Klein was almost sunk by the unexpected blowback, but on second thought, he remembered that today was three days before the poisoning.


After sending the letter to Trek, he went back to his bedroom sat down in front of his desk, and took out his usual notepad to decide on a course of action this time, based on his previous reflections.


“First, we must get Trek on our side.
We should do the same as last time.”


I wonder if I will be able to reproduce turning pale.


I’ll just put it away as probably not a problem and move on.


“The move to uncover the poisoning is perfect.
The question is, how do we move after that?”


From the information gathered so far, it seems that the First Prince, who was Klein’s boss, knows that the Hermes Trading Company is the enemy and intends to continue using them.


And here is a look back at the previous move.


During the time he was torturing Saga, Hermes had started cutting his losses early.


For example, the situation in the East, or the connection with Marquis Laguna.


The moment he determined that some information would leak out.
Hermes would make his move in one fell swoop, just as he had done last time.


Klein wanted to avoid that.


In other words, the option of detaining and interrogating Saga, who had attempted to poison him, would disappear.


“Should I play the part of the incompetent young master who doesn’t know anything? No.
But if that makes me look really incompetent, I’m afraid that punishments will be waiting for me.”


Let’s say, for example, I pretend to be incompetent after the poison.


“I got caught up in a Saga Company’s conspiracy, but we defeated the enemy! Thank God!”


If he backed down, he would be branded as incompetent and might be erased by his superiors.


Even if he survived this time.
The report from Brynhilde to the prince would surely be written down as a failure.


In other words, the probability of being deadlocked in the next round will increase.


“Let’s see… …….
In other words, after we get Trek on our side, we’ll prevent poisoning but not capture Saga.
What do we do after that?”


Klein would like to get points for preventing the poisoning, but he knew that he couldn’t be that naive.


“What should I do? How can I create an atmosphere where they will know that I know who the true culprit is but I purposely let them go?”


Klein Grwoled at his desk.


Marie soon arrived with a bucket and a rag in her hand.


She quickly finished wiping down the floor, but she was acting weird.


She forgot to knock on the door and she kept glancing at me.


“…… Hey, Marie.”




Marie made a weird sound while trembling.
Her face turned red while fidgeting around.


However, she didn’t make eye contact with him and remained somewhat awkward.


“W-what is it? Did you want to touch my hair that badly, mouu.”


“No, let’s put that aside for a while.”


“Ah …….It’s just for a.w.h.i.l.e right?”


Klein wanted to take advantage of the embarrassed person in front of him.


She was the one who helped Klein out during his hard regressions.


Well, let’s not talk about that.


Having had the experience of finding a way out of Marie’s comments at the time of the silver mine, Klein was hoping that some ideas would come out of it this time as well.


“Hmm, How should I say this?”


Klein tried to come up with some words somehow.


But this was a surprisingly difficult question.


The chairman of the Trading Company and others have been trying to assassinate me, and my underlings have been forced to play a role.


But there is another ringleader and I cannot pursue the case.


If I do, there is a big possibility that I will be involved in an all-out war with my boss, the first prince, and the marquis family.


However, if I don’t signify that I know who the real culprit is, I’ll be putting myself in danger.


If I put the situation in perspective, the relationship is quite complicated.


It’s hard to come up with a similar scenario.


“…… Ah, Marie.
For example, a nobleman was visiting our house.”


“What? Yes?”


“The nobleman’s son was creating trouble around the house, and Hans found out about it.”


If this analogy is correct should fit the bill, but if it’s not I can always create another one.


With that in mind, and with a subtle expression on his face, Klein continued.


“However, the truth is that his parents, the nobles didn’t like me, and they wanted to ruin my reputation, so they ordered their son to do it.”




As for me, I don’t want to get into a dispute with the parents, but I know that my parents are acting in a hostile manner.
Is there any way Hans tells me that he knows about the parents?”


The gist of this analogy is that:


Klein = First Prince.


Hans = Kleinane.


The nobleman who comes to visit the mansion is Hermes, and the child is the Saga.


What an absurd question.


Even though Klein himself thought so, no more words came out


“Klein-sama knows that the parents are the main culprits?”


“Yes, because Hans knows that, too, and if he ends up letting it go, I’ll think that “You couldn’t spot the real culprit, could you?” and my view on him will drop.”


Marie also looked at me strangely.


She had an “I don’t understand the purpose of the question at all” face.


Anyway, her reaction was subtle, but she seemed to have found her own answer right away.


“Well, can’t Hans-san just make a report to Klein-sama?”


“Yeah, that would do.”


When the other party is the Noble – The Trading Company, it was beyond Hans – Klein’s control.


The only left to do is to report to their boss, and leave everything to Klein – The First Prince.


It doesn’t matter if they are nobles or their children.


I’m going to report it to Klein – The FIrst Prince.


“It’s a matter of course, isn’t it?”



“It is a matter of course.”


Klein made a “Why is she asking me this” face.


Marie made a “Why is he asking me this” face.


They look at each other for a moment, remembering the scene in the morning, and immediately look away.


Then, Marie collected the bucket and turned to leave.


 “I-I have to go wipe the windows in the hallway next.”


“Y-yes, that’s right.
Good job.”


In fact, little or nothing had been wiped down Klein’s room.


Anyway, I found a solution to the problem.


“I’ll report it and be done.”


I don’t have to handle everything myself.


The prince must have had some idea when he sent the Hermes Trading Company to the Asgard territory.


If so, I just have to report, “I am aware of the culprit.” 


Then I’ll let Brynhilde take care of the rest.


That was the conclusion he reached.


“That’s right.
If I think about it calmly, I was just caught up in their conflict.”


If this were a conflict of interest in which he was involved, the story would be different.


But this time, it’s different.


This was a political issue that occurred outside of Crane’s control, and he was just the poor guy that got caught in it.


He was not responsible for this.


“Trek was right.
It’s just that there’s now one less business association that will support us.
What the hell was I worried about?”


Was I being too cautious because my reason had collapsed and I was spiraling out of control?


Or was I too much thinking, looking for a surefire way to go peacefully in fear of Brynhilde’s overwhelming fighting power?


I asked myself these questions, but in any case, the answer was simple.


If I wanted to, I could have beaten Hermes thoroughly, but if I did, the conflict would likely escalate.


“I completely missed that.
How should I report it to them?”


In other words, the best solution this time is to stay put until the right time.


Sit back and wait.


That’s the conclusion I came to.


No matter how you look at it, you can see that this is the right thing to do.


But Klein bothered.


“I don’t know why but why does it feel wrong…….”


This should be the right answer, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel right to Crain – he thought about it for a bit.


Then, after about five minutes, he came to a conclusion.


I’ve been looking for the right answer for a long time now.”


Up until now, the choice was the one that wouldn’t kill me.
In other words, I had been choosing the correct answer.


This time, however, if I answer all the questions correctly, I will be rewarded with 0 points.


The highest score is not to get a perfect score.
It’s like the highest score is to stop at 80%.
That’s a strange feeling.


The difference in strength between Marquise Laguna I is about 30 times greater, and it will not be easy to make up for this.


I tried to find a way that was the shortest and best way to develop, with every fiber of my being, in order to survive.


However, suddenly, we have to cut corners.


He was bewildered by being told that 80 points is all he had to do because up until now he had been moving forward looking for a path that would earn him two or three hundred points which were beyond a hundred points.


Guessing that’s the kind of situation he was in, Crane nodded.


“Okay, I’ve got it all sorted out.
I’m convinced.
But it’s not natural for me to suddenly submit a report.
I guess I have to look at the situation first…”


If necessary, I can give them additional information.


How is the saga trading company being treated in the East?


What were the prospects for the Hermes Trading Company if the assassination had succeeded?


It would be okay to give out that much information and try to get extra points for the evaluation.


After making this decision, Klein had a sudden thought.


“It’s never good to be too uptight.
Let’s be a little playful.”


He thought back to his experience before


He had a sweet and sour atmosphere with Marie and he flirted with  Brynhilde.


Thinking to that point, Klein got himself together.


“What’s with flirting with  Brynhilde…….  Oh well, let’s try reporting to her in the style of a mystery novel.”


I wonder if that would make me look sharp and brilliant.


While murmuring to himself, Klein wrote out the script for his deductions of the crime 3 days later.


As a result,  Brynhilde gave him a passing grade.


While clearing the political problems, the development of the territory was progressing rapidly.

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