s mouth with his hands, sarcastically, like he was actually surprised.

“It seems like what I’ve heard is true.
 That you were a rather prideful mage that looked down on people of low birth.
 Did your friend, Arthur Leywin, not prove you wrong in this aspect? ” The coa.r.s.e voice playfully edged me on, making me stop in my tracks.

I whipped my head around.
“What did you—”

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, although you were hailed as a prodigy in the field of magic and have been pampered with elixirs and strengthening methods since your awakening, you aren’t a match for the child, Arthur Leywin,” he shrugged, holding his hand up.

I could feel my fists whiten in frustration, but he cut me off before I was able to refute.

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“The sad thing is, he was never even trying.
 I bet even you always had a nagging suspicion that he had always been holding back, hahahaha!” He erupted into a fit of laughter as he clutched his stomach, legs kicking in the air.

“Who do you think you are?” I growled.

My body was already glowing as mana spilled out from my mana core, ready to fire at him, but I never did.
 This throbbing sense told me to not mess with him, like it was… hopeless.

No! I’m Lucas Wykes of the Wykes family!

But who the h.e.l.l was he and why did he talk like he was here the whole time, watching over us?

“I told you.
 I am but a mere benefactor that came here for the betterment of this land.”  As he said this, he got up and gave an exaggerated bow with his arms spread out.

Sitting back down on his crude throne, he continued, “Mr.
Wykes, I believe that, even if our views aren’t the same, we could have some sort of mutual benefits in this.”

“Go on,” I said through gritted teeth.

He ignored the fact that I was still completely surrounded by fire attribute mana, dangerously close to releasing it.

“Soon, I will be able to personally take part in this and when I do, I want to completely shatter the frail glue holding the three races together.
 However, until that time comes, I need your strength to help run things smoothly,” he explained.

“How do you personally plan on splitting up the three races and why would you think that doing this would even benefit me in any way? Besides, you think the Council and the Lances were made just for decoration?” I argued.

“The Council is tied up with various things at the moment, and I’ve taken extra precautions to make sure that your Director is held up and out of reach.
 The field is set, Mr.
Wykes, so let me ask you this –  how would you like to have the ever so cautious Arthur Leywin fight you at his full strength, and for you to obtain the necessary power to defeat him even then?” He lifted his hand up, beckoning me toward him.

“Obtain the power to defeat Arthur?”  I asked, controlling my expression to not look as dumbfounded as I felt.

“As long as you agree, I promise that you will get your hands on a level of power that you never thought was possible.”

I looked at the hooded figures and could tell that they were interested as well, but stayed quiet due to the fear of being the next victim of the masked man’s ‘discipline’.

This was all too good too be true.

“If what you say is true and he has been cautiously hiding his powers to the extent that he has, how are you going to get him to fight me at his most?” I scoffed, unwilling to believe.

“Quite simple, actually, and it is also a task that I need to get done as well so it works out.
 Arthur is only human and he holds great importance to his family and his friends, but particularly more so to one person,” he says as he lifts his index finger up, the smile on the mask most likely matching the sinister expression he had as well.

“Tessia Eralith…” I whisper, unable to hide the smirk on my face.

“Yes!  Tessia Eralith!  An elf!  On this sacred Xyrus academy, an elf is the leader of the students!  Do all of you think this is right?” he bellowed at everyone so his voice echoed in the small dungeon.

“““““““““““““““““““ NO! ””””””””””””””””””””””” the hooded figures all roared in unison.

“She may not be here yet but I reckon she will soon, and most likely with Arthur.
 Don’t you think that maybe a bit of elf princess blood being shed ought to get your buddy ‘ol pal, Arthur, riled up?” he sneered as his hands ignited in flames.

I never cared for the elf princess besides thinking that she suited my tastes.
 I let her be since her body hadn’t even matured yet but it did seem like something was going on between her and Arthur.
 Who does he think he is anyways to think that he deserved someone like the princess of the elven kingdom?  

He was just a lowly peasant.

As I began playing through the possible scenario in my head, I couldn’t help my lips from slowly curling upwards as I imagined his precious little lover’s life in my grasp as Arthur begs me to stop.
 The brat who always thought he was better than I was…on his knees.

I wonder if he’d lose his sanity if I were to slowly bleed her in front of him?

“Pfft!”  I couldn’t hold back my laughter any longer.
 “Why the h.e.l.l not!”

It was so simple!  Why didn’t I think of that? All we needed to do was to kill the elf princess!

Maybe I could have a little fun before killing her…

I began licking my lips in antic.i.p.ation.

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