'Haaah, no.
Let’s be patient.'

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Even if you turn off the game, that bastard will turn it off too.
So, why should I turn it off?

That bastard was the one who did the wrong thing.
So, why should I run away?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Hyung?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Why is there no answer?


[Guild] Let's do it: I think I'm going to throw up


With my trembling hands, I barely removed the mouse from the game end button.
I forced a smile and started chatting.


[Guild] I'm sleepy: Why am I…


[Guild] I'm sleepy: your Hyung…? heh ;


[Guild] Chae Yoo: You’re 24 years old


[Guild] Chae Yoo: I’m 23 years old


[Guild] Chae Yoo: So, of course, I should say hyung.


What? 23 years old? He’s one year younger than me……


I forcefully swallowed the notion that boosted my ego.


[Guild] I'm sleepy: I don’t think we’re close enough to have you call me hyung ^^;


[Guild] Chae Yoo: So, from now on, I'm going to get closer to you


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Where are you? Please join my party


[Guild] Bright Clouds: What is this? Am I watching a drama, not a game?


[Guild] Let’s go all in: ♡ Guild Master and newbie ♡


[Guild] I'm sleepy: What…


[Guild] I'm sleepy: Please stop calling me Hyung


[Guild] Chae Yoo: I have to get close to you so I can call you hyung then


[Guild] Chae Yoo: You need to tell me where you are, so that we can get to know each other well


[Guild] I'm sleepy: I'm just going hunting anyway, so don't worry about it ;


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Hunting? Where?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: There are only a few places worth going to at level 200


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Hell Swamp? Are you hunting already? Where are you at?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: I'll go with you, I'll catch them all, I'll give you the experience points


[Guild] I'm getting lazy: Kya, crazy


[Guild] Bright Clouds: Please do not chat here, but rather use whisper for 2-minute conversations;


[Guild] Let’s go all in: ♡ Zenoris Garden ♡


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[Guild] I'm getting lazy: lololololol


I’m getting pretty angry.
After I watched the guild teasing Chae Yoo and me in the chat, I could only laugh out loud.


[Guild] I'm sleepy: No need


I don't know why he kept making a fuss about going with me.
Firstly, using quick move, I left Pherocco Island and headed for the central city.


I need to finish the collection quest for 50 red poisonous crayfish.
I should finish the quest quickly.


Today, I planned to level up at least to lvl 205.
As I was sorting out the quests, the guild chat lit up again.


[Guild] Chae Yoo: I really want to go with you


Ah, it's really annoying.


After I gave the NPC my weapon for repairs, I replied indifferently to the chat.


[Guild] I'm sleepy: Just call me whatever you want


[Guild] I'm sleepy: I'm leaving the guild in a week anyway


This time, there was no response as to whether he had seen the words or not.
I'm a little comfortable now.


[Guild] I'm getting lazy: But Guild Master and newbie, are you originally acquainted with each other or something?


[Guild] I'm getting lazy: You look friendly to each other, I agree too ㅇㅅㅇ;



[Guild] Let's do it: Nah (ノ´・ω・)ノ彡┻━┻ hahaha


[Guild] Let's do it: It just happens hahahaha


[Guild] Haerun: Yesterday, the two of them filmed an epic steamy narrative that can even make the drama writers cry


[Guild] Seasoned crab sauce: How far did it go??


〈System〉Drink some water is logged in.


[Guild] Bright Clouds: The idea is ridiculous, but now I'm getting curious…


[Guild] Let's do it: Drink some water hahaha


[Guild] Park Seung-Jin 99: Drink some water heh2


[Guild] Let’s go all in: Roughly tell me what you guys saw


[Guild] Haeren: It can’t be explained in words… you'll have to see it for yourself


[Guild] Park Seung-jin 99: Let's make a video of what happened


[Guild] Drink some water: hahahaha


[Guild] Drink some water: So, what's the answer?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: We know each other


In the exciting atmosphere among themselves, he dared to ignore my chat and reply to Drink some water.


I didn't want to reply anymore, so I tried to ignore it.
However, in the end, I couldn't stand it and replied to somehow stop the unreal rumors from escalating.

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[Guild] I'm sleepy: What…
we don't know each other ;


[Guild] I'm getting lazy: Yes..that's right haha ;


[Guild] Haeren: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


“Damn it…………”


I really hate this guild.
Just bear with all this for a week, and then I will leave without looking back.


[Guild] Bright Clouds: Water noona


[Guild] I'll take care of you: Is there anyone here who would buy a lvl 5 glove from me?


[Guild] I'll take care of you: I’m selling it cheaply because of an emergency ㅠ


[Guild] Monster born from capitalism: I want three


[Guild] Bright Clouds: Don’t you have water noona with you??


[Guild] Drink some water: Oh sorry, wait, why do you need me?


[Guild] Drink some water: Why?


[Guild] Bright Clouds: I’m going to give back you the robe you lent me back then


[Guild] Bright Clouds: Where are you at?


[Guild] Drink some water.
Oh, wait for a while…


[Guild] Drink some water: I’ll be there in a second


After repairing the weapon, I also fully stocked my potions just in case.
Looking at the neatly organized inventory, I smiled and turned on the map.


The Wilderness area is a hunting ground for level 200 players, red crayfish are usually scattered here and there, but if you know the points where they respawn, it will be faster to collect them.


After checking the best respawn point on the strategy page, I press Quick Move, and move a little west from the side corner to the center of the wilderness to reach a respawn point.


〈System〉 A surging heat encapsulates you in the Wilderness, your stamina is affected.


〈System〉 You have entered the battle area.
Pay attention to your safety.


After a very brief loading time, a desert covered with red sand appeared.
To prevent the flame debuff, I wore the special hood that I bought in advance and summoned a horse.


Unlike in other places, in the desert, you cannot ride a horse at full speed.
On the other hand, if you ride a camel, you can move a little faster than the horse, but I am not going to pay for one, so I just ride a horse.


I set the destination marker on the map to automatically navigate to the respawn point.
Then, I turned on nutube as I waited for the trip to be completed.
Without having to worry about the path, I clicked on an animal video straight away.


A puppy with soft wheat-colored fur runs around and clings to its owner's feet.
The round belly, round eyes, and short tail are so cute.


After all, the countryside mixed breed dog is the best.
The stress that had accumulated because of Chae Yoo melted away.


I would like to raise one if the circumstances allowed it.
If possible, I want one that’s a little bigger and the fur must unconditionally be brown.
I also wish for it to have a lot of affection for its owner.


With a happy smile on my face, I turned off the video and turned my gaze back to the game screen and crumpled my face at once.


“Crazy, why are you here?”


[All] Chae Yoo: Why did you come so late?

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[All] Chae Yoo: I waited for a long time


[All] I'm sleepy: ? Why is this bastard here?


I was staring and blinking repeatedly at this ridiculous situation while Chae Yoo walked towards me, who was standing blankly.


[All] Chae Yoo: What is that hood? Did you buy it at a store center or something?


[All] Chae Yoo: Can you give it to me?


[All] I'm sleepy: Before that, what are you doing here?


When I finally came to my senses and questioned it with an uncomfortable feeling, the guy who didn't respond for a while, sent a message asking for a deal and started chatting.


[All] Chae Yoo: As I said earlier


[All] Chae Yoo: If it's a level 200 hunting ground, then it's Hell Swamp


[All] I'm sleepy: lol that's why now


[All] I'm sleepy: You mean you want to form a party with us two?


[All] Chae Yoo: Ummm…


I thought about rejecting the transaction request message.
Had I known this, I wouldn’t have gone to Hell Swamp.
It was a half-and-half risk, but what would it take?


I regretted it belatedly, but a new guild chat has been uploaded.


[Guild] Chae Yoo: We met


[Guild] Drink some water: On my way


[Guild] Drink some water: there




After seeing it, I thought about it for a while, and then asked for more context.


[All] I'm sleepy: Are you sending Water noona to Hell Swamp?


[All] Chae Yoo: I don't know what you mean


[All] Chae Yoo: But why are you calling her Water Noona?


[All] Chae Yoo: I wasn’t allowed to call you hyung


[All] Chae Yoo: You just met her for the first time yesterday and already called her noona..


[All] I'm sleepy: Shut up…


If you look at it, the problem is you, who is 23-years-old and uses impolite words to a 27-year-old person without even using a title…
Are you really crazy?




The will to enjoy the game has plummeted.
I took a deep breath with my hand wrapped around my head, but I kept hearing the beep of a transaction request.


[All] Chae Yoo: Accept the party request


[All] Chae Yoo: It's a deal with a hood and an ice attribute buff on the hand

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[All] I'm sleepy: Can't you just log off?


[All] Chae Yoo: You are not nice T-T


You’re the one that’s not nice, damn it!


I don't know why you're so obsessed with me.
You hated me so much at first, but what the hell?


How am I supposed to get this damn bastard out of here?


[All] Chae Yoo: Accept it just once


[All] Chae Yoo: I know you will really like the attribute buff item


As I was about to refuse the transaction request that kept coming at a terrifying speed, I realized something and blinked my eyes.




A great plan flashed through my mind.
Why didn't I think of this earlier?


I wanted to run out of the house right now and run around the neighborhood shouting.
I'm a genius.


I quickly sat up straight on the chair, accepting the transaction request message that I had been repeatedly rejecting, and quickly chatted.


[All] I'm sleepy: Hood and buff items?


[All] I'm sleepy: Will you be giving them to me? Not lending them?


[All] Chae Yoo: Sure


[All] Chae Yoo: Is there anything else you need??


[All] Chae Yoo: What about a Robe?


After I received the deal, the excited Chae Yoo put a hood and a buff item on the trade window.


I proudly asked with a bright smile.


[All] I'm sleepy: Give it all to me, okay?


TL Note:

Respawn – regeneration of characters or monsters in a video game after they are defeated.

Korea’s countryside mixed breed dog.
Adorable <3 (from editor-san!)






(credits: to Sellychi{Editor} for the dog pic 0w0) (it's cute owo.
The editor asked me to put it so I did.
She thought that the readers will like it.)


Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Sellychi

You're a genius..
As if it stopped him, from giving things to you.
Well we will see…


These two chapters are being posted so that it matches with the other novel, which has 5 chapters currently.
The next week is a break from posting~ My vacation also started, so I need a break too-

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