it are a pair of armor for the hand and foot.

Where is the owner of these things?
I’m certain that there was a “Vacant” sign on the bathhouse door.
Besides, the dressing room is behind a door, and this is a resting area.
It’s not a place to take off your armor.

Thinking about that, I looked around … I noticed a small door in the corner of the resting area.

Above the open door is a sign with [Salamander’s Boiling water place] written.
The hot water in the bath seems to be leaking out of the room.

Speaking of salamander, he was a subordinate of Ifrit.
It wouldn’t be strange for Agnis-san to visit.
And … Looking at General Reisenga, I feel like people would be angry if I pass by without a greeting.
I’ll use the bath, so I should at least say a word.
With that in mind, when I approached the door that was still open ──

“Hey, hey.
It’s not ok to be mischievous.

I heard a high-spirited voice.

Three Salamanders are flying around in the dimly lit room.
The size of Salamander is around 1 meter.
It was a lizard with bat-like wings on its back.
Clad with crimson flames, every time it breathes, flames erupt from their mouth and nose.

At the center of the salamanders was a girl with red hair.
While her flame-like hair sways, she moves around as if she was dancing.

Every time she reaches out, a flame erupts from her fingertip.
The flame is sucked into a boiler, with a sizzling noise, steam rises up from the tank.
A metal tube extends from the tank.
From the direction the tube is going, it may be connected to the bath.
I see the bath is boiled like that.
It’s a good reference.

If the flames are too strong, Salamander, who is in charge of controlling the stove, pats her cheeks.

The girl laughs, “I’m sorry, I’m not good at controlling.” and keeps a distance from the stove.
The Salamanders perches on her shoulder and screams with satisfaction.
The flame that floats from the girl’s hair and the flame that overflows from the wings of Salamander are intertwined and become one flame.

Maybe because she’s happy, the girl hugs Salamander.
Salamander is buried in between her chest and he turns his head around as if embarrassed.
I just noticed that she was naked.

Of course, she is.
Both the girl and the salamander are clad in flames.
There is no clothing that can withstand the flames of a Flame Giants’ descendants and the Flame Spirits.
The figure of the girl in flames was so natural that I didn’t notice before that she was naked.

It’s a bad habit of mine to be absorbed in beautiful things, including people and items.
Thinking so, I hurriedly moved away.

But it was too late.
Salamander was already aware of my existence.
So when I moved, the Salamanders also moved.
They looked at me in unison and growled at me.
The girl who saw their action also looked this way── and made eye contact with me.

Crimson eyes ── Eyes of the same color as General Reisenga.
The skin of the girl Agnis is dyed in a cherry blossom color.
Then to scarlet and then to deep crimson.
An orange scale-like thing emerged from her skin.
Her Crimson hair rose like a flame ── swaying ─ and a flame emerges─ ─

“──── !?”

Flames shot out from the girl, Agnis.

“” Guru ──── !! “”

Immediately after, the salamanders hurled themselves at the door.
Just before the flame goes out of the boiling room, an iron door slams shut.
Still, the flame leaked a little, so

“Launch [Ultra-small simple warehouse].
Store flames!”

I took out a palm-sized [Simple Warehouse] from my pocket.
When I open the warehouse door with my fingernail, With a fwish sound the flames were sucked in.
The inhaled flame continued to burn in the [Simple Warehouse] for a while, but there was nothing for it to burn in the large empty space, and it soon disappeared.

It’s unexpectedly useful.”

After making the [Simple Warehouse], I also made a small version just in case.
Of course, the performance is the same as that of a large [Simple Warehouse].
Even though it is small, there is still a large storage space inside.
Enough to inhale the flames.

“── Ah,aaaaaaaaaaa! What have I done? Shooting a flame at the guest of her majesty.
Wh, what should I do …”

I heard a tearful voice from the other side of the door.

“I, I have to call a recovery magician right away … Aaah.
But what do I say to my dad … if he found out that Agnis was playing with Salamanders … these kids will be punished……”

“It’s fine”


“I was prepared for something like this, so I’m safe.”

I knocked on the door and then called out.

“And … I’m sorry.
I was just fascinated and forgot to say something.”

“……N, no”

“Why don’t we talk after getting dressed for the time being?”

“Ah, yes.
Um, that, I … Agnis …”

A confused voice came from the other side of the door.

“The clothes are … Only the armor there.”

“Only the armor?”

“Agnis can’t control the flame well … If it doesn’t have [Flame Resistance], it will burn immediately even if I wear it …”

“……So that’s it”

In the day, when I said, “I want to fix the armor,” I feel like I understand why General Reisenga was angry.
Because Agnis has the blood of Ifrit, she has the ability to fire flames.
However, it seems that she cannot control the flame well by herself.
That’s why she can’t wear ordinary clothes.
Because it burns out quickly.
Agnis can only wear flame-resistant armor …

If so, I would have to strip her naked in order to fix her armor.
… That’s why General Reisenga got angry too.
It’s like saying, “Please let me mess with your daughter’s underwear” at the first meeting.

“I’m going out.
Call me when you’re done wearing the armor.”

“………… Yess”


I got a faint reply and Salamanders’ growl from the other side of the door.
After confirming that, I went out into the hallway.

The Salamander mentioned in this chapter is no the animal salamander.
It’s the flame spirit salamander.
The one with undine, gnome, and sylph.

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