CH 22

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mimosa


An infinitely close distance with a kiss as if nothing was there.

Whether the lips met or did not meet, even the two parties involved did not know, and it did not matter that much.
The mood was right, the atmosphere was right, the ambiguity was at its peak, and that was enough.
Xiao Ke finished flirting with him before he laughed and threw the pillow.
After throwing it, the whole booth exploded.

Xiao Ke and Zhou Zui were surrounded by people who were taunting and heckling one after another.

Zhou Zui never opened his mouth, but only raised his arm when someone bumped Xiao Ke onto the sofa which was an inadvertent protective gesture.

The night was very long and peaceful, and Xiao Ke drank a lot of wine before he finally called a chauffeur to go back.
After taking a shower and lying on the bed.
Xiao Ke closed his eyes and thought, I can finally feel confident after tonight.

Zhou Zui didn’t respond to him, but also didn’t reject him.
At certain times, his eyes had been filled with warmth and he hadn’t been able to hide it.
That was enough.
Xiao Ke knew in his heart that he was practically done pursuing this person. 

Professor Xiao struck while the iron was hot and went to the shop early the next morning.
He thought he was there quite early, but Zhou Zui and another tattoo artist were already at work when he got there.

“Good morning, Brother Xiao,” The little brother greeted him.
In fact, up till now, Xiao Ke actually did not know the little brother’s name.
He was only familiar with Lu Xiaobei.
Xiao Ke raised his hand, “Good morning, ah.”

Xiao Ke finished looking up to the second floor and also shouted, “Boss Zhou, good morning!”

Zhou Zui was still sitting at the railing and looked down at him while also smiling slightly, “Mornin’.”

“I haven’t eaten yet, have you guys eaten yet?” Xiao Ke asked.

“Yes, I have.” Zhou Zui’s hands stopped moving for a moment and looked down to tell him, “There’s a breakfast place next door, you go.”

Xiao Ke did not go and carried his paper bag up to the second floor.
Zhou Zui was working on a full leg tattoo today, and the tattooed buddy was wearing a sweater on top and only a pair of shorts on the bottom, with a blanket covering half of his leg.

“I went straight home last night and didn’t give you your present.” Xiao Ke put the bag on the small table and told Zhou Zui, “I’ll put it here.”

“Okay.” Zhou Zui looked at it before he smiled and said, “Thanks, Professor Xiao.”

“You’re welcome.” Xiao Ke smiled and sat on the sofa chair while finding a very comfortable position.
He now found that listening to the buzzing sound of Zhou Zui’s tattoo machine was particularly enjoyable, and it was very calming to listen to.

Xiao Ke asked Zhou Zui when he was ordering food, “Is Xiaobei coming in the morning?”

“Yes.” Zhou Zui answered him while outlining.
“He has a client.”

Thus, Xiao Ke ordered more, and when Lu Xiaobei came, he met up with the delivery boy so he brought it in directly.

“Who’s been eating so much all morning? Feeding the pigs?” Lu Xiaobei shouted and asked.

Xiao Ke was leaning on the sofa on the second floor so Lu Xiaobei could not see, and could only hear him say, “Me and you.
Us two pigs.”

“Ah, Brother Xiao?” Lu Xiaobei let out two “hehes” and brought up the bag.
“I didn’t eat.
I got up late.”

The two people on the sofa surrounded the coffee table to eat.
Zhou Zui was buzzing over there and giving someone else a tattoo.
Lu Xiaobei glanced at Xiao Ke, and then at Zhou Zui.
He felt the quite harmonious atmosphere.

“I can cover up this scar, right, brother?” The tattooed buddy asked Zhou Zui.

Zhou Zui nodded.

“Surely you can’t see it, huh?” he asked again.

“I’m sure you can’t see it without looking at your legs, and you can’t necessarily see it by lying there,” Lu Xiaobei interjected while eating.

“That’s fine, I just want to cover this scar.” The brother lay there in a very enchanting position, presumably parting his legs all this time was quite exhausting so he was taking the initiative to find someone to chat with to distract himself.
“This scar has given me a lot of bad juju.
I can’t even date anyone! I have to fucking turn off the lights now! The little girls are scared away when they look at my legs.”

“After the tattoo is done, they will be even more scared, seeing a black leg,” Lu Xiaobei said.

“That’s different, isn’t it art?” The buddy patted his leg.
“When I was a kid, we burned the stove, and a charcoal pellet burned my leg like this.
If it were just a little bit further up, it would have fucking burned my dick!”

The three of them were chatting together, and they had a good time.
These three people talked in a frenzy together, and Xiao Ke later moved a chair to sit next to Zhou Zui.

Last night, after all, the two of them had pretended to kiss, and they met again today.
This relationship should be a closer one, and the ambiguity of the silky fall made the air around them hot even if they didn’t talk.

Zhou Zui said, “You slept late yesterday.
You go in and take a nap.”

Xiao Ke thought about it and nodded.
“Okay, I’m really sleepy.”

Zhou Zui pointed his finger back towards one of the rooms.
“That’s my room, go ahead.”

Xiao Ke smiled before he stood up and said, “I know.”

He had hugged Zhou Zui in that room so it was obvious that he knew which one was Zhou Zui’s room.
Zhou Zui looked up at him, and Xiao Ke was smiling at him, with a bit of a snicker.
Zhou Zui shook his head and also smiled a bit.

Lu Xiaobei’s ears heard the conversation between the two of them and looked up just in time to see this wonderful moment of them smiling at each other so he immediately raised an eyebrow.

I haven’t seen these two people all night long, they don’t look normal, huh?

From this day onwards, Xiao Ke and Zhou Zui got along differently from their previous pattern.

Zhou Zui did not talk as little as before while occasionally taking the initiative to say something to Xiao Ke who was no longer a single Professor Xiao.

Xiao Ke was even more active.
This person would like to put a sticker on Zhou Zui’s head to say that this person belonged to him.

The two of them never said anything directly, but the sense of understanding between them made it seem like the relationship between these two people was not anything ordinary.

From time to time, Lu Xiaobei would inquire about what they really meant and to what stage they were at, but could not find out anything.
Xiao Ke himself was satisfied with the current state of the two people, and he actually secretly liked this period of time as emotional matters did not need to be rushed and nature could take its course.

“The flowers are here!” Xiao Lin saw the flower delivery car stop at the door and shouted inside, “Who’s picking up today?”

No one answered, and the flower delivery boy had already opened the door with the flowers as he came in.
The name of the flower was very cheesy, but the flowers were quite nice as the light color looked very comforting.
Xiao Lin was just about to sign for it when she heard Zhou Zui come out from inside.
“I’ll sign it.”

Zhou Zui signed his name and took the flowers before he went back to the lobby.
Xiao Ke was using Lu Xiaobei’s computer to look up some information and saw him coming back so he tilted his head back and said, “I’ll see if the flowers look good today.”

Zhou Zui put the flowers next to him and sat down on the sofa before he said, “It’s fine.”

Zhou, I’ve given you so many flowers,” Xiao Ke pulled off a petal and put it between his fingers as he squeezed it and looked back at him, “You should give me something in return, right?”

Zhou Zui looked at him, “Oh, what do you want?”

Xiao Ke smiled and winked.
“Then paint me a bouquet of flowers, I also want roses.”

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