“Thank you for coming, Klein-sama.”

Two days after he had contacted Trek that “He wanted to have a meeting with him before the meeting,” Klein visited the main office of the Suluz Trading Company in the Asgard Territory.

“You look busy, but I’m glad to see that you’re making a profit.”

“Well, a poor man has no time for leisure.”

Today is the day before the poisoning.

Trek received a letter asking for a convenient day and suggested a day when his entire afternoon schedule was free.

The secret meeting took place, albeit with a bit of a wait.

Most merchants would say, 『The relationship with the nobles is a priority!』

The fact that he keeps his promises to his business partners was another reason why Klein liked him so much.

But aside from that, what they were going to talk about is important.

Since he couldn’t make a bad move, Klein brought his thoughts back to reality.

“I have something important to tell you.
First, I need some privacy.”

“Important? I understand.
Please come in here.”

He went upstairs to a room at the end of the second floor of the reasonably large store.

After tea was brewed, the room was reserved for Klein and Trek, who sat down on an expensive-looking sofa.

“So what did you want to talk about?’

“I want to know more about the Saga and Hermes Companies.”

“If my little knowledge will be any help to you, I will tell you all the knowledge I have.”

The things that came out of Trek’s mouth were all the things that Klein also knew.

The Saga Company is in financial trouble.

The Hermes Company is the largest trading company in the Royal Capital.

It was all common knowledge.

Klein was listening to him just to check his basic knowledge.

After listening to the story for about ten minutes, he finally cut to the chase.

“In the public’s mind, what I just heard is probably all there is to it.
I’d like to hear more of the merchant’s inside story.”

“And by that, you mean?”

“Like, which nobles are they connected to? What kind of people are backing them?”

Using the merchant association’s gathering as a foothold, they probably wanted to establish connections with other nobles.

It was nothing to hide, so he said it casually.

“The Saga Company has the backing of the count to the east.
The Hermes Company is on good terms with many different houses, but recently they have been doing a lot of business with the Northern Marquis”

The Count of the East is the Count Vanaur, and the Marquis Laguna is the Marquis of the North.

In other words, the Saga Company has a deep relationship with Count Lolicon

The Hermes Company seems to have deepened its ties with my bitter enemy, Marquise of Laguna.

And Klein, having processed the information in his mind stopped moving.

“Uh, ah.
Yeah, I see.”

After a few seconds, he gave Trek a tremendously awkward reply.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“It’s nothing, go on.”

Klein was taken aback by the casual remark.

Trek, who said it casually, was taken aback.

After that, anecdotes about various houses came up, and Klein was no longer in the mood to hear more.

To the first prince and Brynhilde they only killed a small feudal lord.

Klein was in the way politically, so he had his head replaced.
That’s all that can be said.

But the Eastern Count and Northern Marquis are different.

The Northern Marquis destroyed not only Klein but his entire territory to the ground because he was engaged to the girl he was after

Marquis Laguna burned down the city and killed all the people for the reason that “the Asgard Territory is in the way on the enclaves.”

Now it’s a turbulent time and everyone is a dangerous person.

Even the mere fact that they were involved with these two troublesome people was enough to raise Klein’s alertness to the max.

The fact that the Companies, with such a background, had even attempted to assassinate him made it all the more important to keep his guard up.

“So that’s how it is.

The reason why Brynhilde came to kill Klein, who was trying to sneak into the Hermes Trading Company, also became somewhat clear.

In the future world, Marquis Laguna had a lot of black rumors that he was involved in drugs and illegal slave trading.

What if there was a major trading company that was on good terms with such a marquis?

A little poking around would have revealed one, two, three, or even four shady dealings.

If Klein were to unintentionally intrude into the Hermes Company, the evidence of the black market dealings of House Laguna would be erased quickly.

Once he was alerted, there would probably be no next time.

From the first prince’s point of view, his move here would have a big influence on his future.

On one hand, the influence he could gain by having Klein as an ally.

On the other hand, the opportunity to attack Marquis Laguna would be lost by Klein’s action.

When weighing these two, he decided that the disadvantage outweighed the advantages.

That was why Brynhilde murdered me.

Everything was neatly connected.

No, the fact that they were connected made Klein feel cornered.

“Ahh, I see.”

“…… A-are you all right?”

I’m sorry I had to schedule a meeting so suddenly.
I’ll leave you alone today-.”

As soon as Klein stood up, Trek quickly grabbed Klein’s arm.


“Klein-sama, the reason why your complexion turned pale was right after you heard about the connections of the companies, wasn’t it?

“Eh, ah, no, …….”

“You don’t have to hide it, I understand that something is going to happen.”

Trek let go of my hand and then bowed deeply.

“If it weren’t for Klein-sama, my company would have been smashed to the ground, and my employees would be on the streets.”


“If you have anything, feel free to get me involved.”


In the future, the company easily collapsed and taken over by Marquis Laguna.

If I recall correctly, their new business rights crashed and then a comeback was slim.

Klein who knew that the Suluz  Company was in a precarious situation, invited them immediately via the first prince – and as a result, they were restored to power in just a few months.

The original ransom was so large that they easily overtook the Saga Company.

“I owe them a debt of gratitude for saving my company, which is the most important thing next to my life.
If there is any trouble, I will make a move.”

The trading company, which would have fallen if he had done nothing, was brought back to the forefront again with Klein’s help.

Trek’s eyes were serious as he said this.
Klein could almost see his flames of passion

“You know this is a tough case, right?

Klein was surprised, but Trek didn’t look like he was lying.

“If the task is too easy, I wouldn’t be able to pay back my debt to you.”

“You’re a good guy.”

“I just don’t like having debts.”

He was joking, but right now, he looked like a spoiled child.

He cannot cut off his subordinates.
If a client is in trouble, he wants to help them out.

Such righteousness ideals were Trek Suluz’s weakness.

Just by aiming around him, people could reduce his strength and easily crush him.

That’s why he was easily defeated by the dirty schemes of Marquis Laguna.

On the other hand, I was amazed by such a thing.

This single-mindedness was another reason why Klein liked Trek.

“Once I tell you, there’s no going back.
You understand?”

I can’t talk about my returns to the past, of course.

I can only talk about the facts that are right in front of me right now – and even that is a dangerous bridge to the end of life.

“I’m prepared for that.”

“Ha…… okay, then I’ll tell you everything, but don’t regret it later.”

He lightly nodded as if he was accepting a light favor.


“I’m going to tell you everything so you’re on my side now.
We’re on the same boat now.

“I’m honored.
…… ah, I’m like a vassal of Klein-sama now.”

“Ha, no doubt.”

Thus Klein got a loyal subordinate.

One difference is that he is different from the people of the mansion who have lived in a rustic and simple atmosphere.
The other difference is that Trek, who has lived in the chaotic royal city, can consult with him about behind-the-scenes matters.

While everyone who approached him seemed suspicious, for the first time, someone who seemed trustworthy appeared.

Klein shook Trek’s hand.

The weight in his stomach that he had been feeling all along felt a little lighter.

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