Twenty Fifth Run, the Various Possibilities

“Aren’t you supposed to be my subordinate!!”

After planning to cross the line, he immediately failed in his all-or-nothing raid on the Hermes company.

Klein, who lost his life even before he could infiltrate the building, is lamenting over the unreasonableness of his death.

It appears that he is under strict observation.

Certainly, while Brynhildr was dispatched here to assist him, she is also here to observe him.

Klein writhed in his bed at the absurdity of being so easily killed by his own subordinate.


He’s now in a bridge position with his neck as the base and moaned to himself for 3 minutes straight.

“Oi, Oi, Oi, just what the hell is this! Did she follow me all the way there? Did I look that suspicious to her!?”

Scared, Klein carefully observed his surroundings.

After all, he couldn’t feel her presence at all up until the moment he was cut.

That’s not all, even if his action seemed suspicious, she killed him with no question asked instead of stopping or cautioning him.

“Dressing in black and lurking in the back alley certainly made me look suspicious but killing me right off was just too much wasn’t it! Come on!?”

After the poisoning incident, he was being careful to not say any strange thing or behave out of ordinary in front of Brynhildr.

Although Klein was being as cautious as he possibly could, it still ended with her killing him.

When did she start suspecting him?

Perhaps she has been shadowing him every day?

Was there someone else that was dispatched to keep an eye on him?

Various possibilities came to his mind.

Still, the most striking thing was the choice Brynhildr made.

“Normally the first thing to do in a situation like that would be to ask what I was up to or scold me right? Seriously…….why was her first choice was to kill me?”

The Lord was acting like a thief.

It might be understandable if she attacked him out of shock if she happened to spot him.

However, that would only be the case if she accidentally found him in the middle of the act.

Considering this under the premise that he was being followed and was under strict surveillance, it’s clear that his murder was planned.

Thinking so far, Klein arrived at an unpleasant fact.

“…….Come to think of it, those companies were introduced to me through His Highness right.”

Even with the silver deposit discovered and the promising future of his territory, there’s no way that such major companies would suddenly flock to a backwater viscount with no backing like him.

Klein’s current success was due to the prince’s support.

After all, almost all of the companies gathered here in his territory were those that were introduced by the First Prince.

“This also applied to the dispatched officials but it wouldn’t be strange if a few of them were given some kind of secret order huh.”

In the first place, Klein doesn’t know them that well.

When he thinks about the ones that he personally forged a relationship with, there’s only Trek’s Thrud company that came to his mind.

Naturally, a major company like the Hermes company would have some political ties with the nobles.

However, he has no clue as to which company has a relationship with which noble or what kind of relationship they have with each other.

“So, in the worst case, every single one of them could be in collusion huh.”

Together with the First Prince, they might be planning to take over his territory.

Considering this, some of the merchants might have been given a secret order by him.

It is also possible that Hermes was acting on his own secret agenda.

There are a lot of possibilities to consider in this regard as well.

“NUAHHHH! What the hell! Just what is going on!”

He can think of various possibilities but he has no concrete answer.

Judging from the fact that Brynhildr attacked him, it appears that at least Jean Hermes has some kind of connection with the prince.

Even though he can tell that much, he doesn’t know whether he’s correct and he still doesn’t know how to effectively adjust his course of action.

To put it simply, all it added was an additional investigation into Hermes’s background.

It was still a step forward so I did gain something out of it.”

To investigate Hermes, he needs to get away from Brynhildr’s prying eyes.

He already knew that the perpetrator of the poisoning incident was Dominique Saga.

With his previous life, he managed to confirm these two points.

Then, there’s the thing that he failed to find out.

His goal this time is to investigate who and what kind of motive led to the poisoning incident.

Fortunately, he did say [Ahh, I want to start over 3 days before the poisoning] beforehand so his restart time is relatively close.

Until his last life, it was a hassle selecting the attendees for the meeting and identifying which dish contained poison but this time he has a clear course of action.

Even if he goes about it casually, he should be able to arrive at the moment before his infiltration with no problem.

Klein calmed himself down using that logic.

“Right…..there’s no use overthinking this.
First is Brynhildr, I need to find an appropriat—-”

“Do you need something from me? Your Excellency.”

“Eh, HIEE!?”

Before he noticed, Brynhildr was already standing at the entrance of his room.
In the dim light before sunrise, her appearance looked almost like a ghost.

Even though she’s a beautiful person, her murderous tendency made her stand out even more in this atmosphere.

Being given a wake-up call by his natural enemy, Klein’s already panicked.

As though he’s in sleep paralysis, his body stiffened while his mouth kept fluttering.

“…….do you feel unwell?”

“N, No, it’s nothing.”

Why did Brynhildr come here to wake him up instead of Marie?

When she saw that question from Klein’s confused expression, Brynhildr answered with a smile.

“My ears are quite excellent, Your Excellency.”

The door to his room was half open and she heard her name being mentioned when she was talking nearby so she came in.
That’s what she claimed.

Certainly, it’s usually the time where Marie dashes away from him.

Perhaps because he was in deep thought so he didn’t notice her running away this time.

“I, I see.
It can’t be helped if you already know.
Actually, I was planning to give something local as a gift to His Highness the next time I visit him.
Do you have any suggestions?”

Guessing that Brynhildr and Marie must have missed each other, Klein tried to trick her.

“My suggestion?”

I want to hear your opinion on what my territory’s specialties that His Highness might like.”

“I see.”

He managed to deceive her for now.
It seems that she did not overhear the content of his rambling when he was writhing in his bed.

Moreover, her implying that his words can be [Overheard at any time] sounds very much like a threat to him.

Knowing that he can not let his guard down even in his own room, Klein reached for his stomach medicine.

TLN: We have like 10 chapters on his 25th life so brace yourselves.

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