39th, 一Viscount Asgard, let’s destroy them together!

“Marius and Trek did a great job! The people we have absorbed from the ruined houses are doing a good job, but… they are not our only source of information.”

 The officials of the kingdom, the merchants who have been in touch with him.

 And information from the people who have a favorable impression of the lord can also be expected.

 Since he has been in frequent communication with Count Jotun’s family recently, even a rough idea of the various information sources came to his mind.

 Even with all this information, it is already an extraordinary amount of information, but there is nothing wrong with knowing more of the details of your enemies.

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles, right?”

“Whatever, you’re telling me that since we know where they are, all you have to do is go on the rampage, right?”

 Randolph muttered sincerely, a phrase from a book of military strategy.

 Thinking that he wanted to use another word he had learned as soon as possible, ―Klein continues without saying a word.

“If we had been inept, we would have used two or three thousand men to deal with the contingency.”

“So that’s why you want to crush the dissidents before they get there.”

 Klein would have liked to have taken the plus, but he was waiting a year for the territory to stabilize.

 In other words, Klein’s goal this time is plus or minus zero as long as everything is in place by the time the Marquise of Laguna moves eastward.

“For now, my goal is to be able to maintain security in the new territory autonomously.”

 If the 3,000 troops used to maintain security are returned, the total number of troops will be 13,000.

 It is said that an attacker needs three times as many men to take down a castle that soldiers occupy――the fortress he intends to occupy will be hastily prepared, though.

 Even so, the weakened Count Vanargand’s army probably would be able to repel them, even if their numbers were only a little more than twice as large.

 With such a plan in mind, he has been trying to increase the number of soldiers since a few lifetimes ago.

 He started with what he could, and this is the result.

 The three leading the actual forces were slow to react, perhaps due to surprise, but this operation had to be carried out perfectly, whatever the case.

“I’m suspicious about the movement of the east…I want you to finish the job within two months…or a month or so if possible.”

 Klein gave the deadline to the three men staring intently at the map.

 They look disappointed.

“I don’t think it will take more than half a month if we know all the details.”

“I agree with you on this.”

“I agree with you, too… but I am amazed that you have gathered such detailed information.”

 Klein is also confident about the accuracy of the information.

 The probability that the information gathered here is correct converges to 100 percent.

As soon as possible, please… you can fully trust the information.”

 Klein died five times just to get the information he gave them.

 As for what he was doing during that time, he was a spy.

 Sadly, none of the minor nobles who were destroyed, or rather, who were taking revenge, knew Klein’s face.

 He is surprised that they could fight so brazenly against someone they did not know, but it works out for the better this time.

 Since no one knew Klein, he rode into enemy territory without hesitation.

“Let’s destroy the Viscounts of Asgard together! “

 Klein was gathering his friends.

 一He went around to the disgruntled elements hiding in various places, calling for a mass uprising and unity.

 And in those areas, he’s trying to find out who might be willing to become his allies.

 In consultation with those who were planning a counter-insurgency operation, he thoroughly investigated his opponents and allies.

“Bah, you idiot! That’s Viscount Asgard!”


 In the course of his investigations, a merchant who happened to have come to Asgard territory to peddle his wares sometimes revealed his true identity to them.

 In such a case, he chooses to reset.

“It can’t be helped if I’m found out.


“What? ?”

 He slits his own neck with his sword before he is caught and escapes gallantly from this world.

 Three times he has returned to the past.

 After investigating the local forces, being careful not to run into anyone who knew him, it was now the turn of the secret agents led by Marius.

 Klein personally checked up on the places he had identified and soon found out most of the information.

 Once at that stage, Hans and his team attacked and destroyed the bandit’s stronghold, just as they are now.

 They start to get more detailed information from the captured remnants, and unfortunately, the eldest son of the most troublesome baron escaped, so he has to start all over again.

“Kukukuk, Asgard.
They’d never dreamed that there was an underground passageway…”



 They waited at the exit of the escape route and captured the disgruntled elements who had been chased away by Hans and his men.

 From there, it was just a matter of interrogation.

 After the capture, he went around the hideout, memorized the locations of all the hidden doors and properties, and started over again.

 Since he has done the calculations, he has brought back information that would normally take him half a year to find out, and he has caught people who would normally be missed.

 The time attack for the capture of this rioter has already been three months quicker than the last time, and the speed is now fast enough to be ready for the decisive battle.

 Klein has modified the various operational routes so that he can use the shortest route to efficiently crush all his enemies.

 In any case, the survey was perfect, and Klein confidently sent his men out.

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