Respective Training…


It's been a week since the start of Reina's training, or more like proficiency farming.
I can't really tell if her proficiency is increasing, but according to Menu, Reina should learn Offensive Magic Skill quite a bit before her coming of age at this pace.
Alma got her Magic Swords simply by producing pseudo magic sword, yet it's taking a long time in Reina's case.
No wait, I'm guessing it's just because Alma's case was special, and this is how long it takes to learn a Skill ordinarily.

<The actual condition to learn the Skill is to reach Level 4 on both Offensive Magic and Swordsmanship Skills as an Apprentice Paladin, with no other method available.
As such the parameter for required Skill Proficiency point may not have been set.>>

And I'm guessing the one setting this stuff is that Law of the World thing again huh.
Sheesh, you gotta debug right, law man.

Here goes another training shooting at whatever that thing is inside that hole…”

Reina is muttering with dead fish eyes…
I might have teased her a bit too much just cause she reacted funnily.
Might be partly anxiety because there's no visible progress to all her work as well.

We're making Reina train around twice every three days.
I'd have liked to do it everyday, but we've still gotta earn our living expenses so that's not feasible.
The boss bear inside the hole would die after a few days too, so we gotta regularly replenish them.
We got some tasty exp, mats and rewards once they fulfilled their duty, it's killing two birds with one stone…
That sounds wrong.

Alma and I can't fall behind on our training either so we're making the off day serve as a training day of sort while culling magic beasts for rewards.

Alma seems to have grasped the knack on magic arrangement so she's now moving to rearranging Swordsmanship Skills.
For example, she's adding high frequency vibration to Swordsmanship Skill Lv1 'Mana Blade' by way of mana control to increase its sharpness.
Lv2 'Mana Blade Draw', an ability that coats blade in mana but disables cutting, a non-fatal technique.
She's arranged it so the enemy receives a blowback when she blocks with it.
Lv3 'Extended Mana Blade', an ability to extends the reach by producing mana blade on the sword tip.
She's extending the blade further and even changing the shape…
The shape sometimes got weirdly wavy though, wonder if she was playing around…
Lv4 'Mana Blade Farslash', sending a blade of mana flying, the so called vacuum slash.
She'd send a bigger blade with Mana Control that then split into multiple ones that hit several targets.
Very clever, looks like it's stronger than Air Blade too.
Lv5 'Mana Blade Gale' which she's just learned recently, mana furiously gushes out of the blade enabling user to swing the sword at high speed.
She's having a hard time trying to rearrange this ability.
Putting too much mana makes the sword uncontrollable, it even slipped off her hand one time.
That's dangerous.
The ability seems quite multi purposes, like you can cancel it right after swinging before activating it again for repeated slashes, or use it when locking blades to give you an edge.
Feels like abilities from these Skills are getting more powerful the higher the Skill level.
Which makes it all the more terrifying since these abilities can be used together and combined with other Skills.
Especially together with Magic Swords, it should prove overwhelming.
Though it seems like she still can't use abilities from multiple Skills at once yet.

Speaking of which, she's also learned a new element 'Darkness' with the increase of her Offensive Magic Skill level.
This girl is gonna master all elements in due time I bet.
Darkness sounds kinda chuuni yet powerful, but it's hard to imagine what it is like concretely.
I mean the original meaning is 'no light' or blackout.
Apparently, there are two major methods of attacks for darkness element in this world.
One is physical.
You can mesh it with all kinds of physical attacks like strikes and slashes.
This can be done with all elements so this technique isn't unique in particular.
What's special is the trait Darkness element possesses, a super dangerous one.
Simply touching it poses no danger, but objects eroded by darkness element will gradually disintegrate, losing their solid or liquid form.
That's super scary.
Not everything gets eroded and disintegrated of course, people with high defensive power or sturdy objects don't get eroded easily, nevertheless the element is still undoubtedly fiendish.
And although it's super weak against elements that emits light such as Light, Lightning and Fire, it wins out against all other elements generally.
This power should prove mighty once she's figured out how.

Alma's training is largely about such.
She's been trying many ways on arranging magic over a short period of time, but presently the Skill with the biggest firepower potential is Spirit Magic.
Most enemies can't deal with getting dropped into a pitfall.
Spirit Magic is seriously a cheat.
…Her power level would go out of control if only she could enter a contract with other elemental spirits.
There's no more traces of her from the day she was called a failed job.
Far from it, she's a genuine cheat now.

As for me, my goal is to develop a high powered technique as my secret weapon.
Presently, that corresponds to a technique that can deal considerable damage to a High Cave Bear.
The combo of Pseudo Ground Shrink and Pile Bunker is the most powerful attack I have in my arsenal, yet that failed short against the bear.
Using up all my mana on 'Ignite' would reasonably increases its output, but that's way too inefficient.
I need a more practical means in real combat otherwise I'd drive myself into the corner.
Thus after coming up and trying out all kinds of things, I came up with only two promising techniques.
And both of them are a variation of Mana Pile Bunker.
I'm lamenting my lack of imagination.
Leaving the detail aside for now, one is a combination of both offense and defense however I need to match with my opponent's attack, so it's not exceedingly practical in actual combat.
It's also highly risky because a mistake could end with me eating a direct attack.
Though when it works, this technique neutralizes the attack while dealing damage, like a perfect counter.
The other one is just really high powered.
however, comes with a considerable recoil.
And I'm talking physically, not something that's only in my mind.
I thought my arm had been torn off when I shot it that one time…
I've managed to improve it and reduced the recoil now, but its weakness of requiring to build up power for a bit of time remains.
By the way the target was a High Cave Bear.
I hit it right in the head, and the grotesque scene of its entire part getting literally blown away into dust got etched in my mind.
Our fangs, and all those mats…
W-well, at least I'm no longer lacking in firepower now.

“…I feel like your firepower was anything but lacking, overt even…”

“No no, I clearly was, I mean I couldn't even put a dent on the magic beasts roaming this cave.
You have Magic Swords and Mana Blade with you Alma, but I got no reprise if I didn't improvise here.”

“Killing magic beasts way above your level as your goal is weird to begin with…”

“Might be.
But if a demon way above our level came attacking, we'd be dead in no time if we didn't have any way to damage them, or am I wrong?”

You're right.”

Sure enough, Alma's face was twitching when I showed off my new technique but not for long after I mentioned demon.
It might look like we're focusing too much on demons with our training but those demons are a complete unknown to me, you can never get too prepared against them.
Honestly, I'm not even sure if this new technique will work on them, but I'm prepared to expose my identity as Soarer and fly away with Alma and Reina if it comes down to it.

“Un, I'm gonna try out mixes of Magic Swords and Swordsmanship a bit more.”

“Yeah, do your best.”

Looks like she's getting motivated from what I told her.
She's activating Burning Blade and attempting to use Swordsmanship Skill together.
Powered up by mana control, Burning Blade's flame turned from blue to white.
Even that is more than enough firepower, guessing she's aiming higher.

Bunssu po



Doswu! Juuuu…..

…She combined powered up 'Mana Blade Gale' with a magic sword ability and tried to swing Burning Blade at high speed but she lost control and got her sword slipped off her hand.
That's super dangerous, hey.
The sword flew off and struck the wall, melting the part where it touched.
So the high temp remains even off hand huh.

“…I failed.”

“…Don't mind.”

Alma muttered looking a bit embarrassed.
Well, can't have everything always go well on your first try, this is still much better than learning the hard way during an actual combat.

“I won't let go next time.”

No no, let's try other combo instead.
I shudder at the thought of that sword flying my way.

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