Idle Talk Inquiry or Interrogation


“Oy! What have you been teaching people of your guild! Some adventurers registered here just hit me!”

The pig baron, Shuudanshunshu Koguppu ranted while spewing spits everywhere.
His face is internally bleeding all over, he's got some teeth missing too.
…How hard did that guy punch this thing anyway.
I suppose he held back seeing this thing's still alive.
Behind the loud baron, his two guards and poison taster are looking at the situation with bitter faces.

“According to the people involved who've filled me in on the situation, you apparently tried to recruit Almatina and hit her when she declined.
Is that not the truth?”

“B-balderdash! I told you they started it! I did nothing!”

“…That is a lie.
You have made a false statement.”

Fils deemed that the pig baron was lying.
'Truth Judge'.
A Master Skill obtained by those who have mastered Appraisal Skill, able to determine truths from lies in spoken and written words.
…He's the person I'd like to avoid making an enemy of the most in a way.
There's no more terrifying Skill to those who are hiding skeletons in the closet.
Well it's not without its demerits though.

“Who the hell are you! On what basis do you accuse me of such!”

“Lies do not work on me.
Not me, one of the only few 'Master Appraiser' in this world.”

An Appraiser who has raised their 'Appraisal' Skill to level 10 become a Master Appraiser.
There's probably nobody in this world who doesn't understand just how monumental the task of Job Change for Production Type Jobs with their lack of Basic Level…
Well, Kajikawa probably doesn't know being an otherworlder he is.
That fact alone makes them considered national treasure.
Not even nobles are able to easily dismiss their words.

“M-Master Appraiser…! T-then how do we ensure that you're speaking the truth!”

“You can check that by appraising me.
As a price of being able to see through lies of others, my own lies are recorded in my Log as well to my displeasure.
Isn't that right, Mr.
poison taster.
Feel free to appraise me and see if my Log has a lie recorded.”

Fils urged the man standing behind the pig baron.
It will prove that he's not telling any lie.
…Speaking of which, Fils may joke around a lot but I don't recall him ever lying.

There is none.”

“There you have it…
You may want to choose your words carefully in front of me.
Lying or putting on airs will only worsen your position.”


The baron grits his teeth, his face turns red and his veins are bulging from anger.
Are they gonna pop or what.
If only, woulda make things easier.

“Ah, there is no use trying to brainwash me using Skills.
I am equipped with tools that prevent abnormal status.”

We've taken countermeasures after receiving that intel from Kajikawa.
…He's another one to the list of 'don't antagonize these folks'.

“Wha, how come you know my Skills…!? D-did you appraise me, a noble!? That's a felony!”

“I did not.
I simply stated that using such Skills are futile.
Your poison taster should tell you that was no lie as well.”

“H-he's not lying.
This person has not used Appraisal skill on my lord.”

“Y-you bastard! Whose side are you on!”

Must be cause people with Appraisal Skill understand the true value of Master Appraiser Job.
Even if he works for the baron, the man can't afford to falsify his statements just to get on the baron's good side, risking getting on Fils's bad side.
Fils is the biggest workaholic I know.
He's never even tried to learn any other Skills outside his Job description in his entire 60 years of life.
Those with Appraisal Skill raise its proficiency every time they use it, but it comes with slight fatigue each usage.
Raising the Skill level by one needs thousands of usages, tens of thousands once its level gets high enough.
It's said that an average man will pass out from fatigue if they Appraise for tens of times a day.
This means one cannot become a Master Appraiser without passing out for months to years.
…Come to think of it, there was a period when our receptionist Neia took days off multiple times recently.
She was even out cold the entire day before Stampede.
And the culprit was none other than Kajikawa.
You again.

“Enough of this! This guild is filled with worthless fools that deceive me! And you, taster, for conspiring with them and slight me, you're fired! And you two useless guards who can't even kill a single adventurer, you're also fireddddddd!”

“…Very well.”

“Eh that's fine by me.
Heck, sure ya wanna go against that monster?”

“Guy cut a dang sword bare-handed ya know? Guessing he's an Advanced Job of Martial Artist or something.
I ain't got enough lives to deal with a guy like that.”

The poison taster and the two guards easily accepted their dismissal.
Wait, did I hear that right, what the heck were you up to Kajikawa!?
He's not those two yet it looks like he's quit being human too…

“Guild master! Don't think you can keep running this damned guild for long! Before my authority, this one little guild is worth nothing!”

“That won't do.
We have received a call to arms by his majesty the king to help in the effort against Demon King army.”

“Wha…!? F-from his majesty…”

His fervor got drained out of his body just like that.

“In matters such as figuring out Demon King's army composition and the likes.
It will be done under the guidance of Arch Mage Lunatiara and Sword King Dukeris.
Ah, and here's the letter proving that.”

“T-that's the king's royal seal…”

Hence, you have no right nor the authority to fire a guild master without his majesty's permission.
Ah, and also.”

…They're already outside the room.
Too bad, pig baron.

Those two made it in time.

“Almatina, the girl you slapped is the daughter of those aforementioned two.
In fact, they're standing right over there, perhaps you wish to check on them yourself?”

Once I said that, Lunatiara and Dukeris who had been waiting outside the room entered.
Apparently these two have been ordered by the king to drop by this town.

…Oh crap, I'm way scared to look straight at their faces now despite calling them.
They haven't said a word yet there's this dreadful pressure emanating from them just standing there.


“Gimme more detail.”
“May we have a word with you, Baron Koguppu.”

The two spoke to the deadly pale, sweaty and groaning baron.
Their voices were calm and gentle and yet it hung on tremendously heavily in the room.

I can spare you a pity for just this one time, pig baron.
Now then, will he come out of this alive?

Tens of minutes later, the sight of a baron, who's passed out from the two's interrogation, getting carried away can be seen.
He hyperventilated under the sheer pressure of those two before getting revived from the shock, this kept repeating for a while until that happened.
…Yeah that's definitely gonna turn into a trauma.
Not sure if he's gonna be able to live properly from now on.
They didn't hit him or anything at all, yet it's probably gonna lasts a much bigger impression than Kajikawa's punch…
Yeah, Kajikawa's still nowhere near these two's level.

“My oh my, what a pity.
Our good baron up and blacked out when we were just having a talk.”

“He must have been working too hard in his duty.
After all, nobles are meant to be the model figure to the common people.”

“…Well done.”

I spoke to the two as they chatted like it was business as usual.
They're not mad anymore right? It's fine now right?

“But punching a noble eh, Hikaru-kun's quite a punk.
Well, ain't no way he'd do nothing to someone who hit Alma.
Hmph, takes me back to my younger days.”

“Like that time Duke got mad for real and made a huge mess when some random duke tried to take me away as his concubine.
My, those were the days.”

“My only hope is for them to stay true to themselves, unyielding to authority even without our involvement.”

That was around a decade ago, they were reminiscing like it was yesterday.
It was pure hell to me having to deal with the aftermath.
By the way, Dukeris snapped and destroyed that noble's mansion, finishing it off was Lunatiara launching a barrage of high level magic.
Even back then, those two were already among the top class humans in the world, as the damage gradually grew bigger, the country itself had to bow down before the two to soothe them.
It was all too bombastic.
Wonder if those two are gonna turn into these monsters too…
I'm begging you, please don't bring any more trouble here, my stomach won't last.
No, really.

I guess we can consider this matter settled.
…Hm? Wait, was there a need for them to take shelter then…
W-well, expanding their views should make for a good experience, it's all good, yep.
…Have a feeling they're gonna cause a mess wherever they go though.

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