Chapter 14 – The First Night In The Demon Territory

Thanks to Masked Anon for pointing out the plot hole.
Changed the function of automatically collecting and sorting “important items” of [Simple Warehouse] to “important/rare items.” or else, everything that entered in there would be taken away.
It’s still R-15 after all.

── About the same time, Thor’s perspective──

After I promised a tea party with Demon Lord Rukie and Mabel, Mabel brought a table, chairs, and a tea set to the room.

The tables and chairs were pretty big.
I was worried about whether it would fit through the door of the [Simple Warehouse].
But as expected of an item from the Hero’s world it sucked in a table and chairs that was bigger than the entrance.

After that, we prepared for a tea party in the [Simple Warehouse].
The table was covered with cherry-colored tablecloths, and the chairs were topped with cushions.
Mabel brought tea leaves and put them in the storage space she made beside the table.
After sighing with satisfaction, she loosened the breast part of the sweaty maid outfit ──


I noticed my gaze and I turned bright red.

“I, I’m sorry! I was just in a daze…”
“N, no it’s fine……”

I feel like Mabel is gradually getting more relaxed when she’s with me.

“It was the first time I saw Rukie-sama looking so happy.”

Suddenly, Mabel muttered.

“Rukie has been raised as a successor of the Demon Lord since she was little.
Because the predecessor Demon Lord was a strong person, he was strict on Rukie-sama.
He could fight on an equal footing with dozens of monsters, and he wanted Rukie to have the same power too.

“It’s similar to my house”

I have been trained by my father since I was little.

Rather, I think it was more like abuse.

My dad didn’t hide his annoyance to me, who had no fighting skills.
He continued an unreasonable training, saying that he would not allow me to stop until I attained power equal to him.
I kept swinging the wooden sword until I couldn’t move, and I was made to have mock battles with professional swordsman.
That’s why I left the Duke’s house on my own will.

But … Rukie must be different from me, who has no combat power.

“Her Majesty has powerful dark magic power, right?”
“Of course.
In magic, no one is a match for Rukie-sama.”
“Then why does she still hide her true appearance?”
“Because some people in the Demon territory believe in physical strength.
For those people, the Demon Lord’s appearance will still look weak.”
“I guess those kinds of people are everywhere.”
“But I think everyone will change in the future.”

Mabel thought a little and said,

“If we look at history the Humans only won because they used a summoning ritual.
In reality, everyone knows that power alone cannot do anything.”
“On the contrary, in the Empire power is everything.”
“Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.”

We sighed at the same time for some reason.

“I’ll need to be careful of the people who “believe only in strength and physical power.”
That’s right.”
“By the way, the Chancellor is different, isn’t he?”
“Kelve-sama is on Rukie’s side.
The one who you should be careful is Flame General Reisenga?”
“What kind of person is he?”

“His height is two and a half meters.
He has a muscular body build.
His hair is as red as flames, and when he gets angry, he blows fire from his mouth.”

I want to see how he blows fire, but I’m scared.

“The Reisanga clan is the descendants of flame giant Ifrit.
The Flame General is a famous figure that is part of the military factions.
“Speaking of flame giant Ifrit, is it the same one as the one where the Demon Lord entrusted him with the fort of Mt.
Flame and fought a fierce battle with the Heroes? “
“[The 7-day battle of Mt.
That’s right Reisenga is a descendant of that flame giant who protected the fort.”
“So is that why he values strength so much?”
“Yes, it was because he admired his ancestor.”
“… I should stay away from him.”
“I agree too.”

Mabel was mumbling.
It looked like she was trying to say something but decided not to say it.

“But not all of Reisenga’s clan attach great importance to strength … Some are kind, way too kind.”

Mabel shook her head and said so.
And then as if she thought of something,

“That’s right.
More importantly, I have to show Thor-sama around the Demon Castle.”

She clapped her hands and said so.

“That was the plan.
Just to confirm we’re doing it tomorrow?”

I will live in the Demon territory from now on.
First of all, I want to be able to walk around the castle without being lost.

After that Mabel and I left the warehouse.
While I was working on this and that, the sun was setting already.

“Thank you for everything.
“As I said before.
Please call me “Mabel” without using -san.”
“Was it like that?”
“Yes, and I don’t need any honorifics.”

Mabel smiled mischievously.

“I have been ordered to treat Thor-sama as a guest.
I don’t know if it’s the same in the empire, but in the Demon Territory, the guests have the same rank as the Chancellor and the Minister.
In other words, Thor-sama is in a position far above me.

“Even if you say that…”
“In addition, Thor-sama is an alchemist that directly reports to Her Majesty, Aren’t you?”
“But Mabel-san has taken care of me──”


When I noticed, Mabel put her white finger on my lips.
Then she put it on her lips,

“You don’t even need to use honorifics.
Please speak casually.”
“… Okay.
Nice to meet you.”
“Yes, Thor-sama.”

We looked at each other and laughed.
Today is the first day since I came to this Demon territory.

However, I feel calm as if I had been here for a long time.

This was not the case in the Royal capital.
The aristocrats were always competing for “who is stronger”.
Even the civilians and civil officers were competing for who was more distinguished and who could be more intimidating.
It was after coming to the Demon Territory that I noticed it was such a tiring thing.

“Thor-sama please stay here all the time.”

Mabel said after kneeling on the floor.
She held my hand and said,

“If you stay, I, Mabel Refrain vows to serve you with all my might.”
“… Mabel?”
“Well then, good night, Thor-sama!”

Mabel stood up, bowed, and left the room.
I was surprised.
It was the first time I recieved such an oath.
In the empire, that’s a way to swear allegiance, but what about the Demon Territory? Let’s check it out later.

“… Today is still the first day since I came to the Demon Territory.”

There were various things.
I found a book from another world and made magic items.
I’m satisfied.
I’m glad I came to the Demon Territory.
Mabel said, “Please stay here all the time,” but I think that’s probably the case.
I’m not going back to the empire anymore.
Or rather, there is no place for me in the empire.
So let’s make this Demon Territory a more convenient place.
As the Alchemist Thor Regus who serves the Demon Lord Rukie.

──To surpass the world of heroes.

With that in mind, I fell asleep.

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