Second Run, That’s right, Let’s get married

Klein has changed into his formal dress and welcomed his guests along with all of his vassals.

The first action he decided to take is to strengthen his ties with other nearby nobles through marriage.

“Welcome, My Lord.”

“Thank you for the grand welcome, Viscount.”

The person who he asked for the hand in marriage was the daughter of Count Jotunn whose territory was located to the southwest of Klein’s Asgard territory.

Since the family he is welcoming today is one with a higher standing than his, everyone is taking this seriously.

Even Marie, who is usually carefree, seems tense today.

“Since you have taken my sudden offer into consideration, I must express my gratitude, My Lord Count.”

“No, no.
My predecessors have always got along with the Asgard house after all.”

Regarding the Kingdom’s geopolitics, the Kingdom always has at least one marquis/count each governing its northern, southern, eastern, and western regions respectively.

The Count of the South would be called the Southern Count while the Marquis of the West would be called the Western Marquis.

The Jotunn Count house titled the Southern Count is a powerful house that possesses vast plains with rich soil.

Naturally, his territory is large and the productivity is quite high.

Compared to the Asgard territory led by Klein, the scale is simply incomparable.

—-However, even in his previous life, the Jotunn house did offer to wed their daughter to Klein.

Back then, he seriously worried if the Southern Count was planning to take over his territory so it didn’t get anywhere.

However, this time not only did the marriage talk is progressing, he was also the one who reached out to them first.

In truth, the Jotunn house and Klein’s Asgard house are distantly related.

The reason why the previous Count Jotunn brought up the talk of marriage to him last time was that he’s worried about Klein who lost both of his parents.

Klein would come to know this——2 years from now on.

By that time, the matter of which house the Count’s daughter was going to marry into was already settled so the talk was concluded without the need to find a relative with similar age for the young lady to marry.

When Klein recalled this and sent them a formal marriage request, he immediately received a positive reply and the engagement was approved.

However, before the final decision is made, they are to have a face-to-face meeting first.

The first letter he sent them was 2 weeks ago.

And that face-to-face meeting is today.

It appears that the young lady had begun preparing for her departure at the same time her house was writing a reply to Klein.

Klein couldn’t think of a reason why the Jotunns would have to be in such a hurry but—-as a result, the meeting was realized at a surprising speed.

“Compared to your residence, my mansion should be on the simpler side but please rest assured as I will make sure that you do not suffer any kind of inconvenience during your stay here.”

“Please, don’t be so humble.
I think that your mansion is a good one with a long history.”

Klein ended his previous life as a bachelor.

When he sees the girl who came here as his possible marriage partner, he is glad to be alive from the bottom of his heart.

After all, his matchmaking partner is a very beautiful girl.


Her hair is platinum blonde that seems almost silver.
Her glossy hair and big-round eyes give him quite an impression.

Her facial features are also very well arranged.

Overall, you can see much potential in her future growth.

“Haha, my apology.
I was fascinated.
I’ve heard rumors but you are much—much more beautiful than I imagined.”

“Oh, you flattered me.”

To strengthen his connection with the Southern Count, Klein was prepared to put up with it if she had a terrible appearance or personality.

However, the girl that appeared before him did not even need to be flattered for her beauty.

At first glance, it seems that she doesn’t have a troublesome personality either.

If he had seen her appearance in his previous life, he would have dropped his worry about the Count’s plot and married her without question.

They are 4 years apart in age—-Currently, Klein is 15 so she should be 11—–However, such difference is acceptable for aristocrats.

“Well, let us sit and chat at the terrace.
I will have my servants prepare tea for us.”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Klein-sama.”

Welcoming a beautiful wife while strengthening his ties with the Southern Count.

If he keeps expanding his circle of relatives aside from the Southern Count and starts trading with them, the territory’s income will increase.

After that, with his foundation strengthened, he can move on to increase his troops.

If he makes a lot of money then he can hire mercenaries as well.

Then it would be a matter of preventing Marquis’s Laguna’s invasion by working together with his allies.

That is Klein’s plan.

In reality, it is not possible to win against the Marquis just by strengthening his military a little and it’s not likely that the Southern Count and his relatives would come to his rescue when something serious happens.

At the same time, he also counts on the fact that he has the Southern Count’s backing to deter the Marquis.

Naturally, the Jotunn house must also have its own agenda but the Southern Count himself is probably acting mainly out of his goodwill this time.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have married off his daughter to a house with the standing as his.

Guessed so, Klein felt apologetic for him.

On the other hand, the matchmaking proceeds without any trouble.

“What do you do in your free time?”

“I enjoy making tea and also, I dabble a little bit in poetry.”

He has maintained a template conversation with her and it doesn’t seem that they are incompatible with each other.

For the next few days, they spent their days in a peaceful manner like this.

Eventually, the young lady went back to the Jotunn territory.

And immediately after they got back, a letter was sent to Klein to tell him to proceed with the marriage.

They even told him that they would like the wedding to be held by the end of the year.

“……hey, old man.
Is it normal for the wedding to happen this quickly after the engagement?”

“No, sir.
In fact, the young lady is quite young.
Normally, it would not be strange to wait a few years before the wedding.”

Wondering why they are in such a rush, Klein felt uneasy.

However, he doesn’t want to miss his chance.

“Right……well, even if it feels early, there’s particularly no problem though.”

“How should we reply then, sir?”

“Hmm, well, I guess we have no choice but to accept huh.”

It is likely that he will never have another chance marrying someone from a family with higher status than his.

Even if there are some doubts lingering in his mind, he can’t give any reply other than [Understood].

“…….I have a bad feeling about this, well, whatever.”

In the end, the Asgard house accepted the proposal and decided to hold the wedding later this year.

With their lord’s marriage decided, the territory was surrounded by a bright atmosphere.

—-However, it did not take long for Klein’s anxiety to be realized.

TLN: Heroine? Nah…..

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