Chapter 16 – Getting Guided Around The Demon Castle

── Thor’s perspective ──



The morning of the second day after coming to the Demon King’s territory.

“Good morning.
Are you awake?”

When I was absent-mindedly staring at the ceiling on my bed, I heard a knock and Mabel’s voice.
By the way, I was planning to have her show me around the Demon Castle today.

“Good morning.
I’m awake already.
Please take care of me today too.”

Please take care of me too.
Then I will prepare breakfast immediately.”

After a short while, Mabel brought breakfast.
Today’s Mabel’s silver hair is tied up behind her.
The apron is also freshly washed, and her facial expression is somewhat enthusiastic.
When I asked what happened,

“Today, I thought I’d show Thor-sama about the inside of the castle … I woke up early … I had my hair straightened from the morning and I was smoothing out the wrinkles on my apron.
…… “

── That seems to be the case.
I shouldn’t fuss too much about it.

By the way, the breakfast menu is hard-baked bread, omelet and salad.
In addition, I had freshly brewed tea.

The bread is a little hard, but the sweet nuts are kneaded into it like yesterday.
The Tamagoyaki is rich and creamy too.
The tea was prepared by Mabel in front of me, so it had a very nice scent.

I told Mabel, “Let’s eat together,” but she shook her head apologetically.
It seems that she had already eaten in the cafeteria.

By the way, people of various races live in Demon Castle, and it seems that the breakfast menu is different depending on the race and person.

“Thor-sama’s menu is the same as Demon Lord Rukie’s.”

I spurted the tea out of my mouth.
No matter how high the position of a guest is, eating the same food as the Demon Lord is too much.

“Is it not to your taste?”

“No, no, it’s delicious enough.
It’s okay if it’s a little simpler.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Is that so?”

“Thor-sama is a guest of Demon Territory.
Also, you are an alchemist who reports directly to Her Majesty … As the one serving you, I must serve something adequate.”

“I’m happy with ordinary food.
It was the same when I lived in the Royal Capital too.”

“What was the breakfast in the Royal Capital?”

“I ate bread I bought three days ago by dipping it in soup little by little.”

“… If that’s the case, you should get the necessary nutrients here then.”

Mabel puffed her cheeks out.

“In addition, Chef-san of the Demons was also enthusiastic.
“I want customers in the human world to eat this dish.
I want to hear their impressions and learn about human cooking.” he said”

He seems to be a good chef.

“I want to meet that person.”

“Yes, then we will go meet him when we tour the castle.”

“It looks like most of the people in the Demon Territory are enthusiastic about studying.”

“Because the Demon Territory has the experience of being defeated by humans and heroes from another world.”

Mabel thought a little and then said so.

“The current slogan of Demon Territory is “The right person in the right place, let’s do what we can!.

“Then, I guess I’ll need to study in the Demon Territory too then.
Before that, can you give me another cup of tea?”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

While talking about this and that, I enjoyed the meal.

Mabel’s story was interesting and she listened to me with interest.
After the meal, we drank tea and continued the story.

Then, after spending a relaxing time ──

I was guided by Mabel to look around the Demon Castle.

“First of all, I think it’s better to remember the location of the entrance.
From here, you can go to all the places in the castle.”

Mabel guided me to the entrance, just after the main gate of the Demon Castle.

It’s a stone hall with a large statue along the walls.
Minotaurs that seem to be gatekeepers stood at the entrance of the castle with spears.
Mabel told me that if I get lost, I should go ask them.

“Thor-sama’s room is on the 3rd floor of the west wing.
Our maid’s room is on the 1st floor of the same west wing.”

Holding my hand, Mabel said so.
The special characteristics of an elf, her pointy ears, were slightly red.
My guide today has a formal job as a maid, so maybe she’s a bit nervous?
Even so, Mabel enthusiastically continued to explain the castle.

“Mabel, what about that big staircase?”

I pointed to a wide stair in front of the entrance.

“It’s a very nice structure, maybe it’s connected to where the Demon Lord-sama is?”

“That’s right.
It’s connected to the throne room and the Demon Lord-sama’s room and office.”

“Then, it’s better to get permission before climbing it.”
“That’s right … but”

Mabel leaned closer and whispered into my ear,

“… I think Her Majesty herself would be happy if Thor-sama visits.
However, it is better to get permission before going.”

“Un, I got it”

She may be receiving visitors or working.

“And what is that statue beside the stairs?”

“That is the statue of the first Demon Lord-sama.”

Mabel approaches the central stairs and kneeled in front of the statue.
I did the same.

Next to the wide central staircase was a statue resembling a woman.
The height is less than 2 meters.
There are large horns behind her ears, and her body is wearing armour and a cloak.
The body of the statue is made of stone, but the sword she is holding seems to be made of metal.
It reflected the light of the room and shines dully.

“The First Demon Lord-sama is holding a magic sword made of an ore that fell from heaven.
It is said that the First Demon Lord-sama used it to fight heroes.
But what’s over there …”

“… A replica magic sword that only resembles the shape?”

I whispered to Mabel.
Mabel nodded and said,

“Thor-sama, you seen through it with only a glance?”

“I knew because I didn’t feel the magic power from that sword.”

Thanks to the skill [Creation Alchemy], I somehow knew that the sword of the statue has is just an imitation for decoration use.

“It is said that the magic sword broke in the battle against the Heroes and went missing.”

Mabel teaches me while looking up at the statue.

“There are also other versions of the story like the hero took it away or the Demon Lord threw it away because the ability of the sword was broken.
Currently, the whereabouts of the sword are unknown.
It is an unfortunate thing.”

“Yeah, it’s regrettable.”

“It is a treasure of the Demon Territory, I wanted to show it to Thor-sama by all means──”

“──I wanted to try to fix it though.



Mabel and I looked at each other.
Then Mabel pondered a bit,

“It’s a sword made of ores that fell from heaven.
It might be possible to Thor-sama but…”

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about the missing one.”

“Please tell me if you find it.
Demon Lord-sama will be pleased.”

“……I know”

Suddenly, I imagined Demon Lord Rukie without her mask happily laughing while holding the magic sword.
Yeah … let’s find an opportunity and look for it later.

Or rather, I could perhaps make a sword that is better than the original
I can make use of the dark magical power of the Demon Lord Rukie to increase its power.
Also, she has a short reach because she is small, so to prevent her from being in danger maybe something like a whip sword or something that shoots dark magic.

“…Yeah, that should fit Her majesty perfectly.”

“Thor-sama is so kind”


“I can tell by looking at your face.
Did you imagine Her Majesty being happy?”

Mabel grabbed my hand.

“If there is anything I can do, please tell me.
I will spare no effort in cooperation.”

“No, I just wanted to make various things with [Alchemy].”

“… Either way, please don’t hesitate, because we are friends who share secrets.”

Softly, Mabel whispered into my ear.
Somehow, I felt a bit embarrassed.

I felt something soft touching my arm.
When I looked over I saw Mabel’s chest firmly planted there.
I wanted to shake her off, but she firmly held onto me.
Unconsciously, my cheeks started to feel hot.

I accidentally listened to the surroundings ──

“… Mabel-sama is hugging the guest.”

“…and she’s making such a happy face.”

“… What happened between the guest and Mabel-sama?”

The minotaurs and others were glancing over here.
After realizing that, Mabel let go of me.
Looking at my slightly sweaty hands, I blushed again.

I coughed to gloss over it.

“W, well then, I will continue to guide you.”

“P, please do.

“We will head to the kitchen and bathhouse next.
Well then ── “

With that said, when Mabel started to walk ──

“What! Is that the guest from the empire!? He looks quite frail!”

A loud voice resounded in the entrance.

I felt like I could hear his footsteps from here.
From the stairs on the east side, a giant person was coming down.

The first thing I saw was his thick legs.
Every time he stepped down a step of the stairs, his pants would creak as if it was about to tear.
What I saw next was a tanned-bronze-colored torso.
His bare upper body is covered with thick muscles, and something like a heat haze is rising up.
Finally I saw, a face with a beard.

The height of the man is about two and a half meters.
His hair is bright red and sways like a flame.
I remembered the story I heard from Mabel.
No way is this person──

“Flame General Reisenga …?”

Guest, you know my name?”

The red-haired man showed his teeth and laughed.

“I am one of the generals who serve Her Majesty, Flame General Reisanga.
I heard that a guest from the Empire came, so I came here to see what kind of person he is.”

“… Thank you, I appreciate your consideration.”

I thanked General Reisenga in the manner of an aristocrat.

“My name is Thor Regus, an alchemist from the Dolgarian Empire.
Please take good care of me in the future.”

“I know your name, but it wasn’t worth seeing your face.
My daughter would be disappointed too”


Next to General Reisenga, there was a person wearing armor all over her body.
A helmet on her head and full plate armor on her body.
Her feet are also covered with metal armour.
I can’t see the color of her skin, let alone her face.

This is my daughter.
Her name is Agnis.”

“……Nice to meet you”

I heard a quiet voice.
The person in armor is about the same height as me.
She’s hiding behind General Reisenga.

While patting the shoulder of the person in armor, General Reisenga said,

“Look closely, Agnis.
I thought that if he came from the military empire, he would be a powerful warrior … but he’s a boy who feels like a civil officer.”

“D, dad”

“This doesn’t seem to be useful in combat.
Is it?”

“That’s right.
I’m not for combat.”

I said.

That’s a shame.

General Reisenga laughed while holding his throat.

“If you were an imperial warrior, I was planning for you to have a match with my daughter.
It would have been fun to see how strong my daughter is compared to the guest from a great military nation.”

“Father, that’s too rude …!”

“Control your emotions, Agnis.
Your flames are leaking out.”

It was exactly as Reisenga said.
The person in armor – Agnis’ helmet was spouting flames.
Holding the flame down with his hand, Flame General Reisenga continues to speak.

What did you say your name was?”

“I’m Thor Regus.”

“I see, then Thor.
Please tell me some of the names of the strong in the Empire.
I am in charge of the mountainous area in the southern part of the Demon territory.
There are many opportunities to meet people from the empire.
If there is a strong person, I definitely want to have a match with them.”


Suddenly, Mabel screamed next to me.
She clasped the skirt of her maid outfit and stared at General Reisenga.

“Thor-sama is a guest and is an Alchemist that reports to directly to Her Majesty.
It would be rude to call his name without any suffixes!?? Besides, you shouldn’t try to find information about the empire in such a place!!!”

“I see, Guest?”

“Are you dissatisfied?”

“I respect Her Majesty’s idea of ​​learning from the human world.”

General Reisenga looked at me and Mabel and nodded.

“But I still think we should learn from the strength and fighting power of the empire because my daughter Agnis can only exert her power on the battlefield.”

“Demon Lord Rukie-sama wants a peaceful world.”

“And so you treat someone that has no fighting power as a guest? There is something called a limit to things.”

Reisenga, who slowly descended the stairs, stood in front of me.
The arms are also thick.
It seems that I can be blown away with a single stroke.

“Thor Regus.
What can you do? How are you going to help the Demon Lord when you can’t fight?”

“I can use Alchemy and strengthen the armor of your daughter.”

Looking back at General Reisenga’s crimson eyes, I replied.
That’s because I was interested in that armor from a while ago.

According to Mabel, General Reisenga has flame Giant Ifrit’s blood.
If so, her daughter should be the same.

The armor she wears has [Fire Resistance].
Flame Giants are good at controlling magic power of fire and flames.
The person who draws the blood has [Fire Resistance] throughout the body.
But the armor with [Flame Resistance] seems to be cramped.
It’s like wearing clothes to seal yourself.

Is the attribute of the armour [Earth]?
To make an item flame resistant, in theory, you should add the earth attribute.
The water attribute is good for extinguishing fires, but not for enduring.
If the water attribute is too strong, water vapor will spurt out, and if it is too weak, the attribute will lose to the fire and disappear.

The Earth attribute is stable and consistent.
There are iron and rocks on the ground that only melt at high temperatures.
By adding the characteristics of those objects you can grant fire resistance.

Most likely the strength of the fire resistance of the armour is increased by stacking two different Earth attribute objects.
Seeing Agnis move lightly, it may be that the weight of it is reduced by adding wind attribute to it.
Interesting, I definitely want to strengthen it further.

“The armor seems to be not able to withstand the heat and the joints of it seem to be loose.
I’m an alchemist.
If you want, I can strengthen the armor.

An armor with a double “Earth attribute” is a fairly rare item.
I don’t want to see it break.
I definitely want to investigate and repair it.

“I intend to help Demon Lord-sama in that way.
How about it?”

“… It’s none of your business, Human Alchemist “

But General Reisenga stares at me with his crimson eyes.

“Only a strong warrior can touch my daughter.
There is no reason for a weak alchemist to touch my daughter’s clothing.”

“Father! Saying that sort of thing…”

“We’re going back, Agnis.
It was a waste of time.”

After saying that, Reisenga goes up the stairs.
Agnis stopped halfway while following her father.
She looked at me and bowed deeply.

When I bowed back, Agnis followed her father and ran up the stairs.

“” … Haa “”

When the two were out of sight, the gatekeeper Minotaurs sighed.

“Thor-dono is amazing.”

“Not stepping back while in front of that Reisenga.
I’m surprised.”

“As expected of a person from the Empire.”

Wrong, it was because I was too focused on the armor that I didn’t have the time to think about the General.

“Weren’t you scared, Thor-sama?”

Mabel was staring at my face.

“That Reisenga-sama has a strength that is in the top 5 of the Demon Castle.
How much courage do you have, to argue openly in front of him?”

“I was merely drawn into that armor.
It wasn’t courageous or anything.”

“Into the armor?”

“And … I’m weak.
I can be killed by people who are stronger than me above a certain level.”

I’ve seen a lot of strong opponents in the empire.
I had no fighting skills, there were a lot of people who could kill me in one blow.
While facing such opponents, my feeling of fear seems to be numb.

“Well then, I will continue to guide you to the Demon Castle.”

Mabel nodded with a smile as if to dispel the tense air.

“There is still something I would like Thor-sama to see.
First, let’s go to the balcony and see the view of the Demon territory.
After that, it’s the kitchen.
It’s about time for the preparation for lunch to begin.
Maybe you can snack on some things? “

“I understand.
Thank you, Mabel.”

I’m wondering what kind of cooking utensils are used in the Demon Lord’s territory.
Besides, while listening to the story of the people in the kitchen, some inspirations for new magic items may come to mind.

Actually, I’m curious about General Reisenga and Agnis …
But I don’t think it’s something I can talk about here.
Let’s ask when the tour is over and we return to my room.
Mabel will probably tell me lots of things.

“Then, let’s go to the kitchen.”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

In this way, Mabel and I resumed the “Demon Castle Guided Tour”.

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