A Bother


“My bad, I got careless and hit a noble real hard, so we're planning on leaving to some faraway place for a bit.”

“What the heck are you spouting right after showing up out of the blue.
No seriously, what the heck.”

Yup, even I don't get it myself.
It'd be scarier if he got the whole picture just from that.
After that event, we went straight to the adventurer guild and asked for a meeting with the guildmaster, which he promptly responded despite being busy.
Quite a treatment for two mere Rank E adventurers.
Guildmaster's pretty broadminded.
Might also be cause he's free now that Stampede is over.
Ah, Appraisal Master, Filsdaim-shi gramps is here too.
I see him here pretty often, wonder what's his business.

“I'll have you know, I've spared my time for you in consideration of your deed in the Stampede a month ago.
No other Rank E party coulda get an audience with me willy-nilly.”

“Sorry for the trouble.”

“For now, let me hear the detail.
Ain't got nothing from just that…
I get this is another trouble from the sound of it.”

Yes, that's exactly right.
Acting on impulses only to have the consequences biting you on the back happens even in another world.

Once I gave him the rundown, the guildmaster sighed with a tired look.

“…I have no word.”

“…I'm sorry.
I'm fully aware how rash I acted.”

“Well, I agree you could have done better.
But I'm talking about that nobleman, Baron Koguppu.”

That pig noble was a baron huh.
I think that's the lowest peerage rank?
It's still a noble rank though and you can't tell their character from just ranks.
But that damned pig is definitely out.
Hope your front teeth fall off.
Ah, I did just that.

“As it stands, that pig baron is known for being a small time villain who has been dabbling in criminal activity to indulge himself.”

“Guy's apparently got a Skill that makes people gradually believe his words as well, so even personnel dispatched to investigate him ended up taking in fake information.
Appraising a nobleman's Skill is against the law, so we still have no idea what his Skills and Job are.”

“As far as I know, his Job is Fraudster and his Skills are Power of Word and Hypnosis…

Oh crap, said that without thinking!

“…Hold it, how do you know that.”

“I do not believe you have any Skill…
Ah, right it's the grace of Menu usable to heroes.”

“Haa? Hero? Menu, what's this about.”

“This guy here hails from the same parallel world as heroes'.
Oh right, I never told you.”

“Oy oy, what the heck, first I heard of this!?”

Ah, gramps just went and laid it bare.
Well it was me who slipped out though.
Now that it's come to this, might as well be honest.
Guildmaster should be all right.

“…Forgive me for keeping it a secret.
Thought it would cause lots of issues if people found out.”

“Well, you're not exactly wrong about that, I'm not blaming you…
So you're a hero?”

One day I took a nap on my way back from work in my world and woke up in this world.
My attributes were all zero, my Job unidentifiable and I had absolutely no Skills, so I'm not a Hero.”

“…Fils, is he speaking the truth?”

“Indeed he is.
Unbelievable it may sound.”

“So how'd that end up with you beating up some magic beasts and flying around in the sky…
Mana Control is it, I get how dangerous that technique is hearing your story.
That thing lets you fight magic beasts despite such tragic stats after all.”

“He beat up goblins before learning that though.”

…Alma, are you doing this 'kick when you're low' thing on purpose?

My head's gonna burst open trying to figure you out.
I just know common senses don't apply to you.”

“Well, I shall tell you more later, for now you two should evacuate this town for your sake.”

“Ordinarily, we should be handing you over to that baron considering our positions, but I've heard your side of story.
Besides, I'd like to avoid selling out members of our guild.”

“That baron made his move first, even made an attempt to violate Almatina by force.
I can assure that your words contain no lie.
But there is always a possibility of their side making hasty decisions such as sending assassins your way, as such, you should lay low somewhere far until this matter settles down.”

“Man's gonna be a pain but it's nothing compared to a Stampede.
Leave his handling to me…
With this, we're even now, got it?”


“I'm talking about your deeds during Stampede.
What you've done is far meritorious than you ever think.
The reward we gave you ain't nowhere enough to cover it.”

“I-is that right…
My apologies, guildmaster.
I've imposed on you a lot.”

Uumu, I got lots of stuff from them, even some rare items and accessories drop from Hobgoblins, thought that was more than enough.
But I'm truly thankful for his help.
Nothing I can do with brute force against people in power.
I'm not some strongest creature in the world like in that fighting manga.
…Uh, though two people that fit that description come to mind.
Those two are the exceptions.

“Go pack up and leave now if you get it.
There's a village called Keruna if you follow the highway from here, keep going and you'll find town of Vinfitt.
It's way out there but it's a big city, just right for hiding.
You know where to go?”

“Beyond Keruna Village is it.
We had just finished a commission there and got a map in the occasion.
I think we'll be fine.”

“Ah right, you beat a Jet Boar huh…
Well done defeating a Rank C magic beast between the two of you.
You'll be fine then.”

“If you'd excuse us…
Thank you so much.”

“S' fine, just go, that pig baron's gonna find ya if ya keep lagging.”

Man he's so cool, what's this sense of relief.
Guildmast you look like a hunk now.
What a super reliable bunch of people.
He said we're even now but I'm gonna come and say my thanks again once this blows over.

Now then, for now let's go back to our inn and grab our belonging, get our Jet Boar equipment and get the hell outta here.
We should arrive there before today's end if I fly carrying Alma…
So long as my mana doesn't run out midway.

~~~~Guildmaster's POV~~~~~

I let out a deep sigh once Kajikawa and Almatina left.
What do they say about sighing again, your happiness leaves with every sigh or something.
Nah, it's the other way around, I keep sighing cause of all this mess always finding their way to me.

“…Sheesh, quite a pickle they brought here.”

“But, doesn't this take you back?”

“Hell no.
How hard do you think I had to run around when I was dealing with the aftermath of those two.
Well, at least it's just the pig baron this time.”

“Ho ho, nevertheless, Kajikawa sure has got the most fortunate of Luck.”

“Ah? What's so fortunate 'bout getting in this mess with that pig baron?”

“Look here.”

Fils handed over one of the letters that arrived today.
What about it?

“….How high was Kajikawa's Luck again?”

“It was around 170 just now.
Lad had another level up to 18, I see.
Looking at their Extermination Log, they must have been doing leveling in the dungeon.”

“1-170? Even peeps on Advanced Jobs don't get that high.”

“It looks to me his attributes rise by the same number as his level.
Luck being no exception might be a tad unfair.
To top it off, Almatina's Luck appears to be gradually increasing as if following that.”

“Is it due to the mechanic where people that defeat magic beasts and level up together with someone with high Luck attribute have their Luck increase easily as well? …His attributes ain't that high now, but give it some time and he'll turn into a monster”

He might even surpass those two at this rate.
And not that far in the future.
…Even non-hero otherworlders might host some incredible powers inside them it seems.

Step step step step step!

Sounds of violent footsteps could be heard outside.

“U-um! Please wait a moment until you've been given permission!”

“Shut up! Every last one of you dares to make a clown out of me! My whims aren't beholden to mere peasants!”

…Here it comes.
Now then, who's gonna make it in time, pig baron or those two?
As I inwardly agonized over my aching stomach from the stress, I faced the door as it got violently flung open by an uninvited guest.

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