Klein was the young master of a viscount family.


He lived a life without any inconvenience since childhood and has spent his time in a peaceful country town.


He was nothing but a naive young master who has never known the world outside the city.


Even though he himself thought of himself like that, the Hermes Company must be thinking the same thing.


He took over the fiefdom from his father and lived his days in peace.


He has avoided famine by growing northern crops on a whim.


A casual inspection of the mountain yielded silver.


He has been successful in everything he does in his life, including successfully winning the power of the first prince, who was in distress.


He was an ignorant person who has never experienced a setback.


That was Jean Hermes’ assessment of Klein von Aarsgard.


If you sift through his entire career, you would never find anything else.


But in fact, it’s as different as it sounds.


“Don’t fuck with me, you monster old man.”




The innocent people getting slaughtered mercilessly.


They experienced the regret of being slaughtered unilaterally.


The humiliation of being attacked and destroyed unreasonably.


They have been caught up in conspiracies and killed again and again and again.


He has regressed many times.


Even if his opponent is a monster who has ruined many people with the power of money, he will not retreat.


If there is nothing more than being killed, what is there to be afraid of? He was not frightened in the least.


With his right hand pressing Hermes’ head against the table, he moved his face so that his right ear was up.


Klein splashes the tea that was served to his exposed face.


“You say that with your mouth, this tea might be poisoned.”


“Goha! Gobobo!”


The freshly brewed, steaming liquid pours down until the cup is empty.


The heat bouncing off his own hands didn’t bother him as he created burns on Hermes’ face.


When the contents were empty, Klein tossed the cup, and there was a small sound of shattering pottery.


“S-stop …… goha!”


Faced with the sudden violence, Hermes barely held himself up with his right hand


Klein gave a hard kick to his stomach.


“Hey, I told you, didn’t I? You said it yourself, trust is the most important thing for a merchant.”


“W-why does that m-matter?”


“You’ve lost your credibility, there is no mercy for you.”


Klein then drew out the sword from his waist.


Hans and the others are standing near the entrance of the room, without waiting for orders.


This was no threat.


He held out his blade with the intention of cutting him down with his own hands.


“The Hermes Trading Company is a pain in the ass in more ways than one.
After I’m done with you, I should search your place.”


“Don’t play games with me, kid! You can’t control me!”


The voice was filled with a strength that belied his age, causing the guards to shrink back.


Simply put, they were scared by the power of the voice.


But you can’t kill someone with just a voice.
So Klein was totally unfazed.


Afraid of being threatened by loud voices?


That stage has long passed.


As long as I don’t die, it doesn’t matter.


If I die, it doesn’t matter.


And in the face of the uncontrollable rage simmering in his head.


Klein with his sword drawn, was calmly thinking.


Even though this old man was the mastermind – Do I feel that much ill will to him?


Brünnhilde von Siglune, for example, has killed herself many times.


To be honest, she’s not my cup of tea.


But we have come to terms enough to work together.


Dominique Saga has killed me as many times as Brynhilde.


But I have sympathy for his situation and have pondered if there is any way to save his life.


“Thinking about it won’t help.
What is this displeasure?”


There, the man, Jean Hermes, had merely instigated the murder.


It can be said that he was in the same position as the first prince who ordered Brynhilde to kill him.


Do I have that much of a grudge against the first prince? I asked myself.
It’s only to the extent that if I vent the anger on my pillow, it’ll clear my head.


Why am I  thinking about this?


I can reset the situation anyway – I thought about that and lost all self-restraint.


In the short time I had, I had given it a lot of thought, but I had no answer.


“Oh well.
I’ll follow through with my words.
Go fuck yourself, you old bastard.”


“What the hell are you doing! Help me quickly!”


Just as Klein raised his sword – the door swung open violently but noiselessly.


The figure that burst into the room was not that large.


Long golden threads of hair reflect the light, and for a moment, there was a glimmer like a shooting star.


All Crane could follow with his eyes was the silhouette.




When a fierce general marches onto the battlefield, there was a term describing them called “The deserted field.”


It was a term used to describe the way they advance, kicking away the enemy in an instant, as if there were no obstacles in their way.






“K-Klein-sama -Gah.”


There was no more appropriate expression to describe her now.


With her first step, she sliced the nape of the neck.


With her second step, she decapitated the neck.


With her third step, she pierced Hans’ throat as he tried to fight back.


Brynhilde, who was running around and cutting off heads as she went, reached Klein without slowing down at all.


She knocked away Klein’s sword and immediately cut towards his torso.




“I am sorry, my lord.
The kingdom still needs the power of the Hermes Trading Company.”


But she easily slashed Krein while saying that.


She must be somewhat sorry because her eyebrows were a few millimeters lowered.
She may have also felt some compassion for him.



That’s all.


The result was the same as usual.




“- You made me wait, little girl.”


“Sir… Oh, I shouldn’t.
I’ve caused you pain.”


Even at death’s door, Klein calmly considered the situation.


The prince and also Brynhilde.
It seems that they know that the Hermes Trading Company is involved in the assassination – more specifically, that they are connected to Marquis Laguna behind the scenes.


Even if they think they are enemies behind the scenes, they treat them as allies on the surface.


That’s why the Hermes Company complied so easily when asked to come to the Asgard Territory.


I know they are the enemy, yet I don’t have enough power to remove them.


Now is not the time to move.


It is not the time to move.


“It’s all right.
You will feel better soon.”


If the Company, which is so involved in national politics was to disappear, the kingdom, which has lost its power due to the purge of the civil war, will lose even more power.


If that happens, this country may fall so far that it will eventually perish.


Even if he takes over a ruined and battered country, it will be a house of cards that will soon collapse.


The prince probably does not want such a situation.


He noticed that he was on the verge of losing his life, and yet he continued to calculate without a care in the world.


“It’s unfortunate sir.
I’m sure that person wouldn’t have wanted this too.”


It was impossible for me to control my emotions.


The first prince.
He’s always calm and cool-headed to no end and controlling events behind the scenes.
I wonder how he does that?


With these questions in mind, Klein’s consciousness fades away.


August 22, 500th year of the Kingdom.


The history of the Asgard family came to an end with the sudden death of its lord.


Although the territory of Asgard later became under the direct control of the royal family.
In the midst of the upheaval, it was destroyed by Count Vanaut.

Unfortunately, I will be dropping this series at least for now since I’m kinda busy.
If anyone wants to pick this series up feel free to do so.

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