dark bluish-gray mane and icy blue eyes just like him.

“I don’t know if a horse can look like its owner, but…….
What a smart and handsome horse.”

The horse’s eyes widened slightly.

Asha smiled and gently stroked the horse’s mane with her hands.

She walked alone in the cold for a long time.
She was glad to have a companion.

Although the companion was an animal, the horse somehow seemed to understand what she was saying.

“Did Jackal tell you to bring me?”

The horse moved its front legs slightly.
In exchange for an answer, the horse gently closed and opened its eyes.

It meant getting on his back quickly.

Asha felt relieved only then.

Seeing that he sent the wolf fur with his horse, he seemed to know the situation she was in.

She climbed onto his back, and the horse abruptly stood up.

The sudden rise of her body caused Asha to stagger and quickly hugged the horse’s neck.

Her body tensed.

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But soon, as if the horse was trying to fulfill its duty, it began to run fast.

As she was in close contact with the horse and with thick wolf fur on top, she managed to withstand the cold.

The bluish-gray mane didn’t smell like an animal, but the scent of musk, like a men’s perfume, along with the smell of snow.

Somehow, the scent seemed to calm her, so Asha closed her eyes and buried her face in the mane.

The good scent and soft texture make her feel better.

The warm, soothing sensation relieved Asha of her tension, and she fell asleep quickly.

The horse saw that she fell asleep, and hastened its steps even more.

A dark horse, which contrasted with the pure white snow, carried the blonde woman running through the heavy snow.

* * * * *

As soon as she reached the village, the members of the organization were shocked when they found Asha and ran toward her.

The horse, which had been running for a long distance without a break, neighed and walked leisurely between them, exhaling heavy breaths from its nose and mouth.

Then, a silver-haired man approached quickly, led the horse, and headed somewhere.

He led them to the hut safely, avoiding the gaze of the members, and immediately locked the door and asked.

“……Did you finally find her?”

In an instant, the horse turned into a man with dark blue-gray hair.

It was Jackal.

He answered seriously, naked, holding Asha in his arms.

“She was lying on the snow.
If I had been a little bit later, she would have frozen to death.”

The silver-haired man sighed.

If the captain hadn’t gone looking for her, she would have been really dead.”

Jackal walked silently to the bed and carefully laid Asha down.

When he stared at her red nose, hands, and feet, he spoke immediately.

“It’s cold.”

“Oh, yes.”

The silver-haired man quickly spread several layers of blankets over Asha’s body.

Jackal looked at him and said it again.

“I’m cold, me.”

“Ah, sorry.”

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Seeing the captain standing naked, he hurriedly fetched his robe and a towel.

Jackal carried Asha with his naked body for a long time and ran through the heavy snow, so his whole body was frozen.

It was better not to freeze.

The moment he put on the robe, his broad and muscular shoulders like a wild horse moved dynamically.

Jackal wiped the water off his head with a towel, then pulled out a bottle of liquor from one of the drawers, grabbed the bottle, and gulped it down.

For those people living in cold regions, alcohol with a high alcohol content was a daily necessity for survival as it raised body temperature in a short time.

Meanwhile, the silver-haired man diligently put firewood into the fireplace and lit a fire to warm his room.


“Yes, captain.”

Sosa quickly looked back.

“I’ll put the firewood, so go out and call the doctor.
And tell Yuri to bring hot water and a towel and tell her to help me.”

“Yes, I will.”

Sosa left the hut.

Jackal pulled the chair closer to the fireplace and sat down, covering his body with the loose blue robe, and drank the liquor again.

A gulp of alcohol dripped down his muscular chest.

He wiped his mouth roughly with the back of his hand, then placed the bottle anywhere on the fireplace and threw more firewood.

As his frozen body gradually regained its warmth, he looked over at Asha, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

There was a strange curiosity in the way he looked at her.

Returning to the village, Jackal sent scouts to see if she was still following him.

The woman was slowly but steadfastly following them.

One of his comrades who said that a man who doesn’t take the woman who said she fell in love with him at first sight, deserves to be starved, was scratching his head awkwardly.

「Captain, I was talking too much earlier.
I was joking, but are you mad at me? I thought it would be better to bring that girl with us.
The mountain road is rough, so I’m sure she will collapse before she can cross the mountain.」

「…… If you know you made a mistake, keep your mouth shut.
You have to experience things so that you come to your senses and know that your life is precious.」

At the cruel remark, the man shut his mouth and glanced at him.

As the leader, Jackal was determined to test her resolve to become a Lycaon.

But when the unexpected heavy snowfall began to fall, his hidden expression darkened as he looked up at the sky.

「…… Are you still following me?」

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