Twelfth Run, Abnormality


Klein was confused as he woke up in the morning.

The gifts he received from the merchants and placed in his bedroom have all vanished.

“Ah, Eh? Don’t tell me.”

At yesterday’s meeting, he received various gifts from the merchants as proof of their friendship.

Since the lofty paintings and vases with distinctive designs should stand out too much in his plain bedroom, Klein was wondering about the possibility that someone might have moved them somewhere else.

Even with that being the case, it’s too strange that he can’t spot any at all in his room.

The vase he recently placed at his bedside also disappeared.

“Ha? Wait? Did I die!?”

Klein starts considering the possibility that someone may have killed him in his sleep and thinks back on what he can remember before he went to bed.

“I came back to my room after dinner then I had a stomach ache so I took some stomach medicine—-”

Such a possibility came to his mind.

At least he shouldn’t have been assaulted while he was asleep.

This confidence came from the many deaths from assassinations.
He still remembered being attacked in his bed and was instantly killed by the smiling knight, Brynhildr.

Each time, he always recalled a faint memory of the last few seconds of his life.

Even if it is a blow that delivers an instant death, he felt that he should be able to feel that brief moment where his consciousness disappears.
Such is his experience.

“In the first place, I would always start shouting the moment I woke up after I got killed………’s unlikely that I wouldn’t feel anything even if Brynhildr erased her presence before assassinating me.”

The lack of memory after he fell asleep means that he never woke up after he went to bed.

Thinking so, Klein thinks of the most likely cause of death.

“In terms of timing…….it would be the stomach medicine huh.”

There were not that many times that Klein ate something yesterday.
He has his usual meal for breakfast, lunch with the merchants’ representatives, and his usual dinner.

The only extra thing was the stomach medicine he received from Trek.

“Even if it’s poison, it’s too early to assume that it was the stomach medicine.
It’s possible that someone might slip something into the food at lunch too.”

In the first place, he only took Trek’s stomach medicine yesterday because he felt sick after eating too much.

It is possible that they might mix something strange into his lunch so that it makes him take the stomach medicine later but it is still entirely possible that the lunch itself was mixed with some delayed poison.

Still, Trek should have no reason to poison Klein.

“……well, whatever, everything was going well, I will not be defeated by this.”

No matter who the culprit was or how they got to him, Klein always has the way to reach the correct answer.

For example, it might delay things a bit but he can reduce the number of representatives at the meeting by one or two to limit the number of suspects.

In case he survived the day when he did not meet with someone specific then there’s a possibility that the person that was not invited by him will be the culprit.

“That’s right…..Fufu, I don’t know who did it but I will find them sooner or later.”

The only abnormality he felt in his body back then was only the stomach ache.

If he attends that meeting again then he will definitely be able to narrow down the possible culprits.

In case he doesn’t die from his meal at the meeting then all he needs is to see if he will die from taking Trek’s medicine.
If he does then it’s confirmed that Trek is the culprit.

“Either way, there’s no possibility that I will lose.”

Thinking so, Klein stood up.

He will have to suffer the fate of dying repeatedly after a few days of returning from his death but he did survive for 4 months last time.

“That’s right, the future is in my hands.
Fu, Fufufu, FuHaHaHaHa!!”

“Kl……..excuse me.”


Klein, who was laughing in a good mood, turned his gaze to the door to his bedroom.
There, he found Marie who probably came to wake him up turning her heels and about to leave.

After calmly thinking back on his actions——–

—–he truly appeared like a madman.

A man who suddenly stands up on top of his bed and starts proclaiming that [The Future is in My Hands] while loudly laughing alone.

No matter how anyone looks, he’s clearly a madman.

“Klein-sama has gone mad!!!!”

“Wait, Marie! You got it wrong!……I was just, anyway, YOU GOT IT WRONG!!”

Klein himself doesn’t know what Marie got wrong.

Still, Marie did not stop running.

In the end, the two were caught by the head butler and once again subjected to his sermon.

“What are you doing so early in the morning, Your Excellency?”

“Well, I was—eh? HIEIE!?”

Klein, who was made to sit Seiza style in the hallway by his butler, turned to look in the direction of the voice.

His smiling goddess of death, the woman who is both his escort and secretary, Brynhildr von Sigrun was there.

He jumped up in surprise but due to the numbness from sitting in Seiza for too long, he staggered and fell to his back.


Accidentally, his head smashed into the corner of the table behind him——and passed away.




“Wait wait wait wait wait wait, what the hell!”

Klein wakes up with a scream.

He was in a panic now.

“Marie! Marie, are you there!”

“Eh? Is, is there something wrong, Klein-sama?”

“What da—— no, bring me today’s newspaper.”

Marie will probably answer him if he asks her what day it is today but he decided against it since it might affect her in the future.

That’s why Klein asked her for the newspaper that should be able to tell him the same thing.

“Oh, Year 500, August 1st…..?”


“Ah, Marie.
You can leave me now.”

After seeing off his maid who looked at him in confusion, Klein held his head.

Until now, he has always returned to the start of April of the Year 500.
However, this time he came back to August 1st.

“L, Let’s see.
Is it because I said that I don’t want to redo everything again?”

He did wish for that a couple of days before his death.

However, if that’s the case then it will be a big problem.

Thinking so, Klein’s face turned pale.

If there is something that could lead him to checkmate in the actions he took so far then it would all be over for him.

For example, it would be easier for him to know what he did wrong if he started from the first move he did after starting over.

Suppose that the starting point was him sending a messenger to the capital to inform them that [He found a silver mine].

‘Find the silver mine was so troublesome and the formality is such a pain.
Man, next time if I have to start over, I want to at least start where the formality is over.’

If he said such a thing and accidentally set that as his return point, the next thing that would happen would be an assassination by Brynhildr.

This is based on the assumption that the First Prince issued an order for his assassination after all the formality was completed.

If that is the case, he would have to restart from the morning of the day the order was issued and he would have to be infinitely assassinated within a few days by the smiling knight with no way to avoid it.

After all, it was already established that if he did not go to the royal palace to conduct the negotiation himself, he would definitely die.

“Is this really okay!? Am I going to survive this!?”

Thus the panic.

So far, he has only managed to find a way to develop his territory while avoiding his death.
He has no idea if the moves he made were the best ones possible.

It is undeniable that he may have made some irreparable mistakes somewhere in the past.

“C, Calm down.
Alright, don’t panic now.
Yes, Klein von Asgard, you are still not checkmated yet…..that’s right! It still hasn’t settled that I can’t go back to April 1st right!”

Nothing would come from giving up.

That’s why Klein decided to be positive.

After all, this is also a chance for him to try something new.

“Ahh, as I thought, it would be half-baked if I start over here.
If there’s next time, starting over from April would be better.”

He said that in monotone.

No feeling can be felt from his words but his desperation and enthusiasm were real.

If he can truly change the date and time of his start over, he would be able to reset to the time immediately before something goes wrong.

If he has to start over from August from now on, he will have to be careful not to say something careless in the future.

If he can freely choose the day of his resurrection then he will gladly make full use of it.

He still doesn’t know what it is he is dealing with here but for now, he decided to act with that premise.

“…….or maybe, if more time passed, the narrower my range of starting over will become huh.
No, I need to stop overthinking this.”

In the first place, he doesn’t even know how he can repeat his days like this.

While having vague anxiety about this whole situation, Klein decided to press on.

“Well, there’s no use even if I try thinking about it.
What I have to do first is find a way to avoid being poisoned, yes.”

Saying so, he opened the curtain and began to think of a way to survive.

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