? Bodyless? Eh?)


Final? Death?
Why are you talking like I'm dead already.
Where is this place anyway.
Isn't this inside my dream.
What were I doing before I went to bed again?

I had a day off yesterday and went fishing at the sea by myself.
I was spacing out while thinking about looking for another part time job cause the shift was too much but doing that would be a pain too, then I got a hit, slipped off the fishing spot, and fell down the sea, and then…  And then?


(Eh, no, eh? Wha? Eh?)

N-no way.
T-that's it, that memory must be part of my dream.
I mean come on.
I'm still 20.
I don't have a particular goal or things I wanna do, but I'm just starting out in life, I'm sure to find one someday, and now this.
Wake me up from this dream please.
How do I pinch my cheek with no hands again.

<<...Unfortunately, it is an undeniable reality.
You have passed away.>>

But I still hadn't done it yet.
I never even held hands with a girl you know? Heck, I barely had friends.)

<But it's not all bad, you see?>>

(Hm? What? Am I headed for heaven?)

<<...In a way, that may very well be one to you.
Depending on your efforts, you might be able to achieve that men's dream thing?>>

(C-could it be.)


(Good work on the template line cough cough…
Is that for real!? Am I gonna be super OP and have kya kya moments with girls there!?)

<You won't be invincible at the beginning nor will there be women throwing themselves at you, however it is possible to make adjustments as to help toward that eventually…
Rather, 'girls' was it, so you're set on multiple from the onset…>>

She spoke with a low tone, I could imagine her having a repulsed look on her face.

(Wait you said 'world you manage'.
Does that mean you're a god of that world?)

<I am not omnipotent, however there are plenty of feats I am capable of.>>

By the way, what's the reason for my reincarnation? Can't be cause you feel pity to my dumb way of dying, can you?)

<<...To tell you the truth, I wish to impose a request on you.>>

(Ah, figured there are terms and conditions.
Let me guess, are you going to ask me to defeat a demon king that's threatening to destroy the world? Nah, no way it's gonna be that cliche, right.)

<You're quite perceptive.>>



That's way to cliched! What's up with that template of template reason!
And I was just throwing that out in a jest.
And now the mood got awkward.

(E-err, uh, sorry.
It's my bad.)


An awkward tension ran because I ran my mouth off.
…Let's get back on track.

(Can't a god do something to that demon king yourself? He can't be stronger than a god, right.)

<I have been restricted from directly intervening with those living in that world.
By an even higher being.>>

(So something like a scary boss god.
Guess even gods have work cut out for them too.)


Ah, the mood got heavy somewhat.
…I better not touch on this subject.

<He might even drive them to extinction.
As I cannot eliminate him myself, I wish to ask you to do so in my stead, what do you say?>>

Do I get special privileges by reincarnating? I mean there's no way I could go up against that world destroying monster with my base specs.)

<You will be granted a Job that affords you to gain powers necessary to defeat Demon King.
Ah, I suppose I should explain what Job and Status are first.>>

…It really feels like the template of isekai reincarnation or teleportation story the more I hear about this.
I mean at least it doesn't sound suspicious, but on the other hand the development has no individuality to it.
It's all cliche stuff.
Well, dying young is a shame but I guess that's better than spending my life doing crappy part time jobs.
I heard her saying Status earlier, wonder if it's a world with a fantasy RPG-like setting.
That's cliche too, but I won't deny I'm getting a bit excited.

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