Chapter 19 – Making a Magic Power Converter From Another World

After returning to my room, I started reading the [Mail Order catalogue].

“This book is a treasure trove of items in the Hero’s world.
It wouldn’t be strange if there were items to suppress the flames …”

“What are you looking at? Thor-sama.”

“── eh?”

When I noticed, Mabel stood at the entrance of the room.

“The door was left open? It seems that you came in a hurry, but … what are you looking for?”

“I’m thinking of making an item that suppresses flames.”

“I see.
It’s a measure against Reisenga.”

Mabel picked up a tray of tea and nodded.

“I can tell by looking at the situation earlier.
It’s no wonder that Thor-sama is wary of Reisenga-sama.”

“Yeah, well, something like that.”

I decided to go with the flow.
It felt unpleasant to talk about seeing Agnis naked

“But don’t worry.
I’m able to use magic, so I’ll protect Thor-sama.”

“Thank you, Mabel”

I bowed slightly.

“By the way, what kind of person is General Reisenga? Apart from his attitude toward me.”

“He has a daughter complex.”

“I can see that”

“Of course, he’s also a powerful warrior.
There is even a legend that he cut through a group of 100 enemies with his flame spear.”

“Huh? But wasn’t the Demon Territory not at war with the human world?”

“There are occasional conflicts in the Demon Lord’s territory.”

“Maybe Her Majesty is hiding her identity with a mask to prevent someone like General Reisenga to look down on her?”

“That’s right.
Reisenga is a person who values ​​strength.”

“Agni-san is kind, though.”

“How did you know?”

Mabel looks into my face mysteriously.

“Maybe Thor-sama talked to Agnis?”

“A little.
More than that, is Mabel on good terms with Agnis-san?”

I’ve been working at Demon Castle since I was little, so I had many opportunities to meet with her.
I used to play with her too.”

For some reason, Mabel was stroking her wrist on her right arm.

“Did you know, Thor-sama? There are many good healers in Demon Castle.
They can also heal scars left by being burned.”

With that said, she extended her hand in front of me.
Pure white skin and thin fingers.
Far from being burned, there are no scratches.

“Hey, it’s healing pretty well, right? It was a small burn, so it healed quickly.
So …Agnis didn’t need to be worried…”

“Did Agnis burn Mabel a long time ago?”

“Yes, when I was young, during the time when I was Her Majesty’s playmate.”

Mabel looked down painfully.

After that, Mabel told me about her childhood.
Mabel, who was the playmate of the Demon Lord Rukie, seems to have become friends with Agnis who had come to the Demon Castle.
However, Agnis awakened her fire magic power and their relationship was over.

She couldn’t control her fire magic power, which was too strong, and Agnis’ flames went wild.
She then made a small burn on Mabel’s right arm.
The burns healed quickly, but Agnis was shocked to have hurt her friend.

It was then that she began to wear [Fire Resistance] armor.
Maybe because of guilt, she distanced herself from Mabel.

“…So it was like that.”

Let’s start alchemy right away to create a magic item that allows Agnis to control her fire magic power.
That way, Mabel and Agnis may be able to get along with each other as they used to.

Besides, the item that seals the flame would make a nice trump card for General Reisenga.
An item that can stop the general who cut through 100 soldiers… I’m getting excited.

“An useful item… Maybe this one would do?”

I opened a page at the end of the [Mail Order Catalogue].
What was on it was a small pendant.
The pendant head was a disk-shaped object with a mysterious beast.

“It’s a mysterious pendant.
What kind of item is it? Thor-sama”

“This is……A [Health promotion pendant] that gathers Feng Shui.”

“Feng Shui?”

The concept of magic power in the Hero’s world seems to be different from here.

I read the explanation.


[Health promotion pendant]

Circulates the qi in your body and improves your health!

Are you feeling sick? That is due to something called qi deviation.
When only one type of qi becomes too strong, your body would feel hot and carry a tinge of heat.

In such a case, please use this pendant!
It takes your qi deviation, adjusts it and circulates it inside your body!

Qi is the source of everything.
Life uses it to operate.
This pendant is a tool to stabilize it ──


I see, [The flow of qi]
Is it something like magical power in the other world?
Magic power is flowing in me and Mabel’s body.
In the case of Mabel, it didn’t flow well.
Then, I should think that this “qi” in this catalogue is the same as “Magic power”.

Besides, there is a legend of the Hero.

── “Raise your spirit(qi) and release extreme magic” they declared
──”You can accomplish everything if you have the spirit(qi)”
─ I heard that they “gathered their spirits(qi)” and used body strengthening magic.

If it can be used to release extreme magic, it seems that “qi” means “magical power”.

I see.
They were selling magic items in the other world that let you convert and circulate magic power?
That also explains the strength of the Heroes

By the way, the [Mail Order Catalogue] says, [The products on this page has nothing to do with us.]
I somehow understand the reason.
Perhaps there was a secret magic society and this item may have been used there.
It’s a dangerous Item.
You can’t sell it unless you’re a specialist.

And this [Health promotion pendant], Solves qi deviation──In other words, it seems that it can balance out magic power.
With this, it may be possible to suppress the flames of Agnis.
Her flame is caused by the fire magic power being too strong.
If I convert the fire magic power and change it to into another magical power,she should be fine.

This seems doable.”


“Mabel, can you help me? This pendant may be able to suppress Agnis’ flames.”

“This item was for Agnis!?”

…… Oh, shit.
I intended to keep it a secret that I met Agnis …

Oh well?
I only have to keep the part that I encountered her in the bathhouse a secret.

“I’m sorry.
I couldn’t say it for some reason.
It’s really for Agnis-san.”

“Is that so … I was completely convinced that it was a measure against Reisenga.”

Mabel said so and laughed.

“But surely, if it is an item in the world where there were heroes, it may be possible to control the flames of Agnis.”

“I don’t know if I can copy it well, though.”

“You can do it if it is Thor-sama.”

Mabel bowed to me.

“If that’s the case, please lend me a hand.”

“OK, let’s get started.”

This work requires a detailed check.
I have to look at the sample and make sure that I don’t make a mistake.

The photo of [Health Promotion Pendant] was inserted hugely, so I can understand the shape well.
It seems that I can copy it with [Creative Alchemy].
However, it’s a really special item, so I still have to make it carefully.

“I can’t read this book …”

Mabel looked amazed as she stared at the picture of the [Health Promotion Pendant].

“Does such a small pendant have the power to suppress flames?”

“Yeah because it has the power to convert magic power.”

I pointed to the design under the pendant.

“Here it talks about “qi” of the Hero’s world … or rather, magic power.”

“The magic power of the Hero’s world?”

“In that world, it seems that magic power was divided into five types: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.”

“It’s different from this world, isn’t it?”

“In this world we have: light, dark, earth, water, fire, wind'”

Another difference is that in the world of heroes, “magic power rotates in a circle.”
This pendant also seems to be able to convert magic power in a circle and stimulate one’s potential.

Unfortunately, the system that converts magical power is only roughly written.
[Wood burns and turns into fire, fire burns out and changes into ash or earth, and the earth ages and become metal].
There is only fragmented information.

But this can’t be helped.

There is no way for a magic association in another world to write important information about this openly.
Perhaps magic conversion was a secret technique in the Heroes world.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any knowledge.
The conversion of magical power is done by engraving beasts on it.
As expected, of an item from the Hero’s world, nothing is missed.

“The description says, “For health promotion pendants, Azure dragon, vermillion bird, white tiger, and a kirin is placed in the center.

I read the [Mail Order Catalogue] out loud, so Mabel could understand.

“It seems that this will improve health and stimulate the potential of some people.”

“It’s an absurd item.”

I think it would be possible to suppress Agnis’s fire magic power with this”

Let’s try it.

I activated the skill [Creative Alchemy].
I looked at the [Mail order catalogue] page and remembered the shape of the pendant.
I created an image in the air.

“── Create a 3D drawing”

A figure of [health promotion pendant] emerges in the air.
I use the leftover material of the [Simple Warehouse] as the material.

The size of the pendant is about the size of my palm.
As to not hurt Agnis’ skin, I made the chain soft.

The difficult thing is the carved divine beasts

Azure Dragon──This is probably a dragon.
White Tiger──This is also okay.
Because tigers are also in this world.
Vermillion Bird – I can just model it after the Pheonix
Black Tortoise and the Kririn── This can only be drawn by tracing the picture.
It should be okay if you do it correctly.

I solidified the image carefully.
This is so that magical power is converted properly.
Agnis’s overpowering fire magic power can now be replaced by other magic powers.

“──Shape grasp, completed”

I reconfirm the diagram.
The appearance of the five divine beasts are drawn properly.
Let’s proceed as it is.

“Forge the [Health Promotion Pendant with the metal lumps and make a magic power conversion mechanism inside ── “

Can I do it?
I’m a little worried.
I understand the fire attribute, earth attribute, and water attribute.
However, there are no wood attributes or metal attributes in this world.

『Aquired [five attribute manipulation]』

I heard a voice in my head.

『You have gained knowledge about the magic power of another world, you can now handle the [Wood, metal] attributes in addition to the [fire, water, wind, and earth] attributes.』
『Would you like to add the additional attributes?』

[Creation Alchemy] seems to be able to handle the [wood, fire, earth, metal, water] attributes of the other world.
It’s amazing.
As expected, it is the ultimate alchemy skill.
Then I have nothing to hesitate about.

“Proceed with adding the attributes”

I declared.

“Create a [health promotion pendant] by adding the attributes of [wood, fire, earth, metal and water]!”

The image of the [Health Promotion Pendant] was combined with the metal lumps on the floor.
The metal lump’s shape changed.

Eventually, a round-disk-shaped pendant with a silver chain was completed.
On the surface of the pendant, there are five divine beasts.

Make sure it’s exactly like what you see in the book.
Especially the five divine beasts”


Mabel grabs the [Mail Order Catalogue] and looked at the pendant.

“Dragon-like … Tiger-like, Turtle-like … Bird … and the shaggy beast! It’s fine! Thor-sama’s work is exactly like the one the book!”

Finish [Creation Alchemy]! Create [health promotion pendant]!! “


A silver pendant fell on the floor.
It’s done.


“Health promotion pendant” (attributes: wood, fire, metal, water) (rareness: ★★★★★★★★★ ☆)

A pendant created based on the concept of magic power in the Hero’s world.

The magic power of the wearer is divided into 5 equal parts and converted into 5 types of magic power.
For example, if there the fire magic power is 100, it is converted into 20 of wood, fire, earth, metal, water attributes.

All converted magic power is used to strengthen the wearer and maintain good health.

The wood magic power gives the wearer supple vitality.
The fire magic power gives the wearer active energy.
The earth magic power gives the wearer a stable power.
The metal magic power gives the wearer a strong power.
The water magic power gives the wearer a flexible force.

The stronger the wearer’s magical power, the more strengthening and health effects can be obtained.
Physical Destruction Resistance: Unknown (When attacked, it converts and absorbs it into magic power, so it is unknown can be destroyed).
Service life: about 100 years.


“I hope this can suppress Agnis’ flames.”

“May I ask something, Thor-sama?”

“What’s wrong, Mabel?”

“The pendant has five divine beasts on it and by pouring magic power into the pendant your magic power will rotate and you would become healthy right? “


“Then, what if you make those five divine beasts statues and place them around the Demon territory?”

That’s right.
This pendant rotates magic power and makes the user healthy.
If I apply it to the whole country…

“Can I try doing that?”

“You need the permission of Her Majesty and all the high-ranking officials of the Demon territory first…”

It looks difficult.

For the time being, the pendant was completed.
Let’s experiment whether the magic power is converted.
If anyone can use it, it may become a piece of standard equipment in the Demon territory.
Let’s talk to Demon Lord Rukie later.

With that in mind, I picked up a freshly made pendant

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