Eleventh Run, Head over Heels


Once again, Klein woke up screaming in his bed.

Before he entered these loops, at least the past 3 years for him were peaceful.

“Ahh, damn it…..compared to a prince who has you killed the moment you even get one answer wrong, I feel like Marquis Laguna is still a little better.”

In three years, when the Laguna house started expanding their territory, it might be better if he curry favor with the Marquis.
Such an idea came to him but,

If you look at Marquis Laguna’s bearish attitude, it’s highly likely that Klein will still be killed or used as a disposable pawn even if he stoops down to lick the Marquis’s shoe.

With that being the case, Klein dismissed that option.

“Gununu…..but I have died a dozen deaths already.
I will definitely grab myself a happy future.”

Above all, if he chooses the path of submission, all his deaths and effort so far would be wasted.

That’s why Klein no longer considers such an option anymore.

Like a glutton who wants to eat everything at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Like a gambler that will not quit even if he’s down to his last penny.

His reward must be worth the pain that he has endured so far.

“Alright, alright, clearing the room eh……wait, damn.
I forgot the exact location of the silver deposit already.
I don’t recall the details of some of the policies I was planning to enact either.”

At the proposal contest, he counted 16 plans that seem usable to him.

However, when he tried writing them down on the note at his bedside, he could only recall ten.
Moreover, most of them are just general ideas and the details of some of them are only doubtful at best.

Klein wondered if he has such a bad memory but since he has been repeating some shocking experiences, forgetting some seems unavoidable.

Giving up, Klein shook his head.

“There’s no way around it if I already forgot.
Maybe I should hold another proposal contest—–no, wait a minute.
If the First Prince dispatched one of his confidants to my place then they should be able to guide me to the correct answer if I come up with the rough idea right.”

‘That’s what I’m thinking, what do you think about it?’

If he raise such a question then perhaps they would help make his plans come to a realization.

After all, things have been going well for him at least to the point where the palace promised him that they would dispatch some talented personnel to his territory.
All he needs to do is to curry favor with the First Prince and guide things in that direction.

“That’s right.
His criteria may be strict but……from His Highness’s point of view, I should be quite a valuable asset.”

He has no deep connection with the other great houses and his opinion about Marquis Laguna is pretty low.

Moreover, from the fact that Klein just discovered a silver deposit which is now an essential resource, it’s clear that his house will exponentially grow in power from now on.

Not only does he have no suspicious connections, but he also has potential.

The prince probably wants him on his side if possible.

That’s why he will surely send someone he trusted to forge a friendly relationship with him in the guise of a training officer.

Considering his attitude up to now, it wouldn’t be strange to say that it is his goal to do that.

Klein concluded with a nasty smile.

“Then this will be easy.
Kukuku……just you watch.
I will make The First Prince fall head over heels for me.”


Perhaps it’s just his luck.

Marie walked into the room the moment he said that line out loud.

“Ah, Umm.”

“I, I didn’t hear anything.”

She either came in without waiting for his reply after she knocked or she didn’t knock at all before entering the room.

Either way, he can’t go back in time and educate her since he can only come back to today.

While thinking that he has to be more careful not to do anything weird each time he comes back, he knows instinctively that he has to do something about her misunderstanding or it will be terrible for him later.

——I’m not into men.

Thinking so, Klein calmly stood up from his bed.



He chased after Marie who is unexpectedly a fast runner around the mansion for about 4 minutes.

In the end, the Head Butler caught them both and they received another sermon from him.

The Third Conversation with the First Prince.

While loosely basing his answers on the ones from his previous life, he once again arrived at the turning point.

“Then, what about House Laguna?”

The house that was responsible for Klein being stuck in these ridiculous loops.

The family that can be said to be the source of all his suffering.

“I would like to express my honest thoughts but…….before that, can we have some privacy?”

“Privacy, huh.”

Of course, he has qualms with the Laguna house.

Moreover, it’s clear that the First Prince has his own opinions about them as well.

However, since Klein knows that he would be killed if he gives his answer immediately, he insists on being cautious.

I think that the people here are the knights and maids that are loyal to Your Highness but—-you can never be too careful after all.”

Better safe than sorry.”

The First Prince gives a signal with his eyes and all but the smiling knight left the room.

She’s Klein’s natural enemy.

She’s the person that Klein wants out of the room the most but now he’s ready to answer the prince.

Thinking so, Klein starts speaking ill of the Laguna house again.

“Even with its prestigious reputation, I think that the Laguna house’s ambition is too transparent.
Even I who is not familiar with the circumstances of the Royal Capital could tell that House Laguna is planning something.
However, when things are so simple like this, it makes me anxious about the future.”

“Hou, what made you so anxious then?”

Looking back on his past conversation with the prince, this kind of reply should still be safe.

If he doesn’t show any carelessness then the prince will surely offer to help him.

Thinking so, Klein decides to continue.

“The Marquis himself did not do anything to prevent the poisoning and took advantage of the turmoil to expand his influence.
Besides, It’s quite easy to see which house benefited the most from the incident.”

“…….Hm, you have a good head on those shoulders.
I guess I can think of you as a well-rounded man.”

He was able to say what he wanted and get recognized by the First Prince.

Thinking that he has completed all the missions he set out to do, Klein enjoyed his tea in satisfaction.

On the other hand, the First Prince looked as though he’s pondering something before he opened his mouth again.

“So, what do you think Marquis Laguna will do in the future?”

This time, instead of having his knight kill Klein immediately, he posted another question.

“I believe that their ambition will not stop at this.
Using underhand means……I think that he will pull the strings so that it will lead to a second and even a third incident like this one.
His next target, I highly believe, will be the east.”

“Good guesswork.
I think that your view is probably correct.”

A short time passed with nothing happening.

Eventually, the prince quietly placed his cup back on the saucer and casually said,

“Klein von Asgard.
I have been waiting for a man like you.”

Hearing those words, Klein tried his best not to immediately spring up into a guts pose.

He managed to maintain his poker face for now.

Most people around me haven’t turned their eyes to the future.
With Your Highness keeping your watchful eyes in the capital, even someone lowly like me can rest assured.”

However, unable to endure his loosening cheeks, Klein decided to smile.

On the other hand, the prince has a bitter expression on his face.

“Don’t try to flatter me.
My father hasn’t done anything against Marquis Laguna’s plot at all.
As each day passed, more and more people who are loyal to the country kept disappearing.
You can see the sorry state we are in now.”

The prince, who’s at his wit’s end on how to stop the Marquis, sips his tea with a frown.

The smiling knight on the other hand still has a gentle smile on her face.

“From now on, things will only get more complicated.
You might even get targeted by the Laguna house.
If you want out now then it’s time to do so you know? ……..You seem like a useful person.
If it’s now, I don’t mind letting you go if you stay neutral.”

Hearing that, Klein wants to say [Yes, neutral please], but he doesn’t think that the prince will really let him go.

That’s why he has no choice but to go all in.

“No, if we leave the Laguna house alone, they will eventually bring ruin to all of us.
I think that there is no better time to come up with countermeasures than this.”

Their conversation paused a little there.

This time he didn’t feel any murderous intent nor a strange presence approaching him.

“……there’s no stopping that mouth of yours huh.
Well, whatever.”

Despite the prince’s abusive language, Klein can see a small smile at the corner of his mouth.

It appears that he’s in a good mood, Klein thought.

After overcoming the great turning point, Klein was glad that he managed to move on.

TLN: He survived!!!


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