Second Run, Nightmare

“ARGHH!?…….Ah, a, a dream?”

A large army attacked and the territory was destroyed.

Although it felt so real to him, the place he found himself in after jumping up from his sleep was his own bedroom.

“…..Haah, what a foreboding dream.”

While placing his hand on his forehead, Klein gets up and sighs.

Perhaps fatigue has finally caught up to him from 4 years of pushing himself to govern the territory after he succeeded his father at the age of 14.

He must have been pretty tired to see that kind of dream.

While he was stretching and thinking about such a thing, he soon felt discomfort from his surroundings.

“… Something looks off.”

What’s looking off?

When he swept his eyes around the room to find the sources of his discomfort, the first thing he noticed was the placement of the furniture.

Their arrangement was different from before.

There’s an office desk that should have been replaced a few years ago inside his room.

“…….did I buy another of the same design?

Even while he’s still drowsy, he doesn’t remember rearranging his room.

He doesn’t remember buying new furniture either.

Moreover, when he tried to trace his memory, his head was filled with the scene of slaughter that felt all too real.

Recalling such a thing, he was assaulted by a slight headache and nausea.

“Ugh, just by remembering it…….still, it was just a bad dream so my body is alright.”

To try thinking about something else, Klein focuses his mind on detecting the other sources of his discomfort.

The next thing he noticed was that his body is strangely lighter.

The stiffness in his shoulders which stemmed from his daily desk work has disappeared like it was never there in the first place.

“I guess I’ve gotten healthier from my daily workout routine in the field huh.
Well, it’s a good thing.”

When he tried to get out of bed while muttering such a thing.

Klein finally found the biggest source of his discomfort.

Rather than saying that he found it, it’s the very scene he’s looking at right now.

It’s pretty obvious when he stands up.

His line of sight was about one head lower than what he was accustomed to.

“Eh, Oi, Oi, wait a minute…….”

When Klein looks at his legs, he feels like they are a little shorter than he remembers them.

He hurriedly took a look at himself in the mirror and what he saw reflecting on it was unbelievable.

“Is, isn’t this me when I was a child!?”

He’s not exactly a child but——from his appearance, it looks like he’s around 14 – 15 years old.

He suddenly had a growth spurt when he hit 16 so compared to yesterday…….his field of view is certainly lower.

When he looks around the room after realizing that he has become younger, he noticed that the furniture layout of his room was certainly like this until a few years ago.

“Wh, what the hell is going on!?”

“Klein-sama, is there something wrong!?”

The door was knocked on and his maid, Marie, jumped into the room before Klein answered.

She has come to give her lord the wake-up call as usual but her lord is behaving strangely while having a bewildered expression on his face.

“Eh, ah, yeah.
No, it’s nothing.”

“Is that so? Then I’m relieved……..”

When Klein looked back at Marie, the image of her being killed by someone inside his dream overlapped—–but that was

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