(Sorta) Harsh Training Starts


“Now then Reina, we need to talk about your future, are we on the same page?”


The consultation began in the kitchen left with nobody else but us three.
She looks nervous, there's no need for that though.

I'm just going to discuss and confirm something with you.”

“C-confirm what?”

“What are you choosing as your Job, have you decided?”

She looked a bit downcast as she replied.

“…I still can't decide.
With the Skills I have right now, I don't have a good Job to choose from when I come of age.”

“Daggerist, Assassin, and Thief right?”

Wait, eh? H-how come you know?”

“Keep this to yourself, I can see people Status.
It's kind of like Appraisal.”

“You can see Status but it's not Appraisal?”

Well, I'll tell you more later.
This isn't about me.”

To be honest, I think it's too early to tell her about Menu and such.
I'd like to trust Reina, but divulging this stuff to someone we just met today is kinda bad, I'd wait a bit until we know each other more.

“What if I tell you, you can have a new Job to choose from if you learn a new Skill.”


“Your future is in your hands.
So I won't force you to agree, but learning Offensive Magic Skill will allow you to pick an extremely minor but powerful Job.
Why not give it a shoot?”

“Eh? J-just what kind of Job is it?”

Reina's face perked up when I uttered the name of the Job Menu informed me.
She seems really curious about it, can you even tell what kind of Job it is from the name alone?

“That's it! I want that Job!”

Do you have any idea what the Job is even about?”

“Honestly not the slightest bit of clue, but I was struck by this zappy feeling when I heard the name.”

“Zappy huh.”

“Struck yep.”

The heck it's just an intuition then.
I mean well, I get wanting to cling on a new possibility when you're stuck with having to choose between questionable Jobs instead.

“Even if you failed to get that Job, you would have Mage as a new option if you had Offensive Magic Skill, so there's no downside learning it.”

But can I really learn it in just one month? Honestly, that's just not enough time…”

“I'm currently making an arrangement to get you learn the Skill in the shortest possible time.
Your training will start the day after tomorrow at the earliest.
It's gonna be quite rough, no two ways around it.”

“E-eh, h-how bad is it…!?”

“Don't worry.
You won't be hurt or tickled yourself, Reina.
The training itself is gonna be really banal, you pretty much don't need to think at all.”

“I-Izzat so…”

Oh she still looks kinda anxious.
It's really simple, I promise.
It's nothing toilsome to you.
To you, that is.

The preparations were complete two days later, and we went to the magic beast cave to start the training.
The way to learn Offensive Skill is super simple: have Reina equip the Skill-granting necklace we ordered and make her shoot the spell over and over again.
How the heck did they turn that Pepur Slime's core into such a small a necklace.
Equipping this necklace allow the wearer to cast Earth Magic such as Stone Bullet.
Apparently it's not applicable to Production type Job people though.
Alma and I would take turn refilling Reina's mana whenever she ran out, thus she should manage to gain quite a bit of proficiency even from day one.
I had her equip some random ring and told her that was how we share our mana.
She could reproduce spells from Offensive Magic if she knew how to do Mana Control, but even learning that technique alone would take time and it's too early for her to know that, so rejected.
By the way, shooting spell at nothing still raises Skill proficiency, but hitting a target gives much higher proficiency points.

Reina is presently shooting into a 15 cm hole over and over again.

“Umm, I'd like to ask something.”

“What is it?”



“Did you two dig this hole for my training?”

You might hit some unwitting people shooting randomly, y'see.
So I asked Alma to dig out a really deep hole with Spirit Magic.”



“…I'm sorry, can I ask another thing.”

“What do you wanna know?”



“I've been hearing some kinda cries whenever I shoot magic into this deep hole, what, what is that…?”

“Nah, you're just imagining things.
It's, you know, the winds, yeah sometimes winds produce sounds when they blow through narrow slits.”


『…..Gya! ….Gagaa…..!』

“No no no! There's definitely something inside this hole! What is it!? Just what's in there!?”

“You mind, you lose.
Ah, I'm refilling your mana, it's running short.”

“But I do mind! I can't concentrate at all!”

Reina seems really bothered with what's in the hole, but really it's nothing big.
Seeing as Skill proficiency rises better when you hit a target, we went out looking for a High Cave Bear and dropped it down the hole yesterday.
The pitfall is so deep there's no way to climb it up, so it's super safe.
The sole exit is a small hole Reina has been shooting her magic to.
The inside is quite cramped, so she won't miss.
It's an automatic Skill proficiency machine.
Very nasty if I do say so myself.
By the way, there's no deep meaning to me not telling Reina the truth.
I just find her reactions amusing.

“…Hikaru, time to change shift for mana supply.”

“Ah, I'll leave it to you.
Make sure that thing stays inside the hole.”

“I knew there's something inside!! This is scary!! I wanna go home!!”

Looks like I won't get bored for a while just from watching this kid's reactions.

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