Painful Expenses Promising Future


We went straight to public bath once we got back at the town.
It's partly because of all the sweat we worked up in the cave, but also because it was clear how dirty Reina was once we got out in the open.
500 en per person isn't much at all…
No, I guess it's a bit painful.
Like when you lightly scrape your knee.
I would have liked to take a bath every day, but it's just not feasible economically speaking, so I have been coping with temporary shower at the inn.
But Reina's so filthy a shower or two won't quite do it, leaving me with no choice.
We could've had a bath everyday if we moved to a bathroom-equipped rental house.
But the circumstances don't really allow us to take it easy, and not like we can afford it…

I got in man's side while Alma and Reina went in woman's.
Umu, hot water really melts away your fatigue.
It even feels like my body is lighter.
I couldn't recognize Reina at first when we were done bathing.
Her unkempt ruffled hair turned into straight lustrous blond, her skin lost all the filth turning into a fair one.
She'd have looked like a beautiful girl, far cry from a slum kid if not for the rag she's wearing.
What a waste.
She'd have been popular as a waitress in a restaurant with her looks…
Though she'd likely end up in a certain establishment in the slum before that, so her dirty looks might have been intentional.
Reina was muttering with distant eyes, “Those were so big…” as she repeatedly touched her chest while looking at Alma…
Well, uh, you've still got room to grow, you know?

Afterward, we went to clothing store to purchase Reina's clothes.
Can't have her in a rag forever, and now that she's neat and clean, she deserves nice clothes.
Also, I'd like to get Alma there too.
I always brought her to dull stores like food stalls and equipment stores after all.
She's a girl and all, I'm sure she'd like to dress up too…
And besides, I have no clue how to pick boots, dress and stuff for girls, I'd leave it to Alma.

Then, after waiting for quite a bit, the two came out of the stores to yet another surprise.
Reina is wearing a red blouse with frills down to elbow parts, a cream skirt, and stripped high socks with red boots, she's also got a big ribbon tied on her back.
Yup yup, it all suits her so well.
Can't believe how much the impression can change just from clothes alone.
Alma has a simple black dress, black stockings and a hairpin to hold her bangs up.
I almost blurted out weirdly.
I mean, it does look good on her but isn't it way too sexy? Especially the black stockings.
Frankly, it's lascivious even.
W-well, she seems to like it so all good…
But I'm kinda worried if it'd attract some bad bugs.
All these easily cost us 40000 en…
I get that it's a necessary expense, but man it hurts.
As painful as stumbling down full force kissing the ground.

“C-can I really have these nice clothes? They're too good for me, we should return them and…”

“Not true, they suit you well.”

“Don't worry and just take them.
We're gonna train you to the point you can buy all the clothes you like before long.”

“T-train me? …I don't think you should expect much with my stats.”

“We'll get to that after we have a discussion regarding that matter.
For now just enjoy the shopping.”


This reaction just from one clothes.
Just how low is her self-esteem.
She looks anxious from having to wear pretty clothes out of nowhere, yet happy all the same.
Reina put this dubious face when I mentioned her training, but you've got a lot potential, far more than you can imagine, you know?

“Alma, those clothes look really good on you too…
If not a bit daring.”

“? Do I look weird anywhere?”

“No, not weird, it's just a bit too, attractive and…”

“I gotta say, it's lewd.”


“Ah hey…”

Reina, don't say it straight!
Hearing Reina's impression, Alma's face turned red as she blushed and tried to hide her front but that pose made her look even sexier.
What do here, she's turned into a pheromone weapon.
Even her unconscious gestures are deathly charming, but it'd be a waste to have it changed…
Oh crap, it feels like I've been charmed.
I mean even my State has become 'Charmed (Small)' (Object: Almatina)…
Wait it's for real! This girl's dangerous!

“…Alma, I'm really sorry to say this, but could you get changed? You can bring the clothes with you.”

I suppose I shouldn't try to dress up when I'm not used to it…”

“That's not it.
You're so pretty my State's been turned to 'Charmed'.
Random men might come flocking for real if you walk around the town like that.”


“Well, I sort of get it.
Even as a girl, I think you look super pretty.
In fact, I dunno how Kajikawa-san can contain the urge to attack you right here and now.”


“I'm not that mentally weak, okay…
Alma, quit staring dagger at me and go get changed.”

She changed to her original adventurer attire afterward, but she looks kinda disappointed…
Guess it's understandable as she doesn't have the opportunity to dress up usually.
No, I won't attack you, stop staring at me now.
I should give them more time the next time we're shopping clothes…
That attire was so good on her too.

Next up we went to buy spices.
They were selling powder similar to the one used in consomme soup, but it cost 4000 en per 200 gram.
Though it's not as expensive as curry powder, it hurts.
As painful as hitting your little finger on the edge of a drawer.

I also bought butter and milk, Rock Onion, potatoes, carrots, and cut fish at respective stores.
…We have now spent as much as one week inn charges during this shopping spree.
Is this gonna be alright? The reward from that village commission is running out already…

Next, we went to the guild to receive reward for magic beast culling.
Oh man, hope the reward is up to snuff.
I don't wanna go back to herb gathering again.
I mean you don't get exp doing that, and the receptionist here might start hating me…
We went to the counter where the long red hair onee-san tended and asked her to check our Kill Log.

“We're back.
Please check our log.”

“Thank you for your hard work.
Two Pepur Slimes, and…  37 Drain Bats? Eh, and one High Cave Bear…
I believe it should be quite a tough fight considering your stats.
You're really pushing it for your first day, aren't you.”

“It was mostly Alma's, all I did was carrying the thing back.”

“No, didn't you kick that giant bear really hard, you sent it flying…”

“That didn't really put a dent.
A head-on clash was a no go, so you gotta use your head.”

How Ground Shrink plus Pile Bunker combo attack only took 20% of its HP actually came as quite a shock to me.
We only managed to defeat it without much trouble thanks to Alma's Spirit Magic pitfall.
But there's no guarantee it's gonna work on demons when they come raiding.
They're apparently as intelligent as humans, they can probably see through a trap or two.
If I don't develop a new high powered technique on top of leveling up, I might end up dead at this rate.
Guess I gotta train with Alma on the side too while both of us train Reina.

“…The total comes to 63000 en.”

“T-that's quite a lot.
Were those magic beasts such high prizes?”

“The reward for Pepur Slime is 3000 en each, Drain Bat 1000 en, and High Cave Bear 20000 en.
You can get even more if you sell their mats.”

Even this much is already enough to cover today's shopping expenses…
No wait, considering the inn charges and what I have in mind after this, we might still be in the red.

“Oh and, you two have been promoted to Rank D with today's culling.
Defeating a High Cave Bear should have been a Rank B's job, so your points went up by a lot.”

“Eh, Alma aside, me too?”

“The Log indicates that the bear was defeated by a joint effort between Kajikawa-san and Alma-san, therefore both of you enjoy the rank up together.”

But all did was just kicking that boss bear and throwing down a burning straw, so lame.

“…Will the day come when I can earn this much if I train.”

You'd reach this point in no time at all as long as you put in the effort.”

“It will be tough before you can level up, speaking of which, when are you coming of age?”

“It's in just around a month.
I need to pick a Job before that, but with the Skills I have right now, none of the options looks strong…”

Well, not a lot of people probably know about the addition of a new Job if you just get one more Skill to this Skill Composition.
Seeing as she doesn't seem confident on her Job Selection, persuading her to instead take that Job might be easier than I thought.
To that end, we gotta head to a Magic Tool Store next…
Wonder if we have enough cash.

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