Job Selection


“Oh, that's the exit.
We got back here quicker than when we got in.”

“Did you memorize the way?”

“Ah, it's y'know, Menu.”

“I see.”

“I-I have absolutely no idea what you two are talking about…”

Slum girl, Reina looked confused as she said that.
I'm not going to tell her more detail yet.
That might change once she's built enough trust and joined our party.

After what happened earlier, we retrieved the buried High Cave Bear's body, and made our way out of the cave with the newly updated Menu Function.
Which is 'Map Screen'.
It's exactly what it says on the tin, a map function.
Places that I've visited or are within my view get displayed as map on a screen, it's the most convenient function you can ask for dungeon or cave diving.
It also shows things situated around me as dots, for example how Alma is 1m to my right, or how Reina is following a bit behind, and of course it also displays magic beasts and items within the map range, affording us to safely make a beeline out of this cave.
Menu-san is the best! Who needs Skills anyway! …No sorry, I do want one.

Oh and it also displays specific areas and magic beast territories as locations, though I'm not sure the criteria it uses to distinguish them.
You can't turn a place into a location on this map by simply scribbling on the ground, yet it's got some real headscratchers in there.
Like a giant rock near Keruna village.
What's the significance?

Then just as we finally arrived at the exit, I saw four dots coming closer from a different route.
Fumu, I thought they went for the exit ahead of us, they must have gotten lost.
They got here just as we did.

“Haa, haa, haa, it's finally the exit…”

“T-thank goodness, I was sure we were goners when we got lost…”

“…Guess that kid died…
I feel like crap…”

The party who was together with Reina looked totally exhausted as they walked toward the exit.
That young man really seems to regret abandoning Reina…
I can't bring myself to blame him when it was a life or death situation for them too.

“Eh, huh!? W-were you two ahead of us!?”

“Y-you even brought that kid with you!?”

They noticed us too it seemed.
Well, guess their surprise is only natural when they were supposed to leave first.

“…So you were safe.
Forgive me, leaving you behind as a decoy…”

The young man gave a heartfelt apology to Reina.

“Please don't worry about it.
In the end, I got saved and nobody got hurt in the process anyway.
Ah, right, here's your bag, please take it.”

In contrast, Reina easily forgave him.
Man, just like that huh.
Well, she might be taking it differently inwardly but it's not my place to say anything if she chooses not to let it out.

“I must apologize to you two as well.
We should have been the one who went and saved her and yet…”

“H-hey, why are you making it looks like we're the bad guys here.
We agreed that it's everyone for themselves.”

“Shut it.
You're not gonna pile more shame on us, not after leaving a kid to her fate just to save our skins.
Anything we says here's gonna sound like nothing but an excuse.”


A woman in their party flared up at the young man as he bowed, but she clammed up right after the young man berated her.

“We don't mind either way since the kid in question is fine with it.
Besides, that bear made for some nice exp.”

“D-do you now…
Wait, what, y-you two defeated a High Cave Bear!?

“T-there's no way? Just by two people, no injury at that?”

“Well, it wasn't the most elegant solution, but we did it yeah.”

We'd probably be better off not asking for detail…”

Crap, should've left it at that, I didn't need to blurt that out.
Would be a pain if they asked for detail so I brushed it off with a smile…
Their faces are kinda twitching though.

Afterward, they offered to at least pay for a night at an inn for Reina, but withdrew their offer once I told them she'd be under our care.
Well, I get it, inns can get really expensive…
Three people cost you around 180000 en a month.
We seriously gotta put our backs into it.

Come to think of it I haven't checked our stats after level up.
I'll start with mine.

Kajikawa Hikaru

Level 20

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Undetermined)

State: Normal


HP: 310/310
MP: 215/215
SP: 0/90

STR (Strength): 215
ATK (Attack): 215 (+45) (+15)
DEF (Defense): 215 (+70) (+15)
AGI (Agility): 212
INT (Intelligence): 215
DEX (Dexterity): 219
PER (Perception): 223
RES (Resistance): 209
LUK (Luck): 209



EXP (Total Experience): 15741
NEXT (Experience required for the next level): 20000

Steel Sword
ATK +45

Red Boar Chest Protector
DEF +70

Hidden Blade Boots
ATK +15 DEF +15

Umu, I've gotten quite strong if I do say so myself.
I can probably go toe to toe against a Werewolf now.
No, since I've got my original body specs complemented by my Status, I might be able to solo a Jet Boar even.
Gonna be tough without Mana Control tho'.
My maximum MP hasn't gone up much ever since Keruna village commission.
Back then I couldn't use up all my mana before sleep because of the constant boar raids days and nights.
I'll raise it the old fashioned way from now on.

Gonna take a look at Alma next.


Level 21

Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Paladin

State: Normal


HP: 380/380

MP: 278/278
SP: 124/180

STR (Strength): 202
ATK (Attack): 202 (+80) (+15)
DEF (Defense): 190 (+70) (+15)
AGI (Agility): 195 (+30)
INT (Intelligence): 212 (+10) (+40)
DEX (Dexterity): 147
PER (Perception): 208
RES (Resistance): 163
LUK (Luck): 98

Swordsmanship Lv.5, Martial Arts Lv.5, Throwing Lv.2, Magic Swords Lv.2, Offensive Magic Lv.6, Spirit Magic Lv.1

EXP (Total Experience): 23784
NEXT (Experience required for the next level): 25500


Steel Sword (Mithril Blade)
ATK +80 INT +10

Crystal Staff
ATK +15 INT +40

Red Boar Chest Protector
DEF +70

Gale Boots
DEF +15 AGI +30

She's growing up nicely too.
Heck, in terms of status alone, I've barreled past hers.
I've finally graduated from being a drag at least.
Oh hey, some of her Skills have leveled up.
Aside from Magic Swords and Spirit Magic, lots went up compared to last time I checked on her.
She must have been working hard without me realizing.
This girl is such a hard worker.

Lastly, I'll check Reina's status just in case.
I get that it's a breach of privacy but well.


Age: 14

Race: Human

Job: Minor

State: Hungry


HP: 30/30
MP: 30/30
SP: 10/30

STR (Strength): 47
ATK (Attack): 47
DEF (Defense): 40
AGI (Agility): 70
INT (Intelligence): 48
DEX (Dexterity): 75
PER (Perception): 68
RES (Resistance): 18
LUK (Luck): 43

Dagger Arts Lv.1, Martial Arts Lv.1, Stealth Lv.2

Ooh, this kid's got three Skills, one even at Level 2 even though she's still a minor.
Her Stealth Skill might have been the result of living in the slum, staying hidden must be a necessity there.
Dagger Arts might be her original Skill.
Seems weak though.

Wonder what kind of Job will she get once she comes of age in this course.

<Short reach, with a better growth rate of Agility attribute.>>


<In exchange, this Job is able to learn Unlocking and Trap Disarmament Skills.>>

…Not one of them really clicks.
Honestly, I don't think she'll become a strong force as an adventurer if it stays like this.
The only useful sounding Skills, the ones Thief has don't really matter with Menu around to deal with traps, and I can unlock stuff with malleable hardened mana.

Are there no other powerful Jobs she can choose by learning a new Skill or two?

<Found 1 match.
A new selection will be added by acquiring Offensive Magic Skill.>>

Offensive Magic, with these Skills? I can't imagine.
Maybe Paladin, dagger version? But that'd only make her an inferior Alma.

It is an extremely rare Job, and there are only a very few people who had chosen this Job on records.
However, Reinamiure is highly likely to become a powerful force in the future should she choose it.>>


Let's go with that.
I'll make this kid learn Offensive Magic Skill before she comes of age and have her Job Change to that.
I just gotta!
I feel bad for making the decision for her, but those other Jobs look pale in comparison to that, I'm gonna take a shot at convincing her.

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