Stomachache is real – Ch.4 – Getting married in spite of oneself

PUBLISHED ON 25 January 2023

After resting for two weeks at home, Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng officially started to record “Love is right before our eyes”.

“Love is right before our eyes” is a live broadcast love show, except for sleeping time, the entire sequence is live broadcast, there are two pairs of permanent guests, the famous director Rong DaYi and actor Tang TianMa’s melting sugar cp, the singer Ruan LaiLai and the host Dan Le’s Here’s Coming1 cp, all of them are relatively well-known couples, very strong on variety shows.
For each episode, they would invite a real couple in the entertainment circle, and a temporary couple. 

The temporary couple of this episode was Ye Meng and Ou Feng, the few people who were sitting on the bus going to the filming venue.
Dan Le’s character was quite outgoing, taking the initiative to chat with them: “Yue Du gē2 and Liang ZiTeng ge have been married for how long?” 

“Eight years.” The two people replied in unison.

[Aaaaahhhhh eight years so it means that they have been married since the legal minimum age of marriage??] 

[I’ve eaten sugar, feel that it is really sweet,]

[Aaahhh, Stomachache3 is real love there’s no mistake]

[Even their tone is the same aaahhh]

[The rest of one’s life series, stomachache cp has been combined]

[They actually came to participate in “Love is right before your eyes”, could it be that is real love]

Everybody expressed their surprise: “Having been married for so long, you must be particularly in love.”

Liang ZiTeng’s narrow and long eyes were slightly raised, and casually glanced at Yue Du: “Marriage between families, there was no other choice.”

Yue Du is not to be outdone: “Arranged marriage, it’s not of my own volition.”

Dan Le’s mouth twitched: “Is it?”

An awkward silence.


[Said it isn’t love, it is a slap to the face to those shipping this cp]

[Why would they lean so close if they are not a real cp??? Old Yue you’re quite happy holding hands!]

[If it’s not real love then why come to participate in this kind of show, disgusting]

[So what if it’s a film emperor, the character is no good]

[Enemies are indeed enemies, would not change even after marriage] 

[Fake husbands are very disgusting]

Yue Du glanced at the barrage, and looked away indifferently, Liang ZiTeng did not even look at it. 

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Before the official plot of the show begins, the four couples have to cook by themselves, many celebrities don’t know how to cook, this could count as a point that attracts the audience’s attention.

[So among the eight people it seems that only Old Yue knows how to cook, plus seems like he’s not good at it]

[Ou Feng also knows how to, our family’s gege super virtuous]

“Ou Feng, you know how to cook? If you know how to then I won’t need to sponge off Du ge.” Ye Meng only learned that after looking at the barrage, turning around to look at the person beside her.

Ou Feng is rather delicate and pretty, looking very petite, he smiled shyly after hearing Ye Meng’s question: “I know how to, my family was poor when I was young, learning how to cook is a must, what do ZiTeng ge like to eat? I can make it for you.” 

[Dumb Ou you should ask Meng Meng, you should be making it for Meng Meng to eat]

[Our family’s little kid is Liang film emperor’s fan, he’s just excited to see his idol, normal]

Liang ZiTeng was suddenly called, and was feeling a bit baffled, with a pale face: “No need, Yue Du knows how to.” 

Ou Feng lowered his head dejected: “I, I am ZiTeng ge’s fan, I started to like ZiTeng ge from early on, and want to make a meal for ZiTeng ge, ZiTeng can you let me make it once for you?” 

Ye Meng sensed that something was wrong, and quietly walked toward Yue Du’s side, if she doesn’t take sides now, what should she do if Yue Du retaliate against her in the future? 

Yue Due looked at Ou Feng: “Xiao Ou, this is not so good, Tongtong and I are husbands, you and Xiao Meng are temporary lovers, you cook for Tongtong, then what will Xiao Meng eat?”

Ou Feng hastily apologized, with an innocent face: “Senior Yue, please don’t misunderstand, my admiration for ZiTeng gē fan’s is just like the admiration that a fan has toward an idol, please don’t mind it senior, and don’t doubt ZiTeng ge, and ZiTeng gē you shouldn’t blame senior either.”

Liang ZiTeng know it well, and made eye contact with Yue Du: “You’re doubting me?” 

Yue Du’s face was ashen: “You’re listening to him?”

The two humphed at each other, and simultaneously turned their heads away from each other.

There were tears in Oufeng’s eyes: “ZiTeng gē, you guys must not quarrel because of me, I, I will be uneasy.” He felt lost, even if Yuedu and Liang ZiTeng quarreled, there was an atmosphere around them, and no one can get in except the two of them.

Ye Meng patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, no need to feel uneasy, they often quarrel, it’s fine once you get used to it.”


[Why does Ou Feng sound a bit like green tea?4]

[Why Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng have this feeling of déjà vu of couple quarelling] 

[Ah this… Shura field5 hahaha why do I want to laugh so much]

[So Old Yue calls uncle, Tongtong, in private? So cute]

[He’s anxious, he’s anxious, the old named Yue is anxious]

[Old Yue aren’t you in an arranged marriage why are you jealous]

In the end, the program team forced several groups of couples to cook separately, Yue Du was cooking, and Liang ZiTeng was helping, the two people’s movements were skillful, and cooperated tacitly.

[Old man, old man, lifestyle mode]

[I can still see my two idols cooking together in this lifetime, I’m gone]

[You two idols are even married, although it’s fake]

[Feel that the two of them have quite a good relationship]

[wuwuwu feel that it’s quite tasty, want to eat Old Yue’s cooking]

After Ou Feng finished cooking, he came to Liang ZiTeng’s table with a plate, and Ye Meng also followed.

Liang ZiTeng had a bite of Yue Du’s dish: “The look, smell, and taste are absent.”

Yue Du picked up a chopstick of shredded meat for him: “You also helped, and you are also at fault if it isn’t good.”

Ye Meng took a bite of the dish, and squinted her eyes happily: “en en en, Du ge’s cooking is getting better and better.” 

Yue Du nodded: “Look at that, you are not a better talker than xiao Meng.”

Liang ZiTeng’s face turned cold: “Stir-fry doesn’t even look as good as Ou Feng’s.” 

Yue Du angrily replied: “If what he made looks better then you go eat his.” 

Ou Feng was praised by his idol, and happily introduced his dishes: “Teng ge, try this shredded meat with green peppers, although senior Yue and I have both made this dish, mine is obviously tender, and has another flavor.”

[Tea art great master Ou Feng was born]

[In terms of how to euphemistically scold a love rival]


Liang ZiTeng ignored him, and continued to eat, only picking up the stir-fried vegetables Yue Du made, while eating it made him want to laugh a little: “How much vinegar did you put in, it’s so sour.”

Yue Du snorted coldly: “The jar of vinegar has been overturned, so it’d be weird if it’s not sour.” He picked all the chili peppers from Liang ZiTeng’s bowl into his own bowl: “You eat less spicy food, If you feel uncomfortable, won’t you have to ask me to look after you?”

Liang ZiTeng picked up more chili peppers in displeasure: “You think I care about you looking after me?”

Yue Du was really afraid of him eating so many chili peppers, and couldn’t help but give in: “It is I who want to look after you.” 

Only then did Liang ZiTeng put the hot peppers into the Yue Du bowl: “Then eat by yourself, making it seem like I like to eat spicy, chili peppers are not tasty at all.”

Yue Du objected: “A dish without chili peppers is soulless, you cannot eat spicy, doesn’t mean that it isn’t tasty.” 

Liang ZiTeng: Who said I cannot eat spicy, I’ll eat for you to see.” 

“Don’t,” Yue Du stopped him: “You can eat spicy, I believe you.” 

[Arranged marriage also flaunt it in front of my face]

[A dish without chili peppers is soulless, old Yue, you stir-fried four dishes, except for the shredded meat and green peppers, the rest of them are soulless] 

[Old Yue: Some people like to eat soulless dishes, what else can I do?]

[Suddenly feel sorry for Ou Feng, although he feels a bit tea, it is really annoying that some people quarrel openly but show affection in secret, isn’t it just to make me ship this cp? I’ll ship it alright]

[Meng Meng’s expression is making me laugh to death, hahaha]

[Ye Meng: Vicissitudes+support.jpg]

[Ou Feng: Pitiful+support.jpg]


The original name of the cp is 来了 (lai le) which means “Here’s coming/I’m here” a play of words between Ruan LaiLai’s and Dan Le’s name. Here adding “ge” (brother) is a respectful way to call his seniors.
(It’s frequent for Asians to call older people brother/sister, uncle/auntie even if you don’t know them just to show some respect).  肚子疼, stomachache is pronounced as DuZiTeng, is probably a play on words between Liang ZiTeng and Yue Du’s name.  The original expression 茶里茶气, meaning that there’s an air of tea around him/air of green tea bitch, but without saying that he is one.
Saying one’s words sounds a bit like (green) tea or is a green tea bitch, means that the person sounds innocent but has a hidden meaning behind their words.  Trending slang on the internet refers to a situation where people present are emotionally entangled causing everybody to suffer.
It originally is a Buddhist term, referring to Emperor Shi Tian and Ah XiuLuo’s (Ashura in Japanese, maybe you might be more familiar with this name) fight, it means a tragic battlefield. 

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