Chapter 20 – Agnis Thinks About Alchemist Thor

── Agnis’s perspective ──



“Where were you, Agnis?”

When Agnis returned to the area given to the General’s family in the castle, his father Reisenga was waiting for her.

“The day after tomorrow, we will return to back to our territory.
You were supposed to be preparing for the trip.”

“I’m sorry, father.”

Agnis bowed while wearing her armor.

“Because I have little time left to be in this castle, I was looking around.”
“I see.
If it’s like that then it’s fine.”

“I’m sorry for making you concerned…”

“No, I’m not blaming you.

Reisenga cleared his throat.

“And … I’m sorry for you.
The reason that you can’t control your flames is because of Ifirt’s blood that came out strongly in you.
Manipulating the flames with their emotion is the nature of the flame giant.
I’m sorry that I can’t do anything about this.

“I know … Father”

“The report to Her Majesty is finished.
The development of the mine will start soon.
We have also received permission for joint operations with the Empire.”

“The territory where Agnis is from is a mountainous region to the south.
We have to get along with the empire…”

“That’s right.
That’s why I went to see the face of the guest who came from the empire, but good gracious, that’s not an imperial aristocrat.”


“I heard that he doesn’t have combat skills.
He seemed to be weak.
I imagined a hero who could cross swords with me because he was an imperial aristocrat.”


Agnis was staring at his father and screamed involuntarily.

“I think Thor Regus-sama is a good person!”

“Did you talk to him?”

I met and talked.
He gave me this.”

Agnis showed her father the [ultra-small simple warehouse] she received from Thor.

“He was concerned about Agnis, who couldn’t control the flames, and this seems to be able to absorb flames… He gave me a valuable item! Don’t say bad things about him!”

“Excessive things!”


“Even if there is something like this, you still can’t wear anything but the armor!”

“But! This was for Agnis !!”

“…Please understand.

General Reisenga took Agnis’ hand and wrapped it in his hands.

“I’m thinking of you more than anything else.
This mine development is also for you.
That’s why I’m exchanging letters with the Margrave of the Empire.”

“I know that you’re thinking about Agnis…”

“If the negotiations with the empire are successful, the development of a mine will take place in our territory.
To do so, we must subdue the disturbing beasts.
That’s where you come in.
You can show everyone that your fire magic power is useful and not a bad thing!”


“Your flames will easily subdue the demons that nest around the mine.
The empires will be surprised.
The name of General Reisenga’s daughter Agnis will spread throughout the continent!”

“… I know, Father.”

I understand that he is trying his best to help me.
Agnis’ flames can only be used to hurt someone.
The only way to use it is to subdue the disturbing monsters.

(… Actually, there should be a gentler way of life …)

Agnis doesn’t know what to do.
It was the same when I was little.
For the first time, my fire magic power awakened.
At that time, Agnis’ flames went wild and burned my dear friend.
She forgave me, but … Agnis hasn’t been able to see her eyes since then.

It was then that I began to wear the heirloom [Fire Resistance] armor so that at least no one would be hurt.
There is nothing else to wear, and if I wear it, no one will be hurt.

My father has obtained permission from Chancellor Kelve to walk around in [Fire Resitance] armor.
That’s why everyone knows that they will get burned when they approach Agnis.

(… Still, he tried to talk to Agnis … Some people are kind …)

Suddenly, the Alchemist Thor I met today came to my mind.
He wasn’t afraid of Agnis’ flames.
He even told me that he would listen and come up with a solution.

(… He’s really a mysterious person)

You can also see that Mabel is on his side.
Gentle people will get along with each other.

But Agnis can’t be in it.

Flames can only hurt someone.
It’s painful.

“Agnis, as father’s child, I am aware of the situation.”

Agnis looked at her father and said so.

“I will do what I can but I won’t tarnish the name of Flame General”

“U, umu.
It’s fine if you understand.”

To change the mood Reisenga coughed.

“The day after tomorrow will leave for the territory.
Until then, you can do whatever you want.”

“Yes … Father”

Agnis nodded and returned to her room and removed her armor.

She only takes off her armor when she is in her room.
Her room is made of non-flammable material to make her more comfortable.

The walls and furniture are made of stone.
All tableware and jugs are made of metal.

Only the Bed has been added [Fire Resitance], which has been passed down to Agnis’ house for generations.
Without this, Agnis would have had to sleep on the floor.

“… Fu”

Agnis sighed.
She then, put the [ultra-small simple warehouse] at the bedside and lied down.

“…Thor Regus-sama”

He was a strange person.
He wasn’t wary of Agnis at all.
He told me that the flames I emitted were beautiful.

“Thor-sama said “I want those who are in the Demon territory to live leisurely and calmly.” Is… Agnis also included?”

Thump, thump.

WhenI think of Thor’s face, my heart beats faster.
The flames that erupt are sucked into the [ultra-small simple warehouse].

“……What should I do.”

Agnis sighed.
[Ultra-small simple warehouse] absorbs flames.
But when I see this, I think of Thor.
My heartbeat becomes faster and flames erupt again.
It’s a never-ending cycle.
But today, that feeling feels pleasant.

“The day after tomorrow… Agnis has to go back to the territory…”

Agnis murmured.
Thor said he would come up with a way to control my flames, but that wouldn’t be possible.
I don’t have much time.

“… If I go to the bathhouse tomorrow, I have to say goodbye …”

Thor has helped Agnis more than enough.

“This [ultra-small simple warehouse] is enough ── Yeah.
Just the words he gave… Agnis is… enough.”

So … it’s okay.
There is no way he can get rid of Agnis’ flames in a day.

“When we meet tomorrow, I have to thank Thor Regus-sama.
Thank you for thinking about Agnis…”

With that in mind, Agnis closed her eyes.

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