As if falling asleep in an Instant, as if fainting, Kalia woke up with sparkling eyes.

“Wow, I slept so well.”


When she got out of bed and stretched, her body was light.

After checking the time, and although only about 3 hours had passed, the body seemed invincible.

As soon as Kalia stood up, she tried to move her body from side to side.
She slept well and woke up easily, so it was definitely more comfortable to move than yesterday.

In addition to being taken care of by Allen, she also seems to be affected by the effects of Simon's energy-boosting magic.

What's more, the potions Allen sent at the right time proved to be effective.

After drinking a glass of warm water, Kalia looked out the window.

'And what should I do now?'

She couldn't be indebted to the lord's castle.

Knowing the real identity of Kalia and Simon, the family said that they could stay there as long as they wanted, but they had to return home.

'Come to think of it, I made a promise to His Majesty.'

She will return when Simon finds her.

'…Then I should also return?'

In fact, the reason why she left the capital was to give birth to a child without anyone's unwanted interference.

Even if that 'someone' was Sasha's biological father, Simon, Kalia abandoned him out of greed.

To protect Sasha.

To protect the family she never had.

'But now I have Sasha, and Simon definitely noticed it.'

She insisted that it was not true, but the truth could come out at any moment.

That Sasha inherited his blood.

Then there was no reason to stay here.
She also had to keep her promise to His Majesty.


After a moment of silence, she remembered Simon's words again.

As her heart rate calmed and her mind cleared, she decided to think hard enough.

“In the future, I will show you my petty jealousy, I will beg until you look at me.
Until you trust me, until you trust my love…
Until I become your husband and lover.
Until you acknowledge me as the father of this child.”

Simon said he wanted to be her husband, lover, and Sasha's father.

It sounded like Simon's sincerity.

It was sincere and it seemed to be true.

you said you love me.”

These words must also be sincere.

Her face reddened again, and her once calm heart beat faster again.

This is the first time that Kalia has received such sincere recognition.
Also from Simon, whom she hadn't even thought about.

'I do not like him? No, that's not the point.'

She was not disgusted by his confession, and his kiss was sweet.

To be honest, she was delighted with the kiss with Simon.
Enough to want to keep kissing him.

'So I like Simon too?'


Kalia couldn't be sure of that.

For Kalia, the feeling of love for someone was very unfamiliar and difficult.
Simon too.

Okay, can she and Simon love each other? Just thinking about it made her head ache and her heart pound, as if she had touched a forbidden word.

“…But it might only be a matter of time before we move on, as Simon decided.”

Kalia scratched her cheek and went into deep thought.

If he whispered in a sweet voice, looking straight at her with those golden eyes, it seemed that feelings like love would arise without difficulty.
Who would resist? A man like Simon could easily seduce even a couple of people with such beauty.

This became even more dangerous after his harsh speech and temper became meek.

As if she was going to stand up and act cute at the mere touch of his hand, Kalia couldn't figure out how to handle Simon.


Kalia, who had messed up her long, matted hair, giggled as if she wanted to stop thinking about it.

“Well, everything will be fine.”

First of all, she should have returned to the capital.

And she had to officially enter Sasha into her family register, and also inform His Majesty about it.

As well as…

“My God!”


And then breaths were heard from the next room.


Kalia, who pricked up her ears, suddenly stood up at the cheers and went to Sasha's room.

* * *

“Wow, you are amazing! I have never seen such a mobile phone!”

“Ah! So this is a mobile phone ..? It will last a long time.
Are all mobile phones made by wizards?”

“Oh, just look.
Sasha likes it too!”

Hearing a loud noise, Kalia slowly raised her head and peered inside.
Three people crowded around the bed.
Of course, two of them were Hemmie and the nanny, but the last person was unexpected.

“What's Simon doing there?”

Unlike Hemmie and the babysitter, who were intently watching something in the crib, a satisfied smile flickered across his face as he took a step back with his arms crossed.

Kalia looked carefully at what was happening and noticed something flickering in the crib.

'What's it?'

As she was about to take a closer look, her eyes met Simon's, who turned his head towards the door.
He looked at Kalia and changed his free smile to one as bright as the sun.


Goosebumps ran down Kalia's spine as he called out to her in a low, languid tone that was the exact opposite of his dazzling smile.
He walked over, grabbed Kalia by the arm and pulled her closer to the cradle.

“Look at it.
I did.”

“What is it?”

Excited, Hemmie began to explain to Kalia what the thing was.

“It's mobile! Mobile! It is installed when the kids are put to bed or when they play alone.
Usually it just hangs like this…”

“There is a song, and an illusion effect comes out, this light appears and the sound is controlled, amazing!”


Simon made a mobile phone?

Surprised, Kalia looked at the phone hanging from the crib and noticed something very strange.

The magic emanating from the tip of the long wand above the blue stone covered the child's head.
Beautiful constellations twinkled against the black background, like a reproduction of the black night sky.

“This is a reproduction of the constellation of Sasha's birthday.
And if you press this button, these stars move like this, creating a channel.”

When he pressed the button, a river of stars formed over the baby's head.

When he pressed the button again in this state, three-dimensional black figures appeared and danced..

“I made a black and white reproduction, so you can only see the black and white image, but when I press the yellow button next to it, the color also spreads.”

By pressing the yellow button on the gem, the color began to spread over the image above the child's head, just like paint spreads on drawing paper.
When Simon pressed another button, this time a song came out.

“'The Starry Lullaby' by a Norman poet, which is said to be often used as a lullaby for babies, and 'Dance of the Sun', which I personally like, are included as the main music.
If there's some music you want to add, Kalia, I'll change it.”

Kalia was mesmerized by the jeweled pinwheels and the amazing stick toy.

“Oh, and the flickering that spreads out as the phone rotates is a kind of magic that gives peace of mind.
It looks like a blessing created by divine power, but it's just an imitation, so the effect won't be as good.”

After the last explanation, Simon looked at Kalia and asked with a dazzling look.
His eyes were full of pride, and Kalia's eyes were also wonderful.

What do you think, Kalia?

Kalia, who was shocked to the point of being speechless for a moment, didn't answer right away.

It was really great, and Simon's sincerity that he had done this miracle for the good of the baby made her feel strange.

It made an impression even in the midst of all her confusion, but she must have felt a little sloppy for being too touched.

However, she should answer honestly, right?

“Incredible,” said Kalia sincerely, thoughtfully.

But the strange thing was that at that moment everyone looked at Kalia with strange eyes.

Not only Simon, but Hemmie and the nanny.

“Is that all?”



'No, why is everyone looking at me like that?'

Kalia's eyes widened in embarrassment, and Simon sighed frankly.


He took a short breath and brushed back his flowing silver hair.

The bright sun, just past midday, illuminated the ends of his hair.
He looked at Kalia as if he was depressed and was about to say something, but then covered his mouth with his hand and shook his head.

“No, nothing…
Everything is fine.”

Simon's shoulders slumped as if what he had said was not true.

Kalia felt embarrassed again.

It was the first time he looked so gloomy.

'Did I say something wrong?'

Kalia, looking helpless, tried to ask for help from Hemmi, who was standing behind him.

Praise! More praise, please!'

She caught something about 'praise' from the first words.

'What, praise him more? How?'

Hemmi waved her hands in the air as if annoyed by Kalia, who couldn't even understand her prompt.

In other words: 'More! A lot more!' she struggled to convey that meaning, but she couldn't get through to Kalia.

Even the nanny intervened, unable to watch from the sidelines.

As a token of more praise, she grabbed Hemmie's hand and patted her head with it.

'Ah, that's how.'

It was then that Kalia's expression changed as if she understood something.

She fixed her eyes on Sasha and stroked the shiny and incomparable looking hair of a disgruntled Simon.

A silky smoothness gently clung to her palm.

She sincerely stroked Simon's hair.

“What are you doing now? Surprised, he lifted his head and looked at Kalia.”



Simon smiled as if it was funny.

Despite this, Kalia continued to stroke Simon's hair while looking at him.

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful phone.

A grinning Simon grabbed Kalia's hand, which was stroking his hair, and pulled her down.

Simon's lips touched the inside of her palm gently, then parted.

Yeah, thanks for the compliment.

The whispering voice turned into a tingle in her palm.

Simon rubbed his lips again against the palm, which twitched, trying to move.

“…I am glad.”

His eyes were fixed on Kalia, and that smile in his cat eyes was extremely dangerous.

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