Ch.7 – Double-faced does not exist 


The new plot began: 

The teacups were displayed on the table, withered flowers and leaves, the surroundings were quiet, and the two were sitting opposite each other.

It was a rare occasion for Liang ZiTeng to be gentle with Yue Du: “When this minister met Your Majesty, you were still the eight-year-old Majesty, only as high as this minister’s shoulders.”

Yue Du got up and held him from behind, tightly wrapping his hands around his waist: “The Empress used to dislike me for being short, at that time, you were this emperor’s tutor, did you like me calling you teacher?” He was still joking, hooking Liang ZiTeng’s long hair and intertwining it between his fingers, round and a round of deep attachment and tenderness.

“This minister has admired His Majesty from a long time ago, marrying into the palace was not only for the purpose of stabilizing the court.”

Yue Du rejoiced in his heart, and kissed Liang ZiTeng’s face again and again: “I also truly like the empress, wanting to kiss the empress and hug the empress since a long time ago.” He expressed his love to Liang ZiTeng in an unscrupulous tone, so Liang ZiTeng never believed his feelings, even if there is only one empress in the harem.

Liang ZiTeng looked at the scenery in the distance, a pond of withering lotus, he took a sip of tea, smiling gently and peacefully: “Your Majesty has a deep understanding of virtue, and is proficient in literature and military strategy, and over time, will surely become a wise ruler.”


“You are so strange today, you keep praising me, do you want me to give the imperial decree to attack Nanrong? I have already sent a general to the battle, I said it that way before to deceive people.”

“The Liang family is powerful, but if I leave the position of minister, and no longer pose a threat to your majesty.
Can Your Majesty look at this minister’s face and only suppress my clan but not exterminate it, this minister has already made a selection list, all of them are noble girls, if Your Majesty… …”

Yue Du bit the back of Liang ZiTeng’s neck dissatisfied: “I don’t like what noble girl, I like men.”

Liang ZiTeng took another sip of tea, and said to himself: “If Your Majesty really likes men, you can also appoint some servants, but it is better to leave a bloodline for the royal family.”

“I don’t like all of these……” Yue Du finally realized something, and summoned the imperial physician in a panic: “Liang ZiTeng, are you stupid, I just want to force you to reveal your heart, who wants you to die?”

The emperor, who had always been utterly carefree, was totally in a panic.

“Liang ZiTeng, I don’t want you to die.”

“If you dare to die I am going to exterminate the Liang family, I dare to say it and will do it.”

“I don’t want someone else, the one I like is you.”

Liang ZiTeng fell into the emperor’s arms weakly: “Why didn’t you say it earlier? I thought you wanted me dead.” Now that he has taken the Duanchang powder1, it’s too bad he can’t be rescued.

“I was wrong, I was wrong.
Where is the imperial physician? Quickly look at the empress.” 

The old imperial physician bowed and saluted: “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the Broken Soul Powder2 I gave to His Royal Highness is actually an ordinary tranquilizer, and His Highness will be fine after a night of sleep.”

Afterward, the emperor and the empress lived happily together.

Thousands of years later, college student Yue Du fell in love with his young teacher at first sight: “Teacher, you are like advanced mathematics, even if I know I’m going to be done, I won’t give up on you3.”

The plot ended.


[Thought that it was going to be a tragic plot, was too careless] 

[Did your stomach ache today? Come ship stomach ache cp -ah, veteran film emperor, if not sweet, no need money] 

[When the empress collapsed I thought he was going to die, made me so sad] 

[Fortunately, it’s a good ending, or else I would’ve cried.] 

[To tell you the truth, I cried at the empress’ confession]

[Uncle Liang really seemed to have given up everything wuwuwu]

There was an interview after filming.

Yue Du wiped the stool for Liang ZiTeng before letting him sit down.

“Teacher Yue is really good to teacher Liang4.”

Yue Du raised his eyebrows: “Who made him so delicate?” Liang ZiTeng slapped him.

“The both of them are really in love.”

The couple of husbands both show disdain.

“Who is in love with him? Someone like him? Hooligan.”

“I am in love with him? He doesn’t even know how to cook, after serving him he is still being picky about it.”

MC: “……”

“Do both teachers think that love would weaken over time?” 

“No.” Both of them replied in unison. 


Yue Du held Liang ZiTeng’s hand: “Because I love someone, it’s been over ten years already, I still love him very much, and I will still love him in the future.” 

Liang ZiTeng blushed: “Is it my business who you love?”

Yue Du still held his hand: “Yes, it’s none of your business, the one I love isn’t you.”

“Liang ZiTeng blushed harder: “The one I love isn’t you either.”

MC: “……”



[Next, please enjoy the large-scale of tearing openly and showing off secretly “We Are Not in Love”]

[The hypocritical men are starting again]

[Although uncle likes to sneak glances at film emperor Yue, help him dress, act as an assistant, eat his vinegar, hug him to sleep, call him gēgē, we all know that uncle was forced.]

[Although old Yue would kiss film emperor Liang at every turn, cook for him, caress his waist, hug him to sleep, eat his tofu5, and call him TongTong, we all know old Yue did that in spite of him.]

[Although they kiss every day, hug often, caress waist and rub head, intertwine their ten fingers, and show affection to provoke us, we all know it’s marriage through families, an arranged marriage, they are fake husbands]

[Yes, they argue every day, they are nemesis]

[Fans are as hypocritical as the idols]

[Please don’t increase fans with idol behavior, okay?]

[I won’t ship this kind of fake couple.
I definitely didn’t watch their videos, I didn’t watch “Love is right before our eyes”, and I didn’t write fanfic for them, who wants to ship them, it’s not sweet at all.]

[Can dàdà6 update the text about the stomachache first, and then be double-faced okay?

[ Yeah, this is not my tenth time coming to brush “Love is right before our eyes”]

[Those who know, know, this is your eleventh-time hahahaha]

Ye Meng: “”The variety show is over, do you have any arrangements?”]

Yue Du: “Stay at home to accompany my wife, then continue to show off affection.” 

Often appears in movies or books in Ancient China settings, it is said to be a poison that is colorless, tasteless, that kills a person slowly. Not an error, at least it was written as Duanhun (broken soul) powder and not Duanchang. Note: lmao, omg, I had such a hard time understanding that, on the internet, you can find “You’re like my advanced math book” which means ‘you make me sleepy’ but in this chapter, the author just used “you’re my advanced mathematics”, I was like urgh I don’t want to translate anymore, I have no fcking idea what that means.
I went on Douyin, then Weibo, and finally saw a post “You’re like advanced mathematics, I won’t fail in advanced mathematics.” 挂 can means fail/to die/to be done and I finally got it. Teacher/master is a respectful way to address actors/actresses, especially if they are seniors.  Take advantage of him 大大 [dàdà] is literally “big big/great” but it is an internet slang, like “great author” but shortened to just “dada” 

As I have stated before, I have tenosynovitis, I went to the doctor and they gave me a splint but it still hurts although it’s been two months so I told them to send me to the physical therapist to see if he can do something, I had a first session with him and he said to wear the splint only if it really hurts and we’re doing exercises.
Hopefully, it will heal quickly but yeah, it’s one of the reasons I haven’t been able to update as often as before.
Thank you for your understanding!

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