Idle Talk (2) Isekai Guide



You mean stuff like strength, speed, and sturdiness?)

<You truly are perceptive.>>

Well, Status is like the bread and butter of RPGs after all.

I'm currently in an interview to decide whether I wanna reincarnate to another world to defeat the Demon King or not.
All the explanations I heard are all so cliched and templated, which makes it easy to understand if I'm being kind, but also boring if I'm being brutally honest.

<<...Are you disappointed?>>

(Ah, sorry, forgot my inner monologue leaks out in this soul only state.
Not at all.)

Having your inner voice leaking to other is not nice.
I believe both farcical and true intents are the foundation of communication between people.

To summarize the explanation on Status.
First, for Attributes.

HP (Life Force): Exactly what it says.
Signifies one's Hit Point, entirely losing this means death.

MP (Mana): The point necessary to deploys the aforementioned Skill abilities and such.
Overusing it leads to making you feel sick, you pass out when it reaches zero after which it'll take from 24 hours up to a week before you wake up.

SP (Stamina): Energy point, some Skill abilities consume this point instead.
It's akin to Satiety in roguelike games, eating food will refill it.
When it turns to zero, you enter a state of starvation and your HP gradually decreases.

STR (Strength): Signifies the person's physical strength, usually the basic of attack power.
There are weapons and tools unusable until your STR reaches a certain point, so it pays to raise this attribute.

ATK (Attack): The same as STR but added with weapon's offensive capability.
The sum total of your attack power.

DEF (Defense): Strongly affected by STR, the more you have the better you defend against attacks.
When your DEF is far higher than the opponent's STR, their attacks get nullified.

AGI (Agility): Signifies your swiftness.
The higher it is the easier for you to dodge and land attacks.
Strongly affected by STR as well.

INT (Intelligence): Signifies your information processing throughput as well as the strength of your magic.

DEX (Dexterity): Signifies how skillful you are with your hands as well as deftness.
The higher it is the more effective you handle weapons.
Also makes it easier to craft superior equipment and tools.

PER (Perception): Signifies the sharpness of your basic senses, affects your ability to perceive your surroundings and search for enemy.
The higher it is the better you react to sudden changes of situation.

RES (Resistance): Signifies your resistance to abnormal status effects such as poison and paralysis.
Also, the higher it is the shorter such abnormal status last on you.

LUK (Luck): Your luck.
Higher value makes the contents of treasure chests correspond better to your wish and give better drop rate from magic beasts.
In battle it makes you easier to gain an advantage in 'Momentum'.
Your critical rate so to say.

That's so long.
Well they're pretty much the same stuff you see in most games.

Raising your Basic Level also raises your Attributes, the rate of which depends on your Job.
Efforts aka training will also raise them.

Next up, Skills.

Skills are abilities a person can use, they grant a variety of benefits by consuming MP.
For example acquiring 'Swordsmanship' Skill makes you wield swords better, some of its Skill abilities enable its user to unleash a strong repeated slash attack, expand their reach through mana blade, or even send out flying vacuum slashes.
Each Skill has its own level, and raising Skill proficiency by honing them raise this level.
Activities like swinging swords around or using Skill abilities will raise Swordsmanship's proficiency.
The rate is better when done during real combat.
By the way, not all of Skills are combat related.
There are also Production type Skills like Cooking and Manufacturing, however people with Production Jobs can't learn Combat Job Skills in most cases.
You can choose to learn one Skill you wish regardless of type once your Basic Level reaches 50 though, wonder if I can afford one with my duty to defeat Demon King looming.

As for Jobs, apparently the Skills people have at the time of their coming of age will be the basis for the Job they get, then they go on to take up employment that fit their Job.
By the way, coming of age is at 15.
Some kind of ceremony maybe? Oh and I'm going to restart at 15 when I get summoned there.
A little bit of redo.
Every single human in that world possesses at least one Skill when they're born, and that Skill usually becomes the basis for their Job.
It's possible to be born with a Production Skill yet choosing a Combat Job or vice versa, but it all depends on your effort to learn a new Skill that fits the Job you want before coming of age.
Your Production Skills will disappear if you pick a Combat Job however.
Also, it's possible to do a Job Change once your Basic Level and Skill Level reach a certain point as well as meeting certain conditions, in short, a Job Evolution.

Apparently my Job is 'Hero'…
Me, a Hero huh.
What a joke.
How'd a mere part-timer get to be a hero.

Hero can use all types of Combat Skills, and their attribute growth rate with each level up surpasses even advanced Jobs, the so-called cheat.
Also, ordinarily, Jobs that deploy magic can't use weapons aside from wands, but this limitation does not exist for Hero.
Dang how advantageous is this Job anyway.
Good for me though.
Nevertheless, there's still a small fraction of Skills even a Hero can't use, but she told me not to worry over it since they're all super minor…
Which only makes me all the more curious.
It's also possible for 'Hero' to undergo a Job Change, with a catch.
There's only one choice and the level requirement is very high compared to other Jobs.
I also need to obtain several 'Titles' as a prerequisite.
So many elements to speedrun.

You can get this Title thing by completing some conditions like achieving a feat or reaching a certain Basic Level or Skill Level.
There are even Titles that have Passive abilities that affect your attributes or Skills.
As an example, killing a certain number of a specific magic beast will grant you that specific magic beast 'Killer' title which gives a small boost to the damage inflicted on those magic beasts.
There are several Titles required for a Hero to Job Change but she won't tell me about it, saying it's a confidential information.
I mean it's more fun to figure it out yourself I guess.
But uh, isn't this a world crisis?

Magic beasts are kind of like animals on earth, most dangerous creatures fall into this category.
There are some humanoid magic beasts such as goblins, orcs, and ogres but they're not that intelligent…
Classic to the very end huh.
Not all magic beasts are harmful wicked beings as you can obtain food or mats for tools from some of them.

The issue is 'Demons' under Demon King's rule.
Demons are on the same level of intellect as humans and speak the same language, they can also use Skills and they look similar to humans outwardly.
However, they are extremely hostile toward humans and demi-humans, and would commit destruction at human inhabitants through cruel means.
There's a huge moat between humans and demons that can never be filled up.
There is simply no possible path to reconciliation, the only thing to do when two meets are battle to death.
They also clearly take pleasure in killing humans so much so that it's likely more about differences in mental make-up than anything else, hence the futility of both sides ever coming to terms.
…I don't intend to swallow this piece of information whole.
I'll decide what to do when I witness them myself, I'll move on to elimination if it doesn't seem possible.

<In case you form companionship with other people, they will also enjoy the privilege.>>

(Return from death huh.
Sounds like it's gonna come in handy if I wanna go back from some faraway places, ahahaha.)


(How do I check my own Status?)

<It's a function only people summoned from another world can make use of, hosting many features such as Status Check and information retrieval.
The features you can use are limited until you gain more Levels however.>>

(It all sounds more and more like a game.)

<Is there any other question?>>

(Err, were there other people from earth before me over there?)


(Ah, so there were past heroes…
Demon Kings too?)

<Each time, I would have a Hero summoned to save the world.>>

(And now's my turn eh.
Aside from past heroes, is there anybody from earth currently staying in that world right now?)

<<....There is, one person.>>

There was a silence for about 2-3 seconds before she committed to an answer.
Eh, what's with that pause.

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