Chapter 21 – Converting Agnis’ Magic Power

The evening of the next day.
When we went to the rest area in the bathhouse, Agnis was waiting for us.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Thor Regus-sama”

“Thank you for coming.

“” ………… “”

After staring at each other, we both looked at the boiler room.
My face became hot.
Agnis was blushing too, probably.
There is a faint flame coming out of the gap of the helmet.

“Did something happen in the boiler room? Thor-sama, Agnis-sama”

“Eh… Mabel?”

“I’m sorry.
I asked Thor-sama and I followed him.”

Mabel grabbed the hem of her skirt and bowed.

“I wanted to help you as a maid of Thor.”

“I, I see…”

Agnis mumbled.

I know the circumstances.
The two were estranged because Agnis burned Mabel.
Although Mabel’s burn is now healed perfectly, Agnis is still worried about injuring her friends.

“Thor Regus… sama.
I’m here to say goodbye today …”


“Yes, Agnis will return to the territory with my father tomorrow.”

Agnis bowed.

“You told me that you would make an item to suppress my flames… but, I’m sorry.
I’m happy, but I think that there is not enough time …”

“No, I already have it.”


“It’s completed.
Agnis’s item that suppresses flames.”

I took out the [Health Promotion Pendant] from my pocket.

“This converts fire magic power into magical powers of other attributes.
When you wear it, instead of weakening the fire magic power, It will convert it into magic powers that are flexible as wood, as firm as the earth, as hard as metal, and probably for water ──your skin would become soft?”

“E, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ── !?”

Agnis shouts, quickly with both hands she covers her mouth.
In a hurry, she stifles her voice.
This is to prevent the flames from coming out.

The link between emotions and fire …I wonder how stressful it is.
I don’t know, but I would like to solve it.

“This is why I had Mabel come.”

“I brought clothes for Agnis.”

Mabel took out a maid outfit from her bag.

“I want Agnis to wear this instead of your armor.”

“Oh, that’s … impossible …”

Agnis shook her head.

“Mabel’s maid outfit … I’ll burn it.
Maybe I’ll burn Mabel again …”

“For that reason, Thor-sama made an item for you.”

In contrast, Mabel proudly holds up her maid outfit.

“There are no problems with the items Thor-sama makes.
It’s okay.”

“But, but”

“I also want to see Agnis-san use this pendant.”

I said.

“If you keep wearing armor, you won’t know how to use it.
But you can’t have it worn over naked.
No, if you do it privately that’s fine, but from the alchemist’s point of view, I can’t let that happen.”

“Thor Regas-sama…”

“So, put on the pendant and try on the maid outfit.”

I said so and offered the pendant.

“… Agnis … like Mabel, cute, maid clothes …?”

Agnis’ voice was trembling.
It’s a natural reaction.

She knows her fire constitution very well, she must have burned many things before.
It’s hard for her to believe with just, “If you wear this pendant, you’re going to be fine.”

“It’s scary…”

Agnis held her own hand.

“… I like cute clothes.
I want to wear them.
But I’m scared of burning Mabel’s maid clothes … If the flames come out … I’m scared of disappointing Thor.”

Agnis looks down.
Mabel and I were quietly waiting for her answer.

“But … but”

Suddenly, Agnis stepped forward towards me.

“If I don’t challenge it here and go back to the territory … I’ll definitely regret it … I’m much more scared of that… So …”

“It’s okay.
If anything happens, I’ll readjust the pendant quickly.”


“Because I’m an Alchemist of The Demon Territory, I’ll remake the magic item as many times as Agnis wants.
That’s my job and what I want to do.”

“………… Okay, Thor-sama”

With that said, Agnis reached out her hand.
I put the [Health promotion pendant] on her palm.

“Thor-sama’s pendant …Please let me use it!”

“Yes, then Mabel.”

“I understand.

When I say that, Mabel approaches with the maid outfit with a nice smile.

“I will help you change your clothes.

“No, it’s okay … Mabel”

“You have to wear clothes properly because Thor-sama wants to see it, right?”

“…I, I understand.
But I’ll keep the door open so that Mabel can escape immediately when the flames come out …”

“Okay, but I think I should be fine without that?”

Mabel smiled and then looked at me.

“Then, Thor-sama.
Excuse us…”

“I’m be looking the other way.”

Agnis and Mabel entered the boiler room.
The salamanders cry “Gururun”, “Gururu”.
They also seem to be worried about Agnis.

When I turned my back to the boiler room, I heard the sound of armor falling on the floor.
After that, I heard Mabel’s voice, “I’m putting on the pendant.”
I wonder if Agnis is naked.

I want to look back, but I can’t stimulate Agnis right now.
Let’s wait for them to finish changing clothes.

Mabel’s voice can be heard over my back.

──The pendant looks great.
And … Agnis’s skin is beautiful.

──Next is maid clothes.
I’m sorry for letting you use second-hand stuff.

──Eh? Is your chest tight…?

──When I was a kid, you were about the same as me.
I guess we both grew up.

I want to look back, but I’ll be patient, yeah patience.

I hear Agnis replying to Mabel’s voice.
They seem to be having fun.
There are no signs of flames erupting.
Without a doubt, the [health promotion pendant] I made is working.

And after a few minutes ──

“S, sorry to keep you waiting… Thor Regas… sama”

Behind me, I heard a voice.
Looking back, I saw Agnis wearing a maid outfit standing.

“…I, I’m nervous.
It’s been a while since I’ve been wearing clothes other than armor …”

Agnis restlessly hold down her skirt and fix the ribbon.
Each time, her fluffy red hair sways.
She stares Mabel and I and then her arms and legs.
She pinches the hem of her clothes and pulls on her sleeves.
She seemed to think that it’s unbelievable that she’s wearing clothes.

“Is, is it not strange to you… Thor-sama?”

“No, or rather, it’s so cute.”


Agnis’ face turned bright red when I said my honest impression.
Mabel prepared a maid outfit that was exactly like her’s.
It came with a white apron and a headdress.
The red ribbon is probably for matching the images of fire.
Of course, the [Health promotion pendant] is shining on her chest.

“It, its nice to wearing matching things with Mabel.
It looks like we’re sisters.”

“As expected of Thor-sama you understand, right?”

Mabel comes to my side with a gentle smile.
Then, with her face close to my ear,

“But … please keep it a secret that she called me sister.
Agnis and I have different statuses.
If Reisenga-sama finds out, he’ll get angry.”

“Okay, so is the pendant working?”

“Of course.
It’s okay.”

Mabel looks at Agnis with her gentle sister-like eyes.
Agnis seems to be embarrassed, but there are no signs of flames erupting.
Instead, the pendant on her chest emits a light.
Agnis’s fire magic power is converted into the magical power of wood, metal, earth, and water.
The converted magic power displays each of its characteristics.
Specifically, it has the effect of making Agnis healthy and strengthening both physically and mentally.

『fire attribute magic power: + 100% energy』
『Converting the extra fire magic power to other attributes.』
『The magic power of fire has been converted to earth magic power.
Earth attribute: + 100% steadiness.』
『The extra earth magic power has been converted into Metal magic power.
Metal attribute : + 100% firmness.』
『Converted the extra gold magic power into water magic power.
Water attribute effect: + 100% flexibility.』
『Converted the extra water magic power into wood magic power.
Wood attribute effect: + 100% life force.』

I heard a voice from the pendant.

In the Hero’s world, magical power seems to rotate in a circle.
Similarly, this pendant continues to transform Agnis’ fire magic power into other attributes of magic power.
All the magic powers are used to strengthen and make her healthy.

Therefore, there are no flames to erupt.
Instead, Agnis is getting stronger and healthier.

“… Wow ….
My body is … light.
My skin is shiny …”

Agnis turns over the skirt of her maid outfit and spins around.
The salamanders are flying around her.
To confirm Agnis jumps up from the floor.
Her body ── Gently, floated up to the ceiling.

“Eh, ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
“Agnis is using all her fire magic power to strengthen her body.”

I explained.

“That’s why your explosiveness and jumping power are also getting better.
It will take some time to adjust to it, but you shouldn’t be able to accidentally burn things anymore.
From now on, slowly get used to your new life ── “

“N, no, Agnis is not wearing underwear right now…!”


As Agnis’s body falls, the air-filled skirt flips over.
Turn up.
Agnis quickly tried to hold it down ──

But that didn’t make it on time.

“……I’m sorry”

“I, I don’t care much, so it’s fine!”

When Agnis said so, the [Health promotion pendant] shone.

『Fire attribute magic power: + 150% energy』
『Converting the extra fire magic power to other attributes.』
『The magic power of fire has been converted to earth magic power.
Earth attribute: + 150% steadiness.』
『The extra earth magic power has been converted into Metal magic power.
Metal attribute : + 150% firmness.』
『Converted the extra gold magic power into water magic power.
Water attribute effect: + 150% flexibility.』
『Converted the extra water magic power into wood magic power.
Wood attribute effect: + 150% life force.』

“… Uu.
So I powered up when I got embarrassed…”

“I’m sorry, it was a side effect.”

“No, no.
I showed you something unsightly again…”

“No, it’s not unsightly… Or more like, I didn’t see anything.

Anyway, the item was successful.
The [Health promotion pendant] worked safely.
There are no more flames coming out from Agnis’ body.
She changed clothes with Mabel… and we saw things in various ways.
If the flames don’t come out after those, it’s probably okay.

“Is it your body ok? Agnis-san”

“Yes, there’s no problem!”

Agnis dressed in a maid laughs happily.

“I’ve used a lot of body strengthening magic before so controlling it should be fine.
Besides, this pendant is very gentle … it feels like my whole body gently powered up.”

I’m relieved
It seems that she can control her body movements properly and the fire magic power is also under control.
Now Agnis can wear his favorite clothes without worrying about her flames.
It’s okay for her to be with her friends go anywhere she likes.

“In the Hero’s world, such items are sold as a normal thing…”

I wonder if some of the Heroes summoned to this world used the [Health promotion pendant].

Speaking of which … After yelling, “You son of a bitch! You hurt my companions!” and after that, they awakened transcended powers, such is a story of the Heroes.
The person might have turned his emotions into magic power and further strengthened his body with this item.
……The Hero’s world is really amazing.

“Thank you.


“You fulfilled one of my wishes.”

Mabel bowed deeply and laughed.
Then she rushed towards Agnis ──

“… Ma, Mabel?”

Mabel hugged Agnis with a gyu.

“Ma, Mabel.
No, no.
Agnis will erupt when my emotions are not steady.”

“It’s okay.

Mabel whispers into Agnis’ ear.

“You’ve always been scared, right? That you flames can hurt someone.”


“I’m sorry, it was probably me who gave you that trauma.”

“Well, no.
Agnis … was surprised at her own magic power … and got excited about it.
The bad one is Agnis … I’m sorry … I’m sorry, Mabel.”

“At that time, Agnis-sama apologized many times …”

With that said, Mabel stroked Agnis’ hair.
Agnis opened his eyes astonishingly-but she let her continue.

“But … if I wasn’t surprised by the burns and cried … Agnis might have been calmer and faced your fire magic.
You might not have to wear the armor.”

“… N, no, it’s not Mabel’s fault! It’s not Mabel’s fau…”

“But that’s over already.
Agnis won’t hurt anyone anymore.
You can stick to anyone you want.”

“………… Mabel”


“… Uu, uu, Mabel …”

Tears spilled out from Agnis’ eyes
She’s like a child crying…

Of course, the flames aren’t erupting from her body.
The [Health Promotion Pendant] continues to properly convert the magical power of fire into another magical power.
The message that indicates it keeps ringing.
Maybe it’s strange but Agnis was laughing while crying.

“Then, next is Thor-sama.

With that said, Mabel let go of Agnis.

“Thor-sama please give Agnis a hug like gyu~.”

“Me too?”

“Because it’s a big deal”

“Ma, Mabel !? Why e, even … Thor Regus-sama?”

“You can finally touch people with people, so I thought I’d take this opportunity.”

“But … but”

“Huh? Doesn’t Agnis want to gyu~ and hug Thor-sama?”

“── !?”

To Mabel’s question, Agnis shakes her head vigorously.

“Then that’s fine isn’t it?”

“B, but.
Thor-sama may not like it…”

“Thor-sama, do you hate hugging Agnis?”

“I don’t hate it”

I immediately replied without thinking.
No, because I think this question is unfair.
I can’t say “I don’t like it” when asked face-to-face.
Besides, I have a responsibility as the creator of the [Health promotion pendant], to check if it’s okay to hug someone other than Mabel.

I convinced myself, and head towards Agnis.
Looks like Agnis has resolved herself as she spread her arms out.

“Guru”, “Gururu” the salamanders are flying left and right and nodding as if to tell me to accept Agnis’ resolve.

I put my hands on Agnis’ shoulder.
…… By the way, Agnis isn’t wearing underwear right now.
It seems like it’s awkward to hug someone in this state…

But Agnis’ face is just around the corner.
She’s holding her breath because she’s tense and nervous.

…… It’s not good to stop here.

Then I tried to hug Agnis,

“Agnis ──! Where have you gone.
Agnis …!”

Outside the bathhouse ── General Reisenga’s voice echoed in the hallway.

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