Ma, Going All Out


We went on an eating spree for a few hours before taking a break at an outdoor cafe with sore legs.
Conclusion, the first Turkey Leg dish was the best.
No I mean, other stalls were good too, you know? But they kinda don't live up to their prices.
Makes you wonder.
I'm not dissatisfied at all with the taste.
Stuff like flour-based okonomiyaki and baby castella were all good, taste-wise, but they're just too expensive for what you got.

“They were all pretty pricey.
We're hitting the budget limit already.”

“Yep that's about right with most stores.
That first stall was just too cheap for how good it was.”

“And yet, adventurers sought out tasty food all the same so every stall was packed.”

Most of the stalls were manned by people with Cooking Skill at around Lv 3 to 4.
Apparently that level allows you to cook something simple.
I think my Cooking Skill would have been around this level if converted.
…No, I usually refer to recipes in my phone, so it should be lower.
Thank goodness I managed to charge my phone.
I've been taking my time here and there writing down the recipes in case my phone broke, but I dunno how long it'll take with hundreds of recipes to go…

“Were you two really fine only eating at the stalls I picked? Feel free to chime in if you want something in particular.”

“Honestly there are too many stalls here, I'm at a loss what to pick.
Everything you picked was yummy Hikaru, so I'm good.”

“Me too, all the stalls Kajikawa-san picked were the ones that caught my eyes anyway.”

Dunno if they were just being nice but they don't seem disappointed.
Umu, guess this is how it's like eating around in this world? Wish it wasn't so expensive at least.

Looking at their Status, the two have 'Full Stomach' State with their SP at max amount.
I noticed how Alma's SP recovery rate was clearly higher than Reina during our eating spree.
Like with Turkey Leg, Alma recovered 25 SP while Reina only recovered 4.

<In exchange, the rate of natural SP consumption also increases however, as such higher max SP does not translate to having to eat a huge portion of food nor does this allow one to fast for several days without issues.>>

Eh? Then what's the point of higher max SP?


Ah, right, there were Skills that use SP.
Like Martial Arts and stuff.
…By the way, is there a reason my SP number still 0 even now? Even though my max SP is still increasing.

<You have never eaten to full stomach ever since you come to this world, as such, eating more should recover your SP.>>

…I am aware how much more active I've become since I arrived at this world, and with all the calories burned, I have yet to eat to full stomach even once.
My lifestyle in Japan wasn't necessarily healthy yet I was always careful not to eat too much, so maybe that habit transferred over here.
I might end up like that pig noble if I'm not careful, and I feel kinda bad eating more than Alma and Reina.

<This ratio won't change even if your max SP increases.>>

How inefficient am I anyway! Are you saying I gotta eat that much every time I wanna recover my SP!?
So I gotta eat at least four times the usual amount if I want to increase my SP to compensate for my base body…
The cost for my meals alone would bankrupt us.


Skill usages huh.
I don't have Skills, is there even a point raising my SP?
No, wait, seeing as I could directly control my mana and life force.
Then maybe…
Well, I'll give it a try if I ever get the chance.

“Oh right, Reina, your Offensive Magic proficiency has gone up a lot, I believe your next training should give you the Skill.”

It's not like it's tiring but there's no visible goal, and the voice coming from inside the hole bothers me so much, my mind can't take it anymore…
But seriously, what's up with that voice anyway…”

“Ah, it's just a High Cave Bear inside, nothing to worry about.”

“Oh phew, it's just a…
Wait, it's that giant bear!? But I am worried! I almost got eaten by one!”

“Why not make that a diversion? I mean now that you know might as well enjoy it to the fullest.”

“Nothing enjoyable about it at all!”

“Hikaru, don't tease Reina too much now.”

“Sorry, I got a bit carried away.”

“You really can't win against Alma-san, can you…
Don't you think she's keeping too tight a leash?”

Anybody would if they saw Alma when she snapped.
She's super scary.

“Now then, let's go back to our inn after one last shopping spree.”

“Is there something else you wanna buy?”

“Well, stuff like ingredients for our dinner, and new cooking utensils.”

“…You're really a ma through and through.”

Keep at it and I'm gonna serve you High Cave Bear meat.
…Hm? What's up with that lively crowd over there.

“Attention please~! This is your last chance to enter Dwarfen Dining's Eating Contest~! Those who wish to participate, please hurry up~!”

Eating contest huh.
Well, no harm spectating.

“The winner shall receive a frying pan specially made to prevent sticking as their prize~! Cooking enthusiasts can't miss this!”


“Sorry, but could you wait a bit as I win this contest.”

“You're already declaring victory right off!? How taken are you with that frying pan!”

“Hikaru, haven't you eaten a lot just now, can you manage?”

“Actually yeah, I've still got plenty of room left.
I usually make sure I don't eat too much, but I'm going all out for this non-stick frying pan.”

“Going all out for the sake of a cooking utensil, you're more a cooking maniac than a mom…”

“Reina, I see you're craving for High Cave Bear meat for today's dinner huh?”

“Forgive me! Please anything but that scary bear meat!”

I forgive this time to honor your quick apology.
I mean I don't know how to cook bear meat anyway.
Wonder if the pan is processed with teflon turning it non stick? It's probably weak to scratches, gotta treasure it once it's in my hand.
Now then, time to test how much can my External Status's SP take.

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