CH 34

Chapter 33: “If you like me, do you want to be Professor Xiao’s family?”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mimosa


The subliminal meaning of this sentence was: I want to go further, but will still listen to you.
If you still want to continue the ambiguity, then I will continue to accompany you.

Xiao Ke was scrubbing his face while holding back his laughter, and now he knew exactly what Teacher Zhou wanted to say which made this small talk perfect.

Xiao Ke gave a reply after washing his face, He couldn’t let Zhou Zui keep waiting for a reply, right?

[Your leader unanimously agrees with you, don’t you think it’s a coincidence?]

Zhou Zui didn’t have a session the next day, but he still had to go to the store.
There were two designs that he needed to finalize with a client, and she wanted to revise the parts.
Xiao Ke didn’t go too early and went at almost noon as he was planning to have dinner together if Zhou Zui was done.

Before he went, he went to the florist and got a bouquet of a hundred big red roses, and none of the flowers matched.
It was so pure red that it resembled Xiao Ke’s emotions that were passionate and pure, and his unwavering determination that was without the slightest hint of anything else.

This bouquet was a little too conspicuous, and Xiao Ke actually hesitated before getting out of the car.
Should he take it with him or leave it in the car first? He then thought that since it was originally to give Zhou a name, and there was nothing to hide so he had to let Zhou receive the flowers openly and honestly.

Thus, when Xiao Ke pushed the door in, Xiao Lin’s mouth couldn’t be closed.
When Xiao Ke greeted her, she tried to lower her voice and exclaimed, “Brother Xiao, you’re cool today!”

Xiao Ke shushed her and asked in a low voice, “Is Zhou Zui here?”

Xiao Lin nodded vigorously, “Yes!”

Xiao Ke carried the flowers into the small hall when a tattoo artist could not hold back a “shit.” Although Xiao Ke often came, it was not as openly as today.
Xiao Ke did not suppress his voice and said hello to him, then when Lu Xiaobei came out of the tattoo room, he smiled and said, “Hello, Brother Bei.

Lu Xiaobei directly tilted his head and shouted loudly, “Brother, your god of flowers is here!”

Zhou Zui’s voice came from upstairs, and Xiao Ke heard him say, “Professor Xiao, I’m upstairs.”

“Oh, you’re there.” Xiao Ke answered and walked over to the stairs with the flowers in his arms.

Zhou Zui was upstairs on the sofa while fixing a picture with two girls with a pen in his hand.
He was a little surprised to see Xiao Ke.
Xiao Ke met his eyes and smiled at him before he walked straight over to put the flowers into Zhou Zui’s arms.

“My God, what’s going on here?!” The two girls sitting across from each other looked at each other then looked at Zhou Zui before they looked at Xiao Ke, and they instantly got excited as their eyes immediately brightened up several degrees.

Xiao Ke smiled and said to the two girls, “Just a simple flower delivery, you guys can continue to talk.”

He sat down next to Zhou Zui, who looked a bit confused as he held the flowers, not knowing whether to put them down or just hold them so he looked at Xiao Ke with an obvious smile in his eyes but also a bit of helplessness.
“Professor Xiao, I’m a rough guy, there’s really no need to send me flowers.
I’m so close to opening a flower store.”

“That’s funny, what’s wrong with being a rough guy and receiving flowers?” Xiao Ke casually pulled a rose petal before he put it in his hand and squeezed it for fun.
“Besides, who said you’re rough? I think you’re quite delicate.
You can return it to me if you don’t want them.”

Zhou Zui shook his head.
“That won’t do.”

The two girls across the table were excited for a long while, and Zhou Zui put the flowers aside to continue drawing pictures for the girls that were unable to concentrate.
One of the girls couldn’t resist asking them about the flowers, “Are you…in that kind of relationship?”

Xiao Ke nodded openly.
“If you think so, then yes.” 

In fact, not only were the two girls’ attention off, but both parties involved were pretending to be calm as well. 

Xiao Ke listened to Zhou Zui and the girls changing the drawings with a straight face, but his heart also felt excited and nervous.
Zhou Zui’s face was unperturbed, as if he was not affected at all, but his heart was full of apprehension and thoughts that he only knew in his own heart.

The two girls were finally sent away which left only Zhou Zui and Xiao Ke upstairs, and the air was suddenly quiet.
Xiao Ke couldn’t let the atmosphere freeze, so he hurriedly asked with a smile, “Do you like my flowers?”

Zhou Zui nodded, “Yes.”

“Like ’em?” Xiao Ke came closer to look into Zhou Zui’s eyes, and his words had a hook in them that went straight to his heart.
“Do you want to be Professor Xiao’s family member if you like ’em?”

Zhou Zui almost immediately nodded his head as his heart’s thoughts were already intuitively expressed, but he did not verbally agree and said, “Let’s talk first, there are some things I need to say.”

Xiao Ke raised his eyebrows and remembered that he had said that he wanted to talk before but had been interrupted so he asked, “You have to talk first before you can be my family?”

Zhou Zui nodded to him.

Xiao Ke smiled and relaxed as he sat down on one side, “Then let’s talk, Teacher Zhou, and do it quickly.
I can’t wait to take you in, you don’t know how long I’ve been thinking about this meal.”

Zhou Zui’s lips pulled into a very faint smile, and he sat down opposite Xiao Ke.

There were some things that Zhou Zui had to talk through first, so he couldn’t say yes yet.
He wanted a completely honest start, otherwise it meant that he was hiding and cheating in this relationship, and that wouldn’t work.

Zhou Zui also really wanted to be Professor Xiao’s family.
He hadn’t felt another’s heartbeat for a long time, but Xiao Ke gave him a very strong taste of it.
He had his heart set on it as well, and wanted to confirm the relationship.

Tang Yaning had been a name that Zhou Zui did not want to mention and even resisted.
When the time came for him to say it, he felt nothing and wanted to make it quick.

When he was about to open his mouth, Xiao Ke shushed him, and when Zhou Zui asked him with his eyes what was wrong, Xiao Ke pointed downstairs, and Zhou Zui’s face sank when he looked down.

Xiao Ke also stroked his forehead and let out a long sigh in his heart.
Master Xiao was anxious to eat this meal, and all these kids came out to stir up trouble.

Tang Yawei came very coincidentally, and this time he came to really stir up the pot, even if it was through coincidence.

Xiao Ke sat down on Zhou Zui’s side and pointed to the seat opposite to where he just sat and said to Tang Yawei, “Sit down, handsome boy.”

The man really came over and sat down with his eyes always fixed on Zhou Zui.
The bouquet of flowers between them burned his eyes red, and his voice was gruff and hoarse, “Zhou Zui, you really dare?”

Zhou Zui also did not look at him and just told Xiao Ke, “Let’s go, go back and talk.”

Xiao Ke also wanted to go.
He didn’t really want to let anyone else get in the way today.
Xiao Ke shook his head and asked Tang Yawei, “Come on, you have something to say, I’ll listen, otherwise you’ll always come over and make it uncomfortable.”

Tang Yawei looked at him and sneered, “I can’t talk to you.”

“Yes, you can.” Xiao Ke also smiled at him, “Whatever you say, if it is related to Teacher Zhou, you can say it to me.”

The man stared at him and asked after a while, “Do you know who I am?”

Xiao Ke shook his head honestly, “I don’t know, I’m waiting for you to say it.”

“You don’t even know me, and you dare to say that you are related to Zhou Zui?” Tang Yawei still smiled coldly.

Zhou Zui stood up to pull Xiao Ke’s arm, and he looked at him before he called out, “Professor Xiao.”

His voice was very earnest and even sounded a little grave.
Xiao Ke stood up after him and smiled at him, “Yes, what’s up, babe?”

This “babe” was very open and deliberately said in front of Tang Yawei to establish an image.
No matter who you are and no matter what your purpose is, Zhou Zui is the man I’ve taken in so don’t think about it.

Zhou Zui whispered to him, “There are some things I, myself, want to say.”

He said it so seriously that Xiao Ke nodded without even thinking, “Okay.”

In fact, Xiao Ke originally wanted to take care of the opposing person first, but since Zhou Zui did not want them to communicate that much, it did not matter if they did not take care of it first.

Zhou Zui pulled Xiao Ke to leave and Tang Yawei stood up so Zhou Zui shouted downstairs, “Who’s downstairs?”

A tattoo artist answered, “I’m here, what’s wrong, Teacher Zhou?”

Zhou Zui said, “Send Xiaobei upstairs.”

“Oh, okay.”

Across the room, Tang Yawei laughed and asked Zhou Zui, “Are you scared? Afraid of me?”

Zhou Zui did not even look at him, and did not talk to him at all while one hand kept holding Xiao Ke’s arm and did not let go.

Xiao Ke gently swayed his arm to reassure Zhou Zui.
‘Don’t be nervous, I’ll listen to whatever you want to say, it’s just about the past, Professor Xiao isn’t very concerned, Professor Xiao is very spontaneous.’

Xiao Ke smiled at him, and his smile was always very calming.

“You’re just scared.” Tang Yawei’s voice was harsh like they were pinched by his hand.
It may have been a psychological effect, but Xiao Ke felt that his voice was harder to hear after the pinching, “You’re afraid of yourself, you’re afraid that people won’t accept you, you’re afraid that everyone will leave, you’re afraid that you’ll end up alone.”

He finished with his own laugh that was hideous, “It is useless to be afraid, that is your fate.
You have to be alone for the rest of your life, this curse has been soaked into your blood!”

The man’s expression and tone of voice were so paranoid that Xiao Ke thought he might not be that mentally sane.
The air upstairs was stagnant, and no one spoke.
After a while, he heard Lu Xiaobei run out of a tattoo room downstairs and run upstairs.

As soon as he came up and saw the situation, he was baffled and shouted, “Fuck! When did you get in?”

Zhou Zui pointed to Tang Yawei and said to Lu Xiaobei, “Stop him from following me.”

“Okay, you go, brother.” Lu Xiaobei looked at Zhou Zui and then at Xiao Ke, who had a natural expression on his face that didn’t look angry, and Lu Xiaobei breathed a sigh of relief.
He was terrified to death of what this madman was saying.

Zhou Zui pulled Xiao Ke to go, and before Xiao Ke left, he looked at Tang Yawei’s horrible face with the corners of his mouth gently pulled up and said to him, “You said Zhou Zui’s fate is to die alone.
Even if what you say is true, I still have to tell you, I never believe in fate.
Whether it is people or fate, if I want to change it, I will change it.
As long as I want to, changing the fate of the heavens is nothing to be afraid of, I must try.”

Lu Xiaobei whistled loudly and gave a thumbs up to Xiao Ke.

Xiao Ke moved his arm to make Zhou Zui let go of his arm, and then took his hand immediately after.

Nobody would be unmoved by such words, and how could anyone not like him? Xiao Ke’s charm was embodied in every aspect of his personality.
Zhou Zui pointed to Tang Yawei again, then took Xiao Ke’s hand and walked away.
His palms were even perspiring as he clutched Xiao Ke’s hand tightly and fondly as if cherishing it.

Lu Xiaobei blocked Tang Yawei to prevent him from following and whispered, “You should let go.
Let it go.
You’re crazy.
Others still have to fucking live, not everyone must go crazy with you.
I’m really fucking impressed…”

Tang Yawei was struck by lightning and froze in place while staring straight in the direction Zhou Zui left.

Until the two men went downstairs, Tang Yawei suddenly leaned over the railing and shouted, “You don’t know who I am, then do you know that my brother died in Zhou Zui’s bed?”

Xiao Ke’s footsteps stopped almost instantly.

Lu Xiaobei cursed and kicked Tang Yawei in the back before pulling his hair and wrenching him back as he tried to shut him up.

Xiao Ke lifted his head and looked over.

Tang Yawei’s goal was accomplished, and Lu Xiaobei pulled on him but he still laughed.
His hand rose to point at Zhou Zui, “He took a bath filled with the blood from my brother’s body…Is this still okay?”


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