Chapter 22 – Persuading General Reisenga

“Mmm? So this is the bathhouse? Maybe the salamanders in charge of the boiler room will know where Agnis is! “


The sliding door of the hallway opened
At the entrance, I saw a huge body that seemed bigger than the doorway.
It was Flame General Reisenga.

“O, oh? So you were here my daughter, Agnis…”

Reisenga bent down and passed through the doorway.
His yellowish eyes looked toward Agnis.
Agnis, with her eyes closed, was waiting to be hugged by me.

Then General Reisenga looked at me, who was about to hug her, with my hand on her shoulder.


General Reisenga’s hair stood up.

“… You.
What are you doing! What are you doing to my daughter ──── !?”

The floor shook.
General Reisenga stepped on the floor and came straight at us.

“Please wait, Reisenga-sama!”

Before him, Mabel blocked his path.
General Reisenga raised his shoulders,

“Out of the way! Mabel!!”

“I won’t move! Thor-sama is my master! It was also for Ag──”

“The appearance of a maid won’t stop me! “

General Reisenga kicked the floor and his huge body jumped to the side.
Fast! So this is how the flame General moves.
Mabel didn’t react in time.
General Reisenga avoids Mabel and comes in front of me using a swift footwork.
Sharp light comes out from his eyes as he stares at me.

“Come on! I’ll take you to my territory where you’ll atone for your sin of laying your hands on Agnis!”

“Please let me explain before that!? General Reisenga”

“I don’t have anything to say to you!”

“Do you not notice anything when you see Agnis-san now?”


General Reisenga looked towards Agnis.
And ──

“O, oh? It’s not armour but … normal clothes! ?? “

“I am an Alchemist.
So, after listening to Agnis-san, I thought about countermeasures.”

I start explaining.

“Agnis-san couldn’t control the flame because her fire magic power was too strong.
By converting that magic power ──”

“Bastard… did you trick Agnis into dressing up!?”


“You tricked her by saying the cloth was fireproof and made Agnis wear a maid outfit!? You planned to let the cloth gradually burn and strip Agnis naked!? You bastard thought about such a thing! Pervert! “

“Listen to me talk first!!”

“Shut up! Never mind that and come here! If you don’t obey, my patience is limited … see!”

General Reisenga shouts.
Flames spawn from his bristling hair and illuminate the face of the angry general.

“This is the flame of the Flame General! You should just obey quietly.”
“Store flame!!!”

When I declared, the flames emitted by General Reisenga were extinguished.
It was sucked into the [Ultra-small simple warehouse]
Agnis carried that warehouse with her around and thank god she left it on the table when she went to change.

“What!? My flames!? Bastard what are you…?”

“I’m an Alchemisthired by Her majesty.”

Looking back at General Reisenga’s eyes, I said.

“It’s my job to solve the problems of the people who live in this demon territory and make it a place comfortable to live in.
I wanted to help Agnis-san.
So I asked Mabel to help me and thought of a countermeasure.
That’s it.”

“……… Uu, u.
B, but …”

The general’s words were cut off.
Then the general shook his head and stared at me again ──

“Anyway, come on! We can talk after──”

──He reached for me.
But that hand didn’t reach me.

“…Please stop with this unreasonableness.

Agnis’s hand was holding General Reisenga’s arm.
It has been so since a while ago.
The general was so excited that he didn’t notice it.

Agnis had already sealed off her father’s movements when the general came in front of me.

“…Apologize, Father”

Agnis’ thin fingers are digging into General Reisenga’s bronze-coloured arm.
The general tries to shake Agnis’ hand, but it doesn’t work.

Agnis is staring at General Reisenga with an angry face.
But there are no flames on her body.
Instead, the [health promotion pendant] on her chest keeps emitting light.

『fire attribute magic power: + 250% energy』
『Converting the extra fire magic power to other attributes.』
『The magic power of fire has been converted to earth magic power.
Earth attribute: + 250% steadiness.』
『The extra earth magic power has been converted into Metal magic power.
Metal attribute : + 250% firmness.』
『Converted the extra gold magic power into water magic power.
Water attribute effect: + 250% flexibility.』
『Converted the extra water magic power into wood magic power.
Wood attribute effect: + 250% life force.』

“What!? I, I can’t move.
Agnis, you had this kind of power!?”

“Thor-sama did his best for Agnis…”


“It’s thanks to Thor-sama that Agnis is able to wear normal clothes … why doesn’t father listen to me!!”

Agnis is very angry.
With her thin arms, she completely controls the movement of General Reisenga.

“Let go! I’m thinking about what’s best for you ── Gunu!!”

Reisenga puts all his energy into his whole body.
Cracks appear on the floor.
But Agnis doesn’t waver.
With her free hand, she grabs the other arm of General Reisenga.
The general tries to shake her off, but Agnis holds him down completely

“W, what!? Why do you have this kind of power!?”

“Agnis is … angry.
I’m using my overflowing magic power!”

“You’re angry!? But what happened to the flames!? If you feel emotional, the flames should come out!?”

“Thanks to Thor-sama, Agnis has grown …”

Agnis’ eyes change from red to yellow and from yellow to red.
It’s the same reaction when she was emitting flames from her body.
In other words, Agnis is now emitting a powerful fire magic power.
All that magical power is poured into the [Health promotion pendant].

Agnis has several times more energy, stability, firmness, flexibility and life force than usual.
The energy and life force are enough to block the movement of General Reisenga.

No matter how hard the General pushes her body does not sway because of the steadiness and firmness
Also, the flexibility gives her a flexible muscle strength.
Agnis, who makes full use of all of them, is demonstrating tremendous power.

“My flames could only hurt people, but I received this power from Thor-sama… with this power, I can protect my loved ones ──!”

『fire attribute magic power: + 400% energy』
『Converting the extra fire magic power to other attributes.』
『The magic power of fire has been converted to earth magic power.
Earth attribute: + 400% steadiness.』
『The extra earth magic power has been converted into Metal magic power.
Metal attribute : + 400% firmness.』
『Converted the extra gold magic power into water magic power.
Water attribute effect: + 400% flexibility.』
『Converted the extra water magic power into wood magic power.
Wood attribute effect: + 400% life force.』

The [Health promotion pendant] continues to be activated.
General Reisenga is no longer able to move.

Is this the power of items in the Hero’s world?”

“No, I think the amazing thing is Thor-sama…”

But what is even more amazing was Agnis.
She grabbed General Reisenga’s arms and blocked his movement.

“… Father has always been worried about Agnis.
I’m sorry…”

“N, no.
It’s natural for the parent to worry about their beloved daughter.”

“But I also want you to listen to Agnis … Because Thor-sama is a very important person to Agnis …”

Agnis muttered as she stared at her father.

“In the name of the Primordial Flame, I will serve Thor Regas-sama ! “

“Agnis, th, those words are… Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh !?”

“That’s why please apologize to Thor-sama and listen to his reason!?”

Agnis lifts General Reisenga’s giant 2 meter body with ease.
Right above me ──

“You know, Mabel”

“Yes, Mr.

“Did you know that there is a story about a hero who lifted a dragon in the legend of the Heroes?”

“I know.
He sneaked under the dragon’s belly and lifted it.”

“I thought that it was exaggerated but it might be true.”

“That’s right.
Next time, I should check the records of Demon Castle.”

“I’m relying on you, Mabel”

Mabel and I were watching over the parent and child duo.
Anyways, if the General doesn’t calm down, I can’t talk to him.

Agnis is sweating on her forehead as she is lifting General Reisenga’s giant body.
General Reisenga, whose arms are being held down, is imobolized.

“D, do something.

The panicked general calls out to his subordinate, Salamander.
In response to that voice, the salamanders flew out from the boiler room
But ──

“Guru! “” Guru! “” Gururu!”

Pachi pachi, pachi pachi.

The Salamanders just tap Reisenga’s limbs with their wings and tail.

“Yo, you guys? Are you saying I’m at fault… C’mon now …”

General Reisenga looked like he was about to cry.
A flame general, who is also famous throughout the Demon territory, was lifted by his daughter Agnis and was turned away by a salamander …
I feel sorry for him.

“Can you hear me? General Reisenga”

I look up at the General and asked.

“Maybe my first impression was bad because I made a magic Item for Agnis without Generals permission.
But at least let’s talk about it first.”

“… Father!”


“” “Guru!” “”

Me, Agnis, Mabel, and the Salamande appealed to the General.
“It was my bad… I’m sorry.”

“I’ll listen to him.
I’ll also properly apologize to Thor Regus-dono! I promise in the name of General Reisenga.”

“Thank you.

“T, that’s why, let me down, Agnis…”

General Reisenga said so in tears.

“Thor Regus and Mabel are fine, but the Salamaders were also here … I showed a shameful figure …Ahh”

In this way, General Reisenga surrendered ──
For the time being, we decided to talk calmly.

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