── What !?”
“Again, you are still not on board? But I think the best way to keep Thor-dono tied to this demon territory is a political marriage.
It’s too dangerous to let go of that kind of talent.
Anyone is fine, it doesn’t have to be Mabel.
“After that, if you keep the baby with the mother, it will be a good hostage to Thor-doon.
I don’t want to suspect him, but it’s just insurance.”
“Hostage …?”
“I know I’m reluctant to do it too.”
“Oh, I’m reluctant too.
Rather, I think it shouldn’t be done.”

Demon Lord Rukie shakes her head.

She knew that Thor was not a messenger but a hostage sent to the Demon territory.
There is no way he should have a political hostage that takes away the child as a hostage.
That’s something she would never do as Thor’s friend.

“I can’t forgive a political marriage that ignores Thor’s will.
If he says he wants to marry someone in the Demon territory … Then that’s a different story, but I will never allow the strategy to take hostages!! “
“I apologize if you feel offended.
Your Majesty.”

Chancellor Kelve withdraws obediently.

“But this is also for Your Majesty’s own good.
Please understand.”
“I know.
“Thank you”

Chancellor Kelve bowed to Demon Lord Rukie.

“U, umu.
It’s no good to lose your composure, Kelve.
Suddenly mentioning marrying Thor …good grief.”
“By the way, Your Majesty.”
“What is it this time !?”
“Why did you turn your head away when you just talked to me?”
“… The weather outside looks great”
“Can you please talk to me while looking at me? If possible, could you remove your mask ──”
“Eiiiiiiiiiiii! Don’t probe into a maiden’s heart!”

I unintentionally yelled.
It was a strange feeling.
Under my mask, my cheeks felt hot.

It was after hearing the words of Chancellor Kelve, about “The political marriage between Thor and Mabel.”
I involuntarily imagined that,

I was sitting alone next to Thor and Mabel, who are married and drinking tea.
It was supposed to be a tea party for three, but I felt really lonely.
I wonder why…

“── I’m sorry.
It seems that I lost my composure.”
I was impolite too.”
“I know Kelve is thinking of the country.
Take care of Thor.
If he obstructs the interests of the Demon Territory, let me know immediately.

“Thank you”
“By the way, Kelve”
“Yes, Your majesty.”

“Do you think that Thor will do anything that undermines the interests of the Demon Territory?”
“I think that he won’t.”
“As I thought.”

It seems that we agree.

(Because that person only thinks about making magic items)

He really is hopeless.
That is why I want to see him stand beside me.
It wasn’t the Demon Lord, but the feeling of the demon girl, Rukie herself.

“It’s already pretty late, I’ll be resting soon.”
“Thank you for your hard work.
Your Majesty.”
“Kelve must have been tired because many things happened today.”
“Yeah, there were indeed many things.”

Nodding again, Demon Lord Rukie and Chancellor Kelve, the two thought of the cause of “the various things” ── Thor.

Chancellor Kelve thought, “We have welcomed a ridiculous person from the empire.”
Demon Lord Rukie thought, “I have met a person who can’t take my eyes off.”
They left the Throne room and walked to their respective rooms──

“By the way, what does Mabel think of Thor?”
“Aside from the political, we need to confirm Mabel’s intentions too.”

The two thought of the same thing again.
It’s already late at night.
Mabel should be resting in the castle’s servant’s quarters.
Let’s ask her tomorrow.

With Demon Lord Rukie thinking as a maiden and Chancellor Kelve thinking practically ──

A night in the Demon Castle passed.

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