Ch.3 – Isn’t it just one centimeter?

PUBLISHED ON 21 January 2023

Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng grew up together, the two families have been friends for generations, and both of them are also child actors, at three years old they already acted together as the son of the protagonist in a movie, since kindergarten they always have been in the same school and the same class, and also deskmates for three years in high school.

Logically the relationship between Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng should be very good, but they have always regarded the other party as rivals, the aloof Liang ZiTeng becomes a poisonous mouth when he meets Yue Du, and the cheerful Yue Du becomes the embodiment of a firecracker when he meets Liang ZiTeng.

They don’t hide their dislike for each other in front of the camera either, when participating in events together, they hated that they couldn’t have a fight, they either turn a blind eye to each other, or have their eyes burning with anger, and they would either not speak a single word, or face each other with foul language. 

Everybody knows that they don’t get along.

Then they got married!!!!

Yue Du hugged Liang ZiTeng while swiping Weibo.

[It’s fake, the account has been hacked, the account has been hacked]

[Is today April fools? Yue du and Liang ZiTeng ah, don’t the two of them have grudges? 

[Although I don’t want to believe it too, but they have proof]

[So old Yu’s mystery marriage partner is uncle Liang? I don’t believe it]

[wuwuwu, my TwoNights turned into be1]

[I don’t believe, there’s a scheme, even if they are married it surely wasn’t because of love, picture] (Yue Du sent a photo of himself learning how to cook, Liang ZiTeng commented: Don’t force it if you can’t do it, nobody begged you to do it.
Yue Du replied: It’s not even for you to eat, it’s none of your business.)

Yue Du was smug: “Who told you to have a cheap mouth2.”

Liang ZiTeng: “You don’t have a cheap mouth?”


[When they were filming “Youngsters’ Journey”, Yue Du even had a fight with Liang ZiTeng, Liang ZiTeng even fell in water]

[Right, they haven’t collaborated together after “Youngsters’ Journey”, haven’t they fallen out?” ]

[ “Youngsters’ Journey” was really the white moonlight, it’s already been fourteen years in a blink of an eye]

[ During “Youngsters’ Journey” the moon brothers3 were still young, their actings were already super good]

“What are you counting? Itchy hands?” Liang ZiTeng pointed at the Weibo comment of both of them fighting. 

“You also hit me at that time, only that you were a noob.” Both of them never give way when arguing.

They were only sixteen years old when shooting “Youngsters’ Journey”, they were young and arrogant, and fighting was something ordinary. 

Later, a lot of evidence of their mutual confrontations was found one after another, letting netizens witness their grudges, such as the robbing of the Film Emperor’s laurel, and there were also rumors that they robbed Ye Meng.

Then they saw Yue Du’s public Weibo, it was a female star who, eight years ago, was spreading rumors about Yue Du, after being rejected by Yue Du and still unilaterally hyped that she and Yue Du fell in love because of the drama, at that time, Yue Du directly showed his wedding ring, saying he was already married and with a partner of the same sex, and after that, no one dared to spread gossips with him anymore.

[Love-Hate relationship? This cp I can ahah]

[The film emperor’s wife is also film emperor, it’s powerful]

Yue Du saw a few comments that were shipping their cp, smiled and turned off the phone screen: “Lin Ping said to take a two-week break first, then there will be a reality show, a live broadcast one, then to display some affection at the time to attract fans, the two of us suddenly going public indeed made us lost some fans.” 

“Oh.” Liang ZiTeng replied coldly, he didn’t dare to make a too-big move, a single move is enough to make his waist feel sore, weak, and painful.

Yue Du smiled even happier: “Go back to sleep for a while, after all, lacking physical strength is a critical flaw.”

Liang ZiTeng fell back onto the bed: “It’s your skills that are bad.”

Yue Du leaned over and weakly pressed Liang ZiTeng down, and stretched his hand into his shirt to stir troubles around his waist and abdomen: “My skills are bad? After doing this for more than ten years, I feel that Tongtong quite enjoys it.

Liang ZiTeng’s face turned red, turned his head away not wanting to look at Yue Du: “Still, still…your skills are bad, furthermore, don’t call me Tongtong.”

They did it fiercely yesterday, Yue Du didn’t dare to mess with Liang ZiTeng again, only turning back his head and giving him a kiss. 

“Tonight we are throwing a banquet for He Ke’s family at Youqian restaurant, don’t forget it.” 

“I know.”


In the evening, the two husbands arrived at the restaurant, He Ke’s wife Mu YiXia is quite timid, not quite daring to speak, only daring to steal a glance at Liang ZiTeng once in a while.

Ye Meng giggled: “Teng ge, xiao Xia4 is your fan-oh, she really likes you.”

Yue Du looked at them sadly, he said to He Ke: “Aren’t you jealous? Your wife has been staring at my wife.” The words were teasing He Ke, but his own tone was sour, compared to He Ke, he seemed to be the one who was eating vinegar. 

He Ke smiled while shaking his head, took Mu YiXia’s hand without hesitation, ten fingers tightly intertwined, and silently swearing sovereignty: “I express my support to whatever my wife likes, what is there to mind?”

“Toughtful.5” Yue Du mocked, and said to Liang ZiTeng: “Ice cube face is really welcomed.”

“Because I am handsome.” Liang ZiTeng replied to him.

“Am I not handsome enough? I even know how to cook, wash clothes and do house chores, an all-rounder.”

“You’re darker than me.” The dull voice finally got a little louder.

“This is my manliness, as for you, being white like I don’t know what.” Yue Du felt that he had the upper hand and was gloating.

Liang ZiTeng was calm and composed, his thin lips parted slightly, and lightly spit out four words: “You’re shorter than me.”

Absolute kill.

Yue Du was so angry that he lost his voice, the thing he is the most dissatisfied with in this life was that he wasn’t as tall as Liang ZiTeng, being a top-quality gong6, whether it was the appearance or the money, he has both of it, but he was actually not as tall as his wife.

When Yue Du was young he noticed that Liang ZiTeng was a bit taller than him, in order to maintain the dignity of being a gege, he drank milk and played basketball, in the end, his height was set at one meter eighty-five, but couldn’t stand faced to Liang ZiTeng’s family genes, he was still shorter than Liang ZiTeng by one centimeter, and this made him angry. 


Ye Meng and He Ke were obviously already used to their bickering, staying very calm, Mu YiXia was a little worried, pulling He Ke’s sleeve and asking in a low voice: “They are really a couple?” They were still arguing like this although they are together?

He Ke nodded: “Yes, others are a pair of mandarin ducks, but Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng are a pair of dead ducks.”

After going back home, one of the dead ducks had drunk too much, and was drunkenly pressed on Liang  ZiTeng’s body, the fluffy head was arched around his neck: “You dislike me for being short~”

Yue Du was feeling very wronged.

Liang ZiTeng rubbed his head a few times: “You’re shorter than me, this is a fact.”

Unfortunately, the drunk man was not satisfied with his reply, his hands were restlessly tugging on Liang ZiTeng’s white shirt, biting from Liang Ziquan’s lips all the way to the delicate collarbone.

Liang ZiTeng dodged his erratic kisses, gasping for breath: “Don’t be too much, with your drinking capacity, it’s impossible to get drunk.”

Yue Du held his waist, and lightly bit his ear: “Gēgē is not as tall as Tongtong, so he can only compare to Tongtong in other places.”

He kissed Liang ZiTeng’s ears again and again: “For example, bigger than Tongtong, lasting longer than Tongtong.” Liang ZiTeng’s body felt hot and weak, closing his eyes, and thoroughly gave up struggling.

It was another night of sinking in depravity.


Bad Ending.  To say harsh words to others and blame them for being petty.  Moon (Yuè liàng) sounds almost like a homonym of Yue (Yuè Dù) and Liang (Liáng ZiTéng) Little Xia  The original word was “闷骚” (mēn sāo) which doesn’t really have an English equivalent.
“It refers to people who look quiet, cold or even dull outside, but inside they are volatile, charismatic, hot and sexy.
It may also be used to describe a person’s duplicitous personality, but mostly in the eulogistic sense.” (source) Being the top in a relationship.


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