”I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody ”

-Abraham Lincoln

I ran my fingers along the smooth surface of my desk, my eyes fixated on the dictionary, scanning over the thousands of words at the palm of my hands. I enjoyed reading, a little to much for my own good. I would tell my friends that im very much so into literature yet… I don really have any friends so to speak of. Im considered an outcast, a geek, a freak, a nerd. Yet somehow I put up with that bull-crap day after day. I never really knew why people would slap these stereotypical labels onto me, maybe its because I enjoy reading a little to much, or maybe its the fact that I suck up to the teachers, being well known for having straight As and being so polite. Im the definition of a ”Teachers pet. ”

Sometimes it gets very overwhelming, the constant teasing and bodies that hover over me to see what Ms. Freak over here is reading this time. Ive never saw it as bullying, not yet at least, but it was something that was close to being considered bullying. I just never really understood the purpose in it though. Bullying one another because of what, because they enjoy wearing different clothes, because they don like the same bands or consoles. Its completely and utterly stupid in my opinion, but not all bullies are the same. Some bullies are popular, and think that anyone who isn at their level, should be completely destroyed, mentally, and physically.

An obnoxious cackle screeches through my ears, making me snap out of my daze in an instant. I try to hold back a wince, but the utter sound made my body tense up as I feel the vile presence of the viper herself. Jenna, the lead cheerleader who always got what she wanted, when she wanted. She would pick on nearly everyone except for a few boys, her most favorite boy of them all, is Louis Evan. Yet her most favorite person to target would be me, Ms. Freak.

”So, Dork, what are you reading this time? Albert Einstein? Shakespeare? or even your most favorite thing of all, A history text book? ” Chuckled Jenna as she swipes the dictionary from within my grasp, her yank so powerful, making me spin around in my chair, fear filling my eyes as she held my dictionary in my hand. I could feel all the fear flowing through my veins as she closed the book, and decided to glance at the cover. She raises an eyebrow in confusion as she reads it over and over again, a small smirk starting to form at the corner of her bright red lips.

”A dictionary, youve got to be kidding me! ”, Jenna begins to burst out laughing, making me lean back into my desk, hoping it would prevent her cackling from ever reaching my aching ear drums. I began to narrow my eyes at her, pursing my lips to defend myself, but it was pointless, this wasn the first time that this has ever happened to me, they take something that is valuable to me, and just start laughing at me. It isn just Jenna and her squad who do this, its everyone in this god damn school. They aren fond of outcasts. They
e considered to be an abomination, or even, a stain on humanity.

The blood soon started to drain from my face as Jennas cackling soon came to an end, but the deafening laughter that filled the class still swallowed me whole as Jenna slowly flipped through the pages, giving off a smile every now and then. She was planning something, something that would obviously make my day worse. Suddenly she put her hands on the top of the pages of my book, and gave me her signature evil look. It was obvious on what she was going to do now.

I bit down painfully on my tongue, trying to hold back the urge to scream as she ripped the book up. Page after page flying up into the air as if it was trying to get free, but soon realizing what gravity was. How could she do this? My grandfather gave me that dictionary on my birthday, the last birthday he ever celebrated with me before he passed….. now its gone, that one thing I held to dearly in my life was gone. She wasn even looking at me, not even considering on how this is affecting me emotionally. ”No! Please no! ” I cried out, petrified, as I slowly began to reach out for my book, but I was unsuccessful. I felt the grip of someones arm pulling me back, making me gasp in fear, I was scared and sad at this moment. I soon jerked my head around my shoulder only to feel the blood in my veins go stone cold. It was the Jock of the school, the charmer boy, the one Jenna liked the most, Louis Evans.

His face was expressionless, a cold glint clouding in his mossy green eyes as his emotionless stare pierced through me. I was frozen in place, and him tightly gripping my arm started to increase my heartbeat into such an unhealthy pace. ”P-please don . ” I begged, as heavy tears started to blur my vision as I glance back at Jenna, my grey irises fixated on her face as she proceeded to grin from cheek to cheek in wicked mischief, still easily tearing up my book, page after page. ”Why? ” I whispered to myself as I felt the heavy tears slowly drop from my ever burning eyes, the feeling of them slowly running down my pale cheeks. This was the first time someone actually hurt me emotionally, and yet it felt like my heart was on fire, or it felt like they grabbed me by the throat, and proceeded to choke me till I couldn breathe. It felt bad, and yet here she was, still inflicting this pain onto me. I almost felt like passing out, but the class went silent.

The rough grip that once resided on my arm was gone. It suddenly felt like my arm gained all the blood that was missing in a matter of seconds. I began to wipe the hot tears from my eyes as I continued to breathe heavily as Louis circles around my desk, he was heading towards Jenna with large strides.

”What the hell are you doing!? ” Jenna demanded, my torn up dictionary still held within her grimy hands.

I peer down at the floor, so many ripped and crumbled up pieces of paper, all of them surrounding her in piles, I felt like I was gonna cry again, but I was consumed by the sadness that made my body feel weak. I was staring at the thing I desperately loved, but it was gone. All the pages laid scattered on the floor, some readable, others completely gone. ”Whats it look like Im doing? ” Louis said as his deep husky voice asked a question towards Jenna with a raised eyebrow.

”It looks like you need to see a doctor. ” She scoffed in annoyance, setting her hand on her hip as she gave Louis a death glare.

”And why might that be? Im perfectly fine Jenna, I can assure you that. If you
e so concerned about my well being, I can show you my most recent checkup, which was about two or three days ago. ” Louis said as he snapped back at her, his eyes sharply glaring at her. I continued to watch the two argue, it was like a tennis match, back and forth, yet in astonishment, I was deeply mortified on what the outcome may be.

Just then I realized something, I rubbed my eyes just to make sure I wasn becoming delusional. Jenna wasn paying any attention to my book, maybe this could be my chance to get it back. I proceeded to slide out of my desk, as I then quietly walked up to Jenna. She was obviously too busy fighting with Louis to even notice me, much to my relief. As I slowly extended my arm out towards the thick dictionary that she was still gripping in her hand. But before I could even touch the dictionary, Jenna was onto what I was doing. She whipped around, and slapped me harshly across the face within an instant. I yelped as I began to stumble back, tripping over my desk as the heat started to crawl up my cheek, making it fiery red. I could feel the tears threatening to come back and spill once more, but I managed to hold them back.

I held my cheek, pain surging throughout it from that stinging slap. I knew it would leave a mark, and for the first time in my life, I think I might actually need to wear foundation over it. I crawled on my knees, my back aching from the impact of the desk. I swallowed hard, only to glance up to see Jenna fuming with pure rage. The tension in the room was so thick to the point you could cut it with a butter knife and spread it on toast. Jenna was still gripping the book tightly, her other hand now turned into a fist, she charged at me like a mad bull. Yet she doesn get any farther than a few measly steps, because Louis grabbed her arm and pulled her back swiftly.

”Get a grip on yourself. ” He hisses, rolling his eyes as students watch the scene unfold, their jaws dropping.

”Defending that little runt, I see? ” She seethed, venom spewing from her mouth as she shook her head in distaste.

Louis throws a glance at me, yet he didn make a snarky comeback to what she said. He was strangely fixated on me. He grunted, as his misty gaze was set on me.

”Oh ** off. ” Growled Louis, he wasn glancing at me anymore, in fact he looked like he was refusing to look at Jenna, it was as if he was hiding something from her. Louis began trudging through the door. I couldn but help feel curious, wondering on why he refused to look at her.

The teacher eyes both Jenna and I carefully, she finally interfered with the fight. How could could Mrs. LaPlante just **ing sit there and watch me get pushed around like that without say a thing? She is the definition of a bystander. There are consequences for bullying, theres supposed to be a suspension policy for those who bully one another, but I guess nobody cares anymore.

”OFFICE, JENNA, NOW! ” Screeched Mrs. LaPlante sternly, as she pointed her index finger towards the door.

”Gladly. ” Snorted Jenna before tossing my dictionary to the floor, Jenna proceeded to stomp on it a few times before she left the classroom, swaying her hips from side to side with a smirk on her face.

I cringed, gazing down at the torn up, and squashed book. It was 100% ruined at this point, that one thing I desperately held onto was gone in so many ways.

”Id watch your back Ms. Thomas. ” Said Mrs. LaPlante ignorantly as she smirked while holding up her middle finger.

As I said before, Im not well liked in this school. I began to quietly look away, my heart aching like she just stabbed me with a knife that was coated in salt, and started to painfully twist it. What did I even do to her this time?

God, help me.


A/N: Hello everyone I hope you enjoyed the story so far, Im making some changes to it yet hope for everyone who has read this chapter to understand that I will try to update the new changes once a week. Please leave a vote and or a comment, this tells me what Im doing right, and what Im doing wrong. If you have any questions I recommend that you DM me.

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