Chapter 15 – Intermission: Events In The Empire (2)

──When Thor arrived at the Demon territory, in the Dolgarian Empire──



This is the guest house in the Royal Capital.
The aristocrats were enjoying the evening party here.

Many famous aristocrats are gathered and out of all the Aristocrats, Duke Barga Regas receives the most attention.

“──Oh, Duke Barga Regas is here.”

“── As expected, the number one aristocrat in the empire.

“── Rumor has it that he offered his son as a hostage to the Demon King’s territory for the sake of the empire.
What loyalty …”

As the Duke walked through the party, he heard the whispers of the aristocrats.

The strength of Duke Regus ranks high among the imperial aristocrats.
Using water attribute magic, he would stop the enemy’s movement.
After that he would use his sword to kill them.
Its destructive power was recognized by all aristocrats here.

“Oh dear, did I get too strong? It’s such a hassle to get so much attention.”

The Duke shrugged.
Next to him, the butler smiles to curry favour.

“It can’t be helped.
To expand the territory of the Empire, Duke-sama’s power is needed.
It is from now on that Duke-sama’s house will rise to glory.”

“Well, that disgrace is gone now.
My house’s future is looking good.”

“………… Y, yes”

“What’s wrong? You’re stuttering”

“N, no.
Um, Duke-sama.”

The butler timidly asked,

“It’s about Thor’s “Alchemy” skill…”


The Duke shot a glance at the butler.

“Don’t mention him! He went to the Demon territory as an aristocrat and became a hostage.
He helped the empire as an aristocrat.
That’s it.
Never mention that name again !!”


“You spoiled my happy mood.
Bring me something to drink.”


With a bow, the butler ran to the place where the drinks were.

The Duke looked around.
The aristocrats were looking at him, but he decided to ignore it.
Today is an important day.
He needed to prepare to welcome a guest.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Liana will attend today’s party and the Duke is supposed to be the first person to welcome her.

“Oh, oh, Her Highness is here !!”

After a while, the door of the hall opened and the princess in a dress appears.
Cherry-colored hair and blue eyes, she was Liana, the third princess of the Empire.
Not only is she beautiful, but she also has powerful light magic power.
The princess looked around the hall, she looked towards Duke Barga Regus,

“──There are people who are not suitable for this place in here.
Get rid of them.”

She waved her hand as if she was looking at something filthy.


The guards grabbed the Duke’s arm.

“… Duke Regus.
This is the order of Princess Liana.
Please leave immediately.”

“What are you talking about!? Don’t you know that I’m Barga Regus!?”

“I know.
Please come this way.”

“Let go of me!”

The Duke shook off the guard’s hand and started walking towards Princess Liana.

“Please wait a moment, Your Royal Highness! Why should I leave! What crime have I committed!?”

“Duke Regus.
I don’t want to talk to you.”

“What in the world are you angry about!?”

“…So it is possible for you to say such a thing.”

Princess Liana looked at the Duke.
Her blue eyes seemed to be burning in anger.

“You put me and my friends in danger! How dare you say such a thing!”


“I asked your house to repair the magic sword.
Do you remember?”

“Y, yes”

The Duke nodded.
If I recall correctly, I feel like I received such a request from the palace.
Weapon management is a butler’s job, so I should have entrusted it to him──

“I received a magic sword from the Duke’s house that said that it was definitely repaired.
However, the magic sword couldn’t withstand my magic power, and from the part that supposedly was fixed, it started cracking until the blade crumbled into pieces!”

“W, what!?”

“On top of that, I was also fighting a monster.”

The words of the princess make the surrounding aristocrats buzz.
The aristocrats all have combat skills and have also experienced battles with monsters.
They also know what would happen if a weapon broke in battle.

“I was almost killed by a demon beast.
It was thanks to my companion who protected me that I survived.”

The princess looked down painfully.

“I looked it up later and found out why the magic sword broke.
The place that was chipped before was “fixed” by only attaching on an ordinary piece of metal.
That part blocked the flow of my magic power, and as a result, the sword itself crumbled.
It was Duke Regus who repaired it, isn’t it? “

“── P, please wait a moment…”

The Duke’s face turned pure white.
He could clearly hear the voices of the aristocrats around him.

“Oh my, Duke Regus did such a sloppy repair?”

“──Was it a magic sword repair? I know it’s difficult.
But he should have just said that he couldn’t do it …”

“──Do you know how dangerous it is to break a sword during battle? The Duke ──”

The Duke couldn’t believe what was happening right now.
This must all be a dream.

My Duke’s family eliminated that nuisance.
From now on, I was supposed to run up the path of glory.
Being blamed by the princess and being pointed at by the aristocrats, it was the worst.

“W, well, it was the Alchemist’s decision to do a sloppy job!”

The Duke shouted.

“Alchemists are just like Blacksmiths that are a little strange.
With that good-for-nothing skill, they probably thought that they could deceive everyone.
The one that should be punished should be the Alchemist! is it not!?? “

“I thought so too, so I went to the workshop, but what I received were these documents.”

Princess Liana nodded at the maid.
The maid handed a piece of parchment to the princess.
The princess spread it out and showed it to all aristocrats.

“Here’s the documentary evidence.
“It’s difficult to completely repair the magic sword.
Therefore, Duke Regus asks the workshop just to repair it on the surface.
All responsibility is taken by Duke Regus.” There is the seal of the Duke’s house, and the signature of the Duke’s Butler.
Please take a look, everyone.

“──── What !?”

“” Oh oh oh !?””

The venue stirred.
Furthermore, the princess continues.

“The alchemist at the workshop said that the magic sword had been correctly repaired halfway through.
But because a small chip was left, the sword still broke.”

The princess nodded, and the maid presented her a sword broken into pieces.
As she said, most of the sword was broken.
All that remained was the handle and a part of the blade.

“It’s strange.
All that remained except for the handle was the part that was repaired correctly before, I managed to catch the monster’s claws with it, otherwise, I would have been a goner.

“So, your Highness didn’t use the magic sword for ceremonies …?”

“Recently, my light magic power has become stronger, while doing ceremonies, it was also decided for me to subdue monsters.
Didn’t you receive the information?”

“… U, Uuuuuuu”

“Anyways, I’m would like to meet the one who correctly repaired the magic sword and saved my life.
It seems that some alchemists are still useful.
I want to use that person as my tool.
Could you tell me the person’s name and whereabouts? “

Said the princess.
The Duke had a headache.
He didn’t know who correctly repaired the sword.

Even in the case that he knew the alchemist who restored the magic sword correctly ── Thor, he has gone to the Demon territory already.
He might be in jail or maybe he’s dead already, who knows.
It’s impossible to call him back.

“… Well, the first person that repaired that sword was … probably a wandering alchemist.
I don’t know where he is now.”

“Is that so? It is regrettable that his whereabouts are unknown.”

The princess sighed.

“In any case, I don’t want to see your face.
Get out.
Refrain from appearing in front of the Imperial family for a while!”

“Y, your Highness !?”

“The talk ends here.”

Princess Liana didn’t even look at the duke again and walked past him.

“── I’m sorry to disturb the party.
Everyone, Let’s continue.”

When the princess clapped her hands, the music that has stopped began to play again.
The aristocrats resumed the conversation as if the Duke did not exist.

The guards pull the Duke out of the building.
The absent-minded Duke Regus could not even resist.
He was taken out of the guest house and left alone outside.
That was it.
The guards also started doing their work, assuming that there was no such thing as the Duke there.

“── D, duke-sama…”

When he came to his senses, the butler, with a deep blue face stood next to him.

“… you … what did you do!”

The Duke shouted.

“You only repaired the appearance of the magic sword!? On top of that, you left such an obvious evidence behind… Don’t be silly! Isn’t it your fault that I’m in such a shameful position?!”

“I, I, I’m sorry!! But, the thing about …”

“Shut up! I don’t want to see your face.
For a while your punishment would be imprisonment in jail, then I’ll decide how to deal with you!!! “
“No way!?”

“Oh, the carriage and the escort soldiers are here.
Just in time.”

The Duke’s carriage came and pulled over.

“Take this guy.
Don’t let him show up in front of me for a while.”

The Duke told his soldiers.
The soldiers nodded and dragged the butler away.

“Duke-sama, p, please forgive me.”

The Duke boarded the carriage, while the butler’s voice got further and further.

“This incident- no, this accident caused my Regus house’s honor to fall to the ground.
But it’s okay, I have a way to recover.”

To get accomplishments.
It shows that your existence is a great advantage to the empire.

“I have a strategy for that.
I have no plans to bring new benefits to the empire, but if I take advantage of the demons and demi-humans … I can regain my fame.
No, I should be able to reach even higher heights.”

While muttering, the Duke headed back to the mansion.

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