Barrier Ahead of Entry


“H-Hikaru…! Slow down…!”

“No can do.
That pig baron might catch up to us if we don't get away from Daijel quick.
Bear with it.”

It's too fast, scary…”

We're currently speeding high up in the sky with me carrying Alma.
We're taking unpopulated routes far away from the highways.
Naturally this means taking a detour, and yet we're still going far faster than traveling on foot and it's less toilsome.
The only issue is Alma clinging quite tightly on me due to the speed, I'm dying.
I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel nice, but I dunno how long my sense would last…
We saw Kemura village that was under siege by the boars along the way, and disregarded it.
I'd have liked to go greet the villagers but we got no time.
…It's really a shame we've gotta cut vanilla cultivation short.
Don't think it's a strong enough crop to last without proper care, I'm sure it'll have died the next time we drop by, dang.

As my mana was about to run out, a rampart-like wall came into view.
The journey would have taken many days on foot, thank goodness we got here before my mana dried up completely.
I can't see the whole city from here, but it's clear how much bigger it is than Daijel.
Wonder if it's as big as the royal capital?

<This results in a large amount of merchants flocking in to procure and market them.
The city is approximately as vast as the royal capital, it is known as the mecca of merchants.>>

Oh, that's nice.
I might find never-before-seen ingredients and mats there.
Can't wait.

<It is also where underworld syndicates such as Assassin Guild build their headquarters, thus caution is advised.>>

What the heck, scary.
Guess Daijel is on the safer side after all…
But well, it's just like dungeons, high risk high return.
A bit different maybe, but there's no use getting cold feet now.
Men gotta be bold, let's get to it.
We landed a distance away from the city and walked toward the highway.
Right after landing, Alma had this relieved look from the bottom of her heart before sending a reproachful glance my way…
Maybe I should've slowed down a tad.
As an apology, I'll make today's dinner a bit more luxurious than usual, hope that's enough to forgives me.

After walking for about tens of minutes, we arrived at the gate.
We got in a line of people at the checkpoint.
The foot traffic going in and out is more intense than I thought.
Same as Daijel, we're to show our Appraisal Certificate to a receptionist as a prerequisite to enter.
Though there's more receptionists working here.
It's our turn next.

“Next one, please.”

“Here you go.”

Once Alma and I handed our certificates, the receptionist, a silver haired woman, had this perplexed look on her face.

“Err, just to confirm, this is officially issued, right? Not a forgery you made as a joke.”

They were issued by Appraisal Master Filsdaim at Daijel.”

“Almatina-san's Job is Paladin I see.
I had no idea Paladin truly existed.”

Well, she's the first ever Paladin in the whole world after all.

“And, Kajikawa-sama, might you be a noble? If I may be so brash, you don't look like one.
What is your peerage rank?”

“It's normal for commoners to have a family name in my homeland.
I'm not really a nobleman myself.”

“Is that so, a commoner having a family name is unusual around these parts.
No, there's a bigger issue here.
Your Job and Skills don't look right, have you been cursed?”

“It's correct.
Shameful as it is to admit, I am not capable of acquiring Skill since birth.”

“…I've never seen a case like this before.
Did you forge your Status? I can't let someone who does that enter this city.”

She's looking at us super fishy.
But there's no forgery here.
Though, I get why anyone would doubt my Status.
What should we do, this is quite an unexpected barrier.
And it was so simple at Daijel…
They might not let me enter the city at this rate.
Heck, they might start suspecting Alma too.

“Oho, what's going on here? A trouble?”

As I was inwardly panicking, another woman's voice interrupted us from behind the receptionist.

Wait, she's small.
The voice came from a cute twintailed girl of around ten.
Is she a kid of a staff member here? …Whoa what, what's with those long ears? They don't look fake too.
C-could this be.


For real!? I knew this world would have elves!
Heck, she's the very picture of your classic elf in popular media…
Don't tell me this world mimicked the design from there…

“Ah, master.
This man here wishes to enter the city, but the Status shown on the appraisal certificate is obviously not right.
I believe it's a forgery.”

“Hm? Lemme see…
Hee, so Velga wasn't just speaking nonsense.
My word, quite a bizarre Status indeed, hahaha.”

Master she said, is this girl a bigwig?
Is it that? She's actually way older than she looks cause she's an elf?
Wait, more importantly, who is Velga even? I don't know anyone that goes by that name.

<<...There is a record of Velgarand being the name of Daijel's Guildmaster.
Velga is likely his nickname.>>

Eh? …Ah, yeah that may or may not have been his name.
Forgot his real name cause I kept calling him guildmast.
…Forgetting the name of someone who's been such a great help, I'm the worst.
Gotta give him some good booze as a present later.
I'm sorry, seriously.

“What would you like to do.
They may have gained entry in another town with this forgery as well, should we call the guards?”

“Nay, that won't do.
I've got to check a few things with these two, bring them to my office.
Also, don't let anyone enter until I say so.
Are we clear?”

“Eh, ah, what?”

“Bring these two, to my office, are we clear?”

“Y-yes ma'am!”

The receptionist spoke like I was definitely a fraud or a criminal, then she sounded confused at the twintail elf girl's order before immediately getting with the program after the second time.
Is it normal for criminals to break in this big city or something? Scary~.
Wait, what's she gonna check on us anyway?


“Don't you worry a thing now, *****-kun.”


…I see, she heard about me from guildmast.
I'm sure it's gonna be fine if she's someone that man trusts, but let's see.
For now, let's just get in the office.
Declining here is just gonna make things messier.

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