CH 27

Chapter 26: Good night my darling

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mimosa


“Professor Xiao, it’s not that I didn’t want to continue.
Don’t be angry.”

This sentence directly caused Xiao Ke to pause in place.
He did not expect Zhou Zui to say such a formal sentence, and just now all his emotions were gone so he almost instantly softened.

He also wanted to ease up a bit, but he now naturally went along with Zhou Zui’s words.
He looked at Zhou Zui with a raised eyebrow and a faint smile.
“Not that you didn’t want to continue? Then you want to continue? What do you want to continue…Mr.

Zhou Zui’s demeanor was somewhat serious, but he answered frankly, “Just to continue.
Just like you said before.”

Xiao Ke had said, “I can be there for the rest of your life” on Zhou Zui’s birthday which was almost against Zhou Zui’s lips.


Xiao Ke touched his nose and softened his attitude before he deliberately made a joke, “I’ve said too many things.
I don’t know which one Mr.
Zhou is talking about.”

He didn’t want to be difficult, but it would be tough to get Zhou Zui to repeat that.
Thus, Xiao Ke laughed and continued, “Okay, I’ll go back and think about it myself.
I’m not angry just now, don’t worry about it.
Just think of it as I…had a little temper.

He wanted to say “spoiled and arrogant “, but the phrase turned around on the tip of his tongue and retracted.
Professor Xiao was older after all, and he was still a bit ashamed to say such words.

“Okay, as long as you aren’t angry.” Zhou Zui looked at Xiao Ke and organized his words with a sincere expression in his eyes.
“Professor Xiao, I have never told you about my past.
I’m not a very good person.
Sometimes I’m very negative, and I don’t really want to talk about the past.
But I don’t mean to disrespect you.”

“I know.” Xiao Ke rested one arm on the steering wheel while half-lying there and looking sideways at Zhou Zui.
He nodded and waited for him to speak.

“Those few people in the shop just now are nothing, and usually do not come into contact with me.” Zhou Zui said, “They are very annoying, and I was not willing to let you meet with them.
You do not need to have any interactions with those people.”

Xiao Ke still nodded his head, not talking and listening to him.

“They are triad members who want to use my shop to launder money.
It’s a fantasy.
Don’t worry about it.” When Zhou Zui mentioned them, he felt annoyed and frowned slightly with disgust written on his face.

Xiao Ke thought Zhou Zui was quite cute and laughed.

When Zhou Zui spoke, Xiao Ke did not interrupt much.
He had always been a good listener, and Xiao Ke listened carefully to everything Zhou Zui said since he knew that this was the sincerity that Zhou Zui had put before him.
After hearing the story, his mood was not as calm as it was at the beginning.

It was because these messy things were linked to a person whom Zhou Zui called Yaning.

They met in Taiwan, at a tattoo shop in Taipei, where Tang Yaning was a friend of the owner and a tattoo artist.
Zhou Zui met the owner a few times to talk about tattoos, and over time, they became acquainted.

At that time, Zhou Zui was in his twenties, and not as sullen as now.
His figure, looks and temperament were conceivably very attractive.
They got together more than half a year later, but there were often conflicts.

When Zhou Zui spoke of these, he omitted things since he did not seem to be good at telling stories.
His statements were very short while saying the most straightforward content without any emotion.

Later they both went back to the mainland, the two tattoo artists each doing their own thing.
After Tang Yaning offended some people, Zhou Zui could not ignore it.
As he tried to help, he inevitably got into trouble too. 

Zhou Zui finished and looked at Xiao Ke as he said in a deep voice, “So I don’t want you to meet those people just now.
They are the ones who were offended at that time.
I don’t want to bring the bad things from the past to the present, and I don’t want to involve you.”

Xiao Ke remained in the same position as before, with his forehead resting on his arm, and after Zhou Zui finished, he smiled and said, “Okay, I understand.”

Zhou Zui was not very clear, and there were many things that Xiao Ke still did not know, but he did not want to ask.
Zhou Zui did not show any emotion when he said this, but Xiao Ke could see that he was not in a good mood.
The fact that he could talk about this already made Xiao Ke quite content.

“I didn’t mean to hide it from you,” Zhou Zui said to Xiao Ke.
“I’m just stuffy, and I think you might not like to hear this.”

Xiao Ke did not make a sound and stared at him for a long time.
After a while, he suddenly sat up straight and opened his arms to Zhou Zui.
He tilted his head and said, “I’m not afraid to get involved, it’s okay.
But now I especially want to hug you.
Zhou, give me a hug.”

Zhou Zui froze for a moment, then shook his head and laughed.
He turned sideways to hug Xiao Ke and felt Xiao Ke patting him on the back.

This was the second time they hugged, the first time was Xiao Ke taking advantage, but this time, it was in name only.
He whispered in Zhou Zui’s ear, “I’m sorry for making you talk about these unhappy things, and I apologize for my attitude today.
But no matter what your past is like, I don’t dislike hearing about it, and I’m not afraid to get into trouble.
Because no matter the good and bad, these are the things you have experienced.
Don’t be bothered, and don’t take it to heart.
Professor Xiao will accompany you in the future.”

Professor Xiao always has a way of talking about love, and Zhou Zui hadn’t experienced much of this so he couldn’t give a response every time and was even a little overwhelmed.

Xiao Ke’s voice was right next to his ear, and he had the solid strength of a mature man in his arms.
Professor Xiao was a man who knew how to behave, and was very sophisticated, and even smelled faintly of men’s perfume.
Zhou Zui was silent, smelling the faint fragrance in the air around him.
He tilted his head sideways, and touched his lips silently on the hair behind Xiao Ke’s ear.

On that day, Xiao Ke still did not stay in the store.
After the two talked, Zhou Zui went back to the shop by himself, and Xiao Ke and Fang Qimiao left.
It was not that he was mad, but he felt that his heart was not quiet and he had to go back to digest it slowly.
Zhou Zui’s schedule this day was a full sleeve on both legs.
It was estimated that he would have to do it for a while, and would have to work through the night today.
They wouldn’t be able to talk anyways, so there was no need to also make Fang Qimiao wait with him.

Fang Qimiao very unexpectedly did not gossip, and did not ask a word about what they talked about in the car.

This person was superficially stupid, but in fact, his heart was clear and he knew when to speak, and when not to make a sound so he was automatically silenced without asking more than half a sentence.

He and Xiao Ke had been brothers for twenty years so their relationship was tight, and they knew each other very well.

The next few days, Xiao Ke had to honestly stay at his parents’ place while helping with the New Year’s shopping and visiting relatives so he didn’t go to the store.

The two words he said before leaving the shop that day were heard by everyone, especially Xiao Lin, who relayed them to Lu Xiaobei, who jumped out of his chair and said, “I’m worried sick.
I’m 180 years old and I don’t understand how to get a boyfriend.”

Zhou Zui was still indifferent, and as long as Xiao Ke was not there, he returned to his wooden nature.
Lu Xiaobei did not know that the two hugged in the car for several minutes and only thought that they had fallen out again.

“Look at this lonely New Year’s Eve.
We’re all so miserable.” Lu Xiaobei bumped Zhou Zui and said, “Big brother, I have been worried about you.”

“Worry less about me.” Zhou Zui flicked him on the head.
“Take care of yourself alone, I don’t need you to worry.”

Teacher Zhou really did not need anyone to worry about him now since he had a good relationship with Professor Xiao.

In the evening after work, he went home, exercised, and after doing so, he had the young and handsome Professor Xiao to chat with.
Life was particularly beautiful.

Xiao Ke was busy all day at his parents’ house, and was actually very sleepy in bed at night, but he still insisted on sending a message to Zhou Zui.

Xiao Ke, [Teacher Zhou, have you finished exercising yet?]

Zhou Zui replied quickly, [Yes.]

Xiao Ke, [Then you go to bed early, you have been too tired recently.
Next time you are free, go get a massage.
Your spine is too burdened.]

Professor Xiao had always been so thoughtful and considerate.
Zhou Zui covered his belly as he pursed his lips.
He was in a good mood, but replied with only one word.

Zhou Zui, [Ok.]

If someone else returned the message with one or two words, it was estimated that people would not have sent it.
But Professor Xiao didn’t mind at all.
This person was his idol and he knew he just talked less.
It was cool, so what?

Xiao Ke smiled and sent another message, [I’m going to bed then.]

Zhou Zui, [Okay, good night.]

Zhou Zui had already put his heart out before, so Xiao Ke had nothing to fear.
Step by step, he moved every step forward to silently savor the wonderful taste of Zhou Zui’s indulgence.

Xiao Ke smiled wickedly and half-smiled at the phone before he tapped out, [Good night my darling.]

After tapping it out, he hit send before he hurriedly locked the screen and turned off the desk lamp.
The darkness concealed his bashfulness very well.
Xiao Ke raised his hand to cover his face and whispered, “Fuck.”

Master Xiao was 30 years old, and his own flirting was overpowering which even embarrassed himself.

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