Thirteenth Run, If I have to start over, let it be from April

“Greetings, it’s been a while since the last time we met gentlemen.”

Klein greeted the gathered representatives.

The people gathered here are the presidents of major companies that conduct businesses in the Royal Capital, the kind of people that Klein wouldn’t have dreamt of meeting 4 months ago.

——–nothing changed so far but, this time there are currently two vacant seats in front of Klein.

“The boss isn’t here this time huh.
I feel bad having a meeting without him but let us make this meeting as fruitful as possible.”

“My, you don’t have to be so open about it you know.”

Firstly, the man commonly referred to as the Boss, Jan Hermes is absent.

The Hermes company is the largest company in the country and naturally, it is also the most influential company Klein is currently dealing with.

“Saga-san too, I’m sure that he would love to join us here.”

“The economy isn’t exactly good these days after all.”

Another person that is absent from this meeting is Dominique Saga, the president of the Saga company which has the least influence among the gathered merchants.

The Saga company mainly does its business in the east but perhaps due to the slowing economy, it is gradually losing its influence.

The strongest and the weakest.

Klein made his choice to first exclude the two from this meeting.

The pretense that he used on them was that he has a special topic to discuss with them so he will have a private meeting with them later.

Since he wouldn’t be able to make it in time due to today’s meeting, it was decided that he would meet the two of them at his mansion tomorrow at noon.

“Haa……my territory is still a backwater one so it would be nice if you can exercise some restraint though.”

Although the conversation changed a little, Klein does not see it as a problem.

That’s why he decided to use the same words as before.

“You are being too humble, My Lord.
Klein-sama yourself is also rumored to be extremely skilled in the art of conversation you know.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“Personally, I think that Klein-sama has the talent to be a merchant.”

Hearing them flattering him like this is certainly uplifting but knowing that the assassin might be among them, the joy he felt from their compliments was halved.

After all, there is certainly someone who would flatter him to no end before mercilessly poisoning him to death among these merchants.

In the case of the Smiling Knight though, since all he felt from her when she took his life was pure goodwill, the fear he felt far outweighs the anger from being murdered.

Leaving that aside.

“Is that so.
I’m glad you think so highly of me.

Klein only felt angry at the merchants—–at the would-be assassin who is secretly plotting to betray him.

Since he doesn’t know who it is yet, Klein decided to proceed cautiously.

While keeping the conversation the same as much as possible, he also plans to make some adjustments.

“Now then, the Thrud Company has delivered the last of the mining equipment from the former royal silver mine the other day.
Since we now have more equipment, I am thinking of opening another mine up for business.”

Before he brought the topic up last time, it seemed that they already had adjusted their investment.

The companies gathered here today are supposed to jointly invest in the territory and Klein would sign the documents they prepared.
That should be how things go.

“May I ask, how big of a mine we are talking about?”

“About the same as the previous two.”

Klein already knew of what would happen since he lived through it before but he intends to act nonchalant about it and keep the conversation the same as possible.

“The exports are going well but it seems that territory itself is still relatively empty-pocketed.
That’s why, just like last time, I’d like you gentlemen to invest more into developing my territory.”

Last time, the president of the Hermes company was the one who brought up the investment ratio adjustment.

However, this time he is absent.

When Klein was watching the situation to see how it unfolds,

“I thought that this might happen so we’ve actually already discussed the investment ratio adjustment with the Boss before we came here.”

“You’ve already predicted this huh.”

“The development of the silver mine is essential for us after all.
I’ve memorized the outline of what we discussed earlier so please allow me to write it down for you.”

This time, Trek came forward instead and wrote down the amount of money each company would invest in the territory.

Even though it was on the verge of collapsing, since the Thrud company is also a long-established company, this development can be said to be natural.

In the first place, the Thrud company wouldn’t be on the verge of collapsing if not for their competition with the Marquis.

In truth, the Thrud company was quite powerful but it also has a lot of weaknesses.
That must be why Trek was the first target of Marquis Laguna’s hostile takeover.

While Klein was thinking to himself, Trek finished writing down the proposal.

“Please confirm the number, My Lord.”

“…….Right, let’s see.”

When he took a look, the content was the same as what he read last time.

The development up to this point seems to be the same so Klein decided to proceed in the same way as well.

We will go with this.”

“Do you not wish to negotiate the share, My Lord?”

“From what I saw, you’ve already put in a reasonable share for me right.
I’m sure that this will be profitable for all of us so please do work hard for me.”

There is no problem with the investment proposal itself and the talk is easily finished.

Rather, since Klein is more worried about the meal that will be served after this, he’s steeling himself for it.

“As expected of Klein-sama.
You surely are bold.”

“Perhaps you can make such a decision so easily because of how young you are?”

“Well, you can rest assured that you are not dealing with a short-sighted second-rate lord here.”

“Haha, that certainly sounds reassuring.”

Klein is now in a position that can give and take away major privileges.
That’s why he is no stranger to conspiring, bribery, or back-door deals.

Still, he remains within the extent that is permitted by common business practice and never touches anything illegal.

——–needless to say that he would never resort to assassination.

While determined to find the culprit, Klein put up a smile.

“Come to think of it, I’ve recently obtained a good painting.
I think that it will suit your mansion very well, My Lord.”

“If that’s the case then please take this pottery from our company as well.
It’s one of the masterpieces that was made in the north.”

“Sure, I will gladly accept then.”

The gifts are the same as last time.

Since each of them brought their own trade goods, it’s unlikely that they would change that.

In the end, after clearing the room, the food and alcohol were brought in.

“…..Well, anything to survive.”

Klein decided to repeat what he did last time and drank the alcohol poured into the wooden cup in one go.

Recently, the quality of goods that are circulating within his territory is increasing and the taste of alcohol and food inside his territory has improved a lot.

Still, they might be poisoned.

With that in mind, they merrily proceeded with the business negotiations.

That night.

“Mm, my stomach is acting up.”

“Are you okay? Klein-sama.”

“Yeah, the food was so delicious so I think I may have eaten a little too much.
I’m going to turn in a little early today, you can leave me, Marie.”

“If you feel worse please call for me okay?”

Klein grumbles as he sees Marie.

Klein decides to see what happens if he does not take the stomach medicine he received from Trek at lunch.

“I hope that it’s just a normal stomach ache but…….ahh, if I have to start over, please let it be from April.”

Last time, Klein wished to go back to the time he got something done.

However, this time he stated his wish to return to April before climbing into his bed.

——and just like that, he entered an eternal slumber.



Kingdom Calendar Year 500, August 22nd.

The history of House Asgard came to an end due to the family head’s sudden illness.

The Asgard territory will later be transferred to be under the Royal Family’s direct control.


TLN: Yup, another death back to back.

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