Chapter 1 – The day I was exiled

“My son, Thor Regus.
The great Dolgarian Empire will send you to another country as a hostage.
The carriage is already here to pick you up.
It is your greatest honour to give your life for the Regus house.”

This was the voice of my father who spoke to me for the first time in two years.
Father distorted his lips, He had a face that looked like he thought of something pleasant.
I didn’t understand it at all.

“Father, I don’t understand the meaning.
Why am I a hostage for another country …?”
“Because it doesn’t matter even if you die.”

My father, the Duke Regus, spitted disdainfully.
Beside him, the Duke’s butler and the Guard Captain were laughing.
Neither of them will even make eye contact with me.

This is the imperial capital of the empire, home of the Duke of Regas.
In other words, it’s my parents’ house.
In the office of the Duke Barga Regus, I am listening to my father.

That said, I don’t really have any relations with the Duke’s family anymore.
I managed to find a job at the age of 13 and left home.
For four years I have lived as a commoner
I never intended to come back to the Duke’s house again.

But today, when I was working, a soldier from the Duke’s family came and brought me here without any questions.

My co-workers and boss saw me off at a distance.
It was not their fault.
The Duke’s family is the highest-ranking aristocrat.
Commoners cannot go against them.

I was put on a carriage and came to the duke’s mansion.
I was dragged into my father’s office and talked to him.

“What do you mean I’m a person that doesn’t matter even I die?”

There was no reply.

“I’m already out of the Duke’s family.
I don’t even use the surname of Regus.
Now I’m working as an imperial civilian.
My job is paperwork, inventory management, item repair, etc.
I haven’t made any mistakes.

“Shut up!! You’re a shame of the Duke’s family !!”

My father hit the table.

“If you can’t help out, you should just die silently.
Why do you argue against me !?”
“I don’t understand father.”

“Why don’t you understand!?”

I can’t understand.
There is almost no explanation other than “sending as a hostage” and “able to die”.

“As I said before? I don’t need anyone in my Duke’s family who doesn’t have combat skills !!”

The Duke shouted in a voice that echoed throughout the room.

But why do you look like you were told to do something unreasonable?
I was the one who was forcibly brought in and yelled at.

“My ancestors have taken the sword with His Majesty the Kings and created this Dolgarian Empire.
The first Emperor was also a companion of the hero! The Great Empire is the pride of all the empires! “
“I know.
“Therefore, all the imperial citizens need to be at the highest level of strength, especially for aristocrats.
My duke’s family must be a model for other aristocrats and all nations! But you!”

Just by looking at his father’s expression, I knew what was coming next.

“You don’t have any fighting skills! You can’t use offensive magic! You are the eldest son of a duke with a grandfather called “Swordmaster “! Do you understand my despair!? “

It’s been a familiar line since I was a kid.
I already know how to answer.

If I answer “I understand”, he will say “what do you undesrstand!” and a fist will fly at me.
If I answer “I don’t know”, he will say “Why don’t you know! And I am struck with a wooden sword.
So I have no choice but to shut up.

“── He seems to have no words.
Guard Captian! Butler! Tell us about the sins of Thor Regus!”
“” Yes sir!!””

The captain of the guard wearing a piece of armour and a butler wearing a black suit came out.

“── at the age of 10, Thor Regas was appraised for his skills.
Reportedly, he had no combat skills.
As the eldest son of the Duke’s family, it’s an embarrassing thing.

“── The second skill appraisal was done at the age of 12.
In addition to combat skills, he did not have any attack magic skills.
As an aristocrat, it’s an incredible blunder.”

As soon as the story was over, the two turned away and left.

This is the treatment of those who do not have combat skills.

The Dolgarian Empire has expanded its territory by force.
Therefore, both aristocrats and commoners attach great importance to combat abilities.
In particular, aristocrats who do not have combat skills will be looked down upon.
This is because all the aristocrats around the emperor have excellent combat skills.

So I left the Duke’s house.
I took an exam and became a civilian, doing paperwork and item repair work.

I’ve done my job properly.
Document work was suitable for me.
Besides, there were some jobs where I could use my skills.

“Sure, I don’t have combat skills.”

I looked back at the Duke and said.

“But I have an alchemy skill.”

My father’s face was distorted.
He has the same face as when he heard the result of skill appraisal when I was 10 and 12 years old.
I continued.

“My alchemy skill is useful for repairing items.
In fact, I am also entrusted with item management work at the government office.
If I polish my skill, I may be able to create new items.
That’s why I am saving up money and will eventually open my own workshop ── “
“There is no value in such a thing !!”

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