Eleventh Run, Secretary and Stomach Medicine

Entering summer, the new silver mine is finally in full operation.

With the flow of miners and immigrants, various companies are opening their business inside the territory as well.

Klein’s territory had been known as the transportation hub that connected the center of the kingdom to its eastern region but it is now becoming known as a mining town.

The territory development is going well and it is quite hectic here in the Asgard territory.

With the expansion of the city, the traffic of the merchants has become more active and today, a representative of a company that has been conducting business intimately with Klein has come to visit him.

“Oh, you came, Trek.”

“Hahaha, it’s been a while, My Lord.”

The person currently in front of Klein is Trek Thrud.

The head of the Thrud company which was the first to be crushed by Marquis Laguna in his original timeline.

“So, what are you going to sell me this time?”

“I have our catalog right here.
Please take a look.”

He is a thin and affectionate man who has been on friendly terms with Klein and they get along so well that Klein decided to ask for him every time.

“Also, I have brought the people who are seeking new employment from the capital and the officials dispatched by the Royal Palace on this trip as well.”

I thought that it should be about time for them to come too.”

Due to the rapid development, the inns couldn’t get built in time and the majority of the miners are sleeping in temporary housing.

With the sudden increase in population, public security was in decline and Klein has been spending his day working on various problems alone for a while now.

—-if things keep going like this, he will definitely die from overwork.

Since his sleeping time is getting shorter and shorter by the day, Klein was seriously worried that he would die from fatigue.

However, the officials from the Royal Palace have finally arrived.

Since the expansion is still showing no sign of slowing down, Klein is truly pleased with their arrival.

“Alright, let’s divide the new workers into immigrants and migrants…….Eh? This number, it’s way more than the initial report right.”

The list of arriving workers and dispatched officials.

The list of building materials and clothing.

After he took a quick look at them, Klein turned to look at Trek with a puzzled expression.

“Since you have the full support of the Royal Family, it was easy to move people around.
New workers and more materials should keep flowing into your territory, My Lord.”

“Still, don’t you think that this is too much?”

The territory is experiencing a shortage of supplies so he has been working hard to keep the distribution of goods uninterrupted.

At the moment, some companies are giving priority to the Asgard territory due to the First Prince’s referral so they can still manage somehow though.

“Hey, Trek.
Has the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to pay you for all this ever crossed your mind?”

Even after excluding this delivery, the territory has already brought in a large number of supplies.
That’s why Klein’s wondering why Trek believes that he would be able to pay for such a large transaction every time.

Trek replied with a grin.

“It was rumored that the Asgard house has been saving up funds for generations after all.
If I can make you cough up that money, I thought that you would be able to pay for it all, you see.”

“As always, you don’t mince your words huh……”

Klein couldn’t help but smile at Trek’s frankness.

However, the Asgard house has indeed been saving up for over 200 years.

Moreover, with the profit from the already operating silver mine, they are not going into any big deficit either.

That’s why Klein’s intention was to buy as much supply as he can for the time being.

On another note, since Trek knows that Klein dislikes stiff conversation, he has relaxed his manner of speech a little.

While thinking that he is truly a merchant that conducts his business with his customer in mind, Klein checks the list of the dispatched officials again.

“Leaving the increasing immigrants and supplies aside, they also dispatched more officials than I requested huh.”

“Yes, it seems that they are the people His Highness the First Prince personally recommended.”

He can not appoint just anyone to take care of domestic affairs or take command of the fieldwork.
If he can get more people he can trust with the work then he couldn’t be happier.

However, as he looked at the list of the officials the palace dispatched, more and more names that he did not recognize increased.


As a part of his alliance with the prince, he has a secret agreement with the First Prince to welcome the people in the prince’s circle to his territory to deepen their relationship.

Klein personally doesn’t mind if he can get more talented officials and military officers but…

“Brynhildr von Sigrun…….position….personal aide?”

Looking at the list of additional personnel, the one that caught his eyes the most was the name and position of the person at the end of the list.

After all, officials aside, he was not planning to recruit any secretary for himself.

“Klein-sama doesn’t have a personal aide after all.
I believe that they simply want to lend someone to you until you can find a person who can fill the position.”

“…….Certainly, I do have a lot of work these days.”

Human resources, supplies, and funds are flooding into his territory.

That’s why Klein has been busy every day managing them all.

He has to approve of each and every project before it can start and there’s also the rift between the newly arrived immigrants and locals to worry about.

Unlike the capital, his territory has no judges so Klein has to see to every dispute they have.

Not to mention that the number of vassals that can lessen his work is originally small in the first place.

“A secretary huh.
Yeah, I think that’s just what I need.”

“From what I heard, it appears that she is a very capable person who can take care of any work.”

“That sounds reliable.”

The profit from the silver mine was presented to the Royal Family in order to gain their support and for them to act as a deterrent against Marquis Laguna.

The human resource was only an afterthought.

However, when he thinks about it now, recruiting personnel through the Royal Palace was certainly a correct choice.

“Well, leaving aside who I will pick as my to-be aide, I’m glad that I can relegate my work for the time being.”

“As always, it seems you have it hard……….Also, I heard that the additional officials on the list should arrive here soon.”

With his worry that he might die from overwork, more help is good news for Klein.

A little later, the additional personnel arrived via carriages.

Some of them hold the same viscount rank as Klein but since they are going to act as his officials, they properly give him a formal greeting.

After their greeting, they start stating their names in order.

Then, when he saw the name Brynhildr next on the list.

A woman with silky blonde hair took a step forward.


“Brynhildr von Sigrun.
At your service, Your Excellency.”

“S, S, S, S, S-!?”


Klein almost shouted that out loud but he did his best to hold it in.

Klein’s natural enemy.
The knight of the First Prince who was responsible for 7 of his past 10 deaths.

The woman who holds the world record for the number of times she murdered Klein von Asgard.

Brynhildr von Sigrun.

With no idea of what was going on in Klein’s mind, the beautiful female knight looked at his strange attitude in puzzlement with her gentle eyes.


“S-, S-, Splendid, the Royal Palace has truly lived up to the reputation! T, To think that I would be able to welcome so many talented personnel into my territory! I’m impressed, yes, truly splendid!”

If he has to be honest, he’d like to send back the smiling knight right this instance.

However, he guessed that she must have been assigned here as his escort, secretary, as well as an observer, Klein gave up the idea.

He then averts his eyes from Brynhildr and looks back at Trek who’s standing behind him.

“…..hey, Trek.
Your place is selling medicines too right?”

We have everything from medication for incurable disease to stimulants.”

The moment he shows any sign of suspicious movement or incompetency, the secretary standing behind him right now will surely not hesitate to part his head from his body.

From today forth, he will always have a beautiful grim reaper by his side.

Klein thought that he’s going to die from overworking but now he can only see the future where he dies from stress-induced stomach pain or sudden decapitation.

“…….then from next time onward, bring me some stomach medicine each time you visit me.
Make it a regular delivery okay.”

“Uhh, understood.
I will prepare it.”

In any case, the Asgard territory continues to grow at a rapid and steady rate.

Moreover, Klein has gathered talented officials and increased both his military and financial strength.

Everything seemed to be heading in the right direction.

TLN: Next chapter will be either tomorrow or Monday……my rough drafts are really crude these days so editing is quite a pain lol

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