”My King! Its a boy! ”

”A boy! Splendid! It has been a long time since I have had another boy! ”

Im sorry, what? Ain no way I just heard that right. Did she say king!?

”Waahh ”

Ah, it appears that I cannot speak at the moment. At that moment, I feel somebody lift me. This is a weird feeling. I look up to see the face of a beautiful woman with pale skin and long white hair.

That is the queen, no doubt about it. Her appearance fits the description in the novels exactly. Damn, shes beautiful. I look over to see a large man wearing what looks to be light armor and a long red robe. He has brown hair and a long brown beard. He gives off the impression of a gentle bear.

King Barris Knightford. He was one of the strongest warriors in history. He is also a great strategist. He is one of the main reasons that the continent of Panela won the war against the Demon King without the outrageously expensive summoning of a hero.

”Such a beautiful face, as well as silver hair! It appears that hes acquired your overwhelming looks Liara. ”

”Oh please, my king. he must get these stellar looks from the one and only Great War God Barris. ”

A light redness could be seen on the kings face as he scratched his beard. Yes, this is how they originally were in the novels, a loving husband and wife. They loved their children and country to a great degree. They were, in all accounts, good people.

They made numerous contributions to the war and made good relations with the neighboring countries, demihuman species, and even demon refugees. They took in all types of people regardless of race and even went out of their way to help them live more easily.

”Let us save the pleasantries for later. As for now, I shall grant this child with a name ”

The king said this with a smile. You
e probably wondering why Im so shaken if the king and queen such good people. Simply put, its because this is the king that ends up betraying the protagonist. Along with that, his entire family ened up being murdered by the protagonist. But why would they do such a thing? That question is probably popping up as well, there is a valid reason for that too.

”From here on out, this child shall be known as Raine Knightford, the 5th prince of the Kingdom of Knightford! ”


The King and Queen were originally kindhearted and very generous rulers of their kingdom. However, that all changed when the Kingdom of Azure deemed their policy of accepting all races as blasphemies. The acceptance demons could have never been tolerated, even if that country made contributions to the war.

The Azure Kingdom began to stop delivering materials and food items to the Knightford Kingdom, even going so far as attacking Knightford supply routes. This resulted in a battle for supplies that Knightford eventually lost.

After that, the Azure Kingdom sent a message to the Knightford Kingdom. They ordered that they execute the demons they harbored. If they did not comply, their supply routes would never return.

Of course, Barris Knightford did not give in to this threat and raised the Kingdoms taxes. However, this only deepened the discrimination towards the demons within the kingdom even more. This was to the point where many people affected began despising demons.

Throughout the kingdom, countless hate crimes were committed against demons. Thus, the king placed harsher punishments on discrimination between the races. As the years went on, the feelings of animosity between the races deepened. It was at the point where a full-on race war was about to begin. That was until the king had taken a demon as a concubine.

The king stated that if any discrimination or hate crimes were to occur, it would be considered treason against the kingdom. It turned out that the demon concubine was a good friend of the queen and a former demon noble, Stella Leviathan. This was able to successfully calm down the storm of hate brewing in the kingdom for about a year, thats when a horrible incident occurred.

Azure assassins were let into the kingdom by the head of the Leonheart family, Lurain Leonheart. The assassins snuck up to the castle and ended up killing Stella. Barris was increadibly furious. When he discovered who had planned the incident, he ordered for Lurain to be executed. Along with that, his familys title was to be stripped away.

After that incident, the king and queen became more cold and ruthless towards the citizens, especially towards affairs regarding the Leonheart family. This animosity eventually leads to Barris choosing to sacrifice Aaron for the kingdom. A reasonable decision for any ruler to make. However, to the eyes of Aaron whos been backstabbed many times before, this was the breaking point.

Fortunately, it looks like this is before most of that happens. It seems that my parents are still their kind, gentle selves. I think I mightve killed myself if I was born after Stellas death, to be honest.

”Young master Raine, where have you gone? ”

”Master Raine, please come out. ”

Ah yes, I was currently hiding out in the castle library. Its been three years since I was born here. I know what you
e thinking, ”oh wow, time skip ”. Oh yeah, its been hell for me learning how to crawl. And don even get me started on not having any control over my bodily functions!

Anyways, it looks like I was born around the same time as the protagonist. How convenient, and realistic. This means that I reincarnated as the same Raine Knightford from the novel.

Raine Knightford was described as an incredibly talented space-time magic-user in the novels. Unfortunately, he was arrogant due to his power and high status. Thus, he failed to properly train his abilities. He had the highest potential among the royal family yet was one of the weakest due to arrogance and laziness. This allowed the protagonist to defeat and eventually kill him with relative ease. Fuck that noise.

The writer gave me such a talent, best believe Im gonna train how to use it. This will also help improve my mana capacity. Learning skills and developing mana is far easier when you are a child.

”There you are, little prince. ”

Behind me was the figure of an incredibly stunning woman. She had purple hair as well as grey skin. She also wore a purple and black dress that was stunning. It was Stella. Around this time, Stella was to debut as my fathers concubine. However, year later, she is to be assassinated. Like hell Im going to allow that!

One of the main reasons I had been training my space-time magic was to be able to transport another person with me when I teleport. I needed to increase my mana capacity to handle the strain of teleporting two people. Currently, I can make small teleportations by myself. I guess that goes to show how talented Raine was.

Another thing I needed to do was to get close to Stella so I could be with her during the assassination attempt. To do that, I needed to appeal to Stellas good side, which was not that difficult. In the novels, she was a good and kindhearted individual. She also had a deep love for children, hoping to have children of her own one day. Unfortunately, that never got to happen for her.

”You can be wandering around the castle like that, especially in the library. There are tons of forbidden books that eat children like you here! ”

She said in an exaggerated tone. Well, shes not wrong exactly. She picked me up by the waist and held me close to her chest. That would be very stimulating for an adult man. Fortunately, Im still an underdeveloped child.

As she cradled me in her arms, I began to feel drowsy. As I expected, utilizing magic at such a young age drains the body of a lot of energy. I began to nod off. As I looked up, I saw her smiling. She had a warm smile, almost as if she was looking at her own child. Yeah, best believe Im going to save her.

Whenever the King and Queen were busy with duty, Stella carned for the young royals. In any case, she was more than qualified to be a concubine of my father.

”Sweet dreams, little prince. ”

And with those words, I fell asleep. I guess its time for a training montage or something, I suppose I will be training for a whole year. When the time finally comes, I will be ready to save Stella. I will be one step closer to my preferred ending.

It is rather unfortunate that I could not prevent house Leonheart from falling. However, it was bound to happen eventually. It was unavoidable. Aside from that, I couldn exactly do much with this current body of mine. I guess its just fated to be this way no matter how you change it.

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