Simple, or Luxurious


I opened the magic tool store's door and went inside.
The name might make you imagine it's like a witch's store offering magic beast materials or cursed equipment for sale or something, but it's just a normal store inside.
Well, looking shady would discourage customers stepping inside.
Compared to this, Daijel's magic beast mat store was far more witch-like…
No, she probably made her store look like that on purpose cause she didn't want customers coming.
A blond shopkeeper came out to greet me.
Unlike that Dasomething guy, this young man's demeanor seems to match his good looks.

“Welcome, am I correct to presume this is your first time in our store?”

“It is, we'd like to order a magic tool using a magic beast material we have.”

What manner of material is it?”

I pretended my bag to be an Item Bag as I took the mat from my Item Screen.

“It's a core of Pepur Slime, I would like an equipment that grants Offensive Magic Skill made using this.”

“Oh, an undamaged core is it.
We can make a high quality magic tool with this…
Although, presently it may not the best of time.”

“Eh, why?”

“Maldania magic store from Daijel has just ordered a huge amount of earth magic ore from us, I am unsure what they're trying to create.
We currently don't have enough ore to produce your request.”

“Ah, right I recall seeing a commission about it at the guild, so they went all the way here huh.”

“Yes, as such we must unfortunately ask you to wait for our stock to be replenished before we could process your order, would that be satisfactory?”

“How long till you can get more stock?”

“I believe it should take around a month or so.
We truly regret having to make you wait.”

Reina is coming of age in a month.
We won't make it in time like this.
Maybe I can negotiate with him.

“Excuse me, how many earth magic ore will you need to make a magic tool with this core?”

“It varies but for your specific request, one piece of rank B magic ore should be enough.”

“I have a few rank B magic ore on me right now, could you use them to process our order right away?”

“Eh, do you really? How many ore do you have?”

“Around three rank B ore and ten rank C ones.”

“Is that right…
We shall prioritize your order if you'd be willing to sell the ore.
We'd like to have all the ore we can procure right now.
I believe your order would take around two days to finish.”

That's fast.
No, I'm sure it'd have taken longer ordinarily, but he's willing to further accelerate our order for the ore.
Afterward, I sold all the magic ore for 29000 en.

And the cost for a necklace that grants Offensive Magic Skill is 30000 en.
A bit deficit.

Next up we went to mat store and had the High Cave Bear processed.
The fee being 10000 en was making me sweaty for our fund but since the whole thing would sell for 50000 en, it turned out ok.
Damn, that boss bear's pretty pricey.
I never saw the mats fetching higher than the culling reward before this.
Meat aside, I'm gonna use the fur for our equipment.
Even the claws, fangs and meat alone fetch a lot anyway.

Our last stop is finally the inn.
It's dark out already.
It's been quite a hectic first day, we did get lots though.

“Finally back here, oh man, I'm starving.
Time to get to cooking.”

“Kajikawa-san, you can cook?”

“Hikaru always makes our meals.
His food is really delicious, just you wait.”

“Eh, he's got Cooking skill even though he's a Combatant? C-could it be a Gift Skill you get when you reach level 50!?”

“No, I don't have Cooking Skill.
I just can cook some simple stuff.”

I'd have like to make her luxurious meal at least for the first day, but a Skill-less I am, I can only make simple home cooking at best.
I'll make sure not to fail at least, don't wanna betray her expectations.

The receptionist recommended triple room for 4000 en when we checked in.
I said no already! Why'd you even think we'd stay in the same room!

The gazes from other guests were painful.
I got odd glances even when I was just with Alma, felt like I got more now with Reina.
Especially from the male guests, I could sense their murderous intent.
Give me a break.

Now then, time to switch gear and get to the kitchen.
First I put a pan on low heat and put in the butter, I waited for it to half melt before putting in wheat flour.
I took the pan away from the flame once the roux bubbled, put in milk and got it back on the flame, then I carefully yet swiftly poured white sauce while making sure it wouldn't char.
Unlike with a gas stove, I gotta control the heat with firewood so adjusting it was quite a task.
I managed to avoid charring though.
I boiled water on the next stove, and put in salted chicken meat, potato, carrot, bite-sized vegetable and finely chopped rock onion.
I removed the scum as it simmered, and put in the consomme-like powder once the ingredients floated.
Lastly, I poured the white sauce, completing cream stew.
Thank goodness the white sauce didn't burn…
Or else the taste wouldn't be right…

One more dish next.
I'm finally making the long awaited fish dish!
I sliced up salmon-like fish and sprinkled salt and sake before leaving it for 10 minutes.
As I waited, I chopped pre-boiled egg, pickles we got from Keruna village, and rock onion, watered to reduce spiciness, all together.
Then I mixed them with vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar and mayonnaise which I didn't know was being sold in this world.
Mayonnaise is made from eggs, so I was worried about salmonella contamination and whatnot, but apparently there's this 'Hygienist' Job that sterilize, disinfect and clean eggs, thus there's nothing to worry about.
Production type Jobs have super handy Skills, I'd like to reproduce them with mana control.
Once the tartar sauce was done, water should have left the cut fish along with the smell as well, I wiped the fish clean with a cloth.
For this cloth, Hygienist also etc.
I seasoned the cut fish with salt and pepper, dropped it down wheat flour, coated it with egg, covered it with breadcrumb and left it for a few minutes.
Meanwhile, I put an oiled pan on the flame.
Then once the fish got nicely glazed up, I threw it in the oil.
Man, the sizzling sound always makes me feel good.
How the people around turned their sights at me all at once was kinda unsettling though…
I took the fish off the pan after about 1-2 minutes to let the heat settled in before frying it again on high flame for about one minute, fried salmon-like fish with tartar sauce done.
Not to forget chopped cabbage.
Lastly, I added Arorice to complete our dinner.
That took some time.

“It's done.
Eat to your heart's content.”

“Time to dig in.”

“H-how are these dishes simple, they're so luxurious! C-can I really eat these all!?”

“'Course you can.
Feel free to skip them if it's not to your liking but never worry about holding back.
Besides, they're not that luxurious, are they?”

“They are no matter how you look at it! I mean, it's clear when you see reactions from the people here!”

Now that she mentioned it, the other guests do look kinda envious as they're staring our way.
…Are you saying the gazes I've been feeling whenever we eat were not directed to me or Alma, but the food?
Hmm, but this is just some simple home cooking though.
Well whatever.
Let's just eat.

“Mwu, this fried fish came out pretty nice.
I wanted to put cheese in the glaze, but forgot to buy it.”

“It's still really good.
Goes well with this sour and salty sauce.”

“This stew is so rich and melty, there's so many veggie and meat too, it's really really tasty! Am I going to die today!? Am I gonna die from bliss!? F-fugwu…!”

“What are you going on about.
Ah hey, don't cry.”

Is this even good enough to move you to tears? I'm happy to hear that but she's kind exaggerating…
Or I guess not? I dunno what kind of life she'd been leading, but pretty sure she hadn't been eating well at least.
Eat nutritious food from here on, girl.
Or else you can forget getting trained.
Ah, we have plenty of stew if you want seconds.
Eh? Share it with other people because they look like they want some too? Nope, no can do.
I didn't make enough to share with other.

After meal and clean-up, it's finally time to consult with Reina.
Now then, I think it's gonna be fine, but will she be receptive I wonder?

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