Chapter 23 – Proposing User-support

“That’s why … Thor Regus-sama made a flame-suppressing item for Agnis.”

Agnis explained the situation to General Reisenga.

She happened to meet me in the bathroom.
(Of course, Agnis dancing around naked was not mentioned)

After meeting her, she told me about her fire magic power.
With the approval of my proposal from Agnil, I decided to use alchemy to make an “Item that suppresses flames.”

With the completed [Health promotion pendant], Agnis’s condition became better.

──Agnis, restraining her emotions, continued to explain to the stunned General Reisenga, who sat down on the floor.

“──Thor Regus-sama did his best for Agnis, and this is the [Health Promotion Pendant], an item that suppresses flames by converting Agnis’s fire magic power into other magic powers.”

Agnis showed her father a pendant that was glowing.

“That’s why Agnis now wears the same clothes as Mabel and Thor-sama didn’t try to do anything strange to me.
Do you understand? Father.”

“H … how.
Something like that …”

General Reisenga was trembling.
It’s a natural reaction since it was unexpected.

“Did you really suppressed the flames of Agnis?”

“As you can see, I’m fine father”

Agnis wrapped the [Health promotion pendant] with her hands.

“Thanks to this item, Agnis can … get dressed.
I’ve always dreamed of wearing cute clothes.
But Father! What did you do to Thor-sama who fulfilled my dream!”

“I’m sorry!”


General Reisenga slammed his forehead on the floor in an Dogeza.

“Without knowing, what a rude thing I did Agnis’ benefactor… I’m ashamed of myself! I’m sorry!”


General Reisenga slams his forehead on the floor in quick succession.

“Thor Regus-dono please feel free to punish me!!”

“Eh, Ah?”

That was the only word that came out.
This is because General Reisenga’s attitude changed suddenly after Agnis’ explanation.

From standing to kneeling ── At first, he was standing and listening, but before I knew it, he was in a seiza.
Eventually, it became a Dogeza.

“…… I didn’t think that someone other than me would think of Agnis that much.
I’m so sorry.”

The general muttered with his forehead pressed against the floor.

“Thor Regus-dono …is a good person.
To even compare such a person to myself.
The Flame General couldn’t even see through the true nature of a person.
It seems like my eyes have clouded over time.”

Suddenly, General Reisenga looked up.
He stretched his arms and stick out his thumb──

Let’s poke these useless eyes.”

“Agnis-san, stop the general!”


General Reisenga tried to stab his thumb into his eyes, but Agnis held it down.
When Agnis’ thin fingers grabbed him, General Reisenga’s arms came to a sudden halt.

“Gu, Gununu! Let go Agnis.
As a warrior, I have to apologize for my blunder!”

“Didn’t I tell you to listen! Father!!”


General Reisenga opened his eyes to Agnis’ words.
Then, slowly, the power was reduced in General Reisenga’s arm.

“You don’t have to go that far.”

I said.

“Please don’t poke your eyes.
You’re overreacting.
I still plan on living in the Demon Territory after this.
If you do that every time I see General, I would remember.
Please don’t give me a weird trauma.”

“… U, umu”

“And the general didn’t know that Agnis-san’s flames have been suppressed.
If Agnis-san was dressed normally, it’s natural to doubt me…”

I knew that General Reisenga had a daughter complex, but I didn’t think it was this bad.
The general really cares about Agnis.
I understand that very well.
He went so far as to poke his own eye.
If he became blind, He wouldn’t be able to do his job as a General.

He’s a much better parent than the one who made their own son into a sacrifice.
……I see.
Is the parent and child relationship in the Demon territory like this?

“It’s fine if you treat me normally.
You don’t have to poke your eyes.”

I’ll obey Thor-dono’s words”

General Reisenga sat down and bowed to me.

“But I’ll report to Her Majesty the Demon King about my blunder, including what Thor Regus-dono did for Agnis.
Otherwise, the matter won’t be settled.”

“OK, that’s fine.”

After all, no one was injured.
The flames that the General tried to scare me with were sucked up into the [ultra-small warehouse], and the General’s movements were restricted by Agnis.

“But … I still want to talk with you.”

I said.

“I understand that General Reisenga, a warrior, hates civilians who have no fighting power …”

“It’s different.
There is another reason why he looked down on Thor Regus-dono.”

“Another reason?”

“When I heard that a guest was coming from the empire.
I was going to make the guest fight with Agnis to show everyone in the Demon territory the power of my daughter’s flames…”

Dejected, the general began to speak.
He painfully looked at the armor on the floor.

“Agnis has powerful flames because of her Ancestor’s blood.
there’s not much that could be done.”

“Yes, I know.”

“But because of that, Agnis couldn’t control her flames.
She began wearing the armor.
I’m sorry for making my daughter live inconveniently.
At the very least, I wanted to convince her of the benefits of having the ability to erupt flames.”

“That’s why you tried to have her fight me?”

“Umu … that’s right.”

General Reisenga awkwardly turned his gaze,

“I’ve heard that everyone in the empire is a powerful warrior.
If Agnis has a match with them, Agnis’ name will rise.
I hoped Agnis would build confidence even if she doesn’t win… “

“But it wasn’t a warrior, but an Alchemist that came.”

“That’s right.
I was disappointed.
Sorry for saying something rude…”

I see.

Because Agnis’s fire magic power was too strong, she couldn’t wear clothing, nor could she approach other people.
So General Reisenga tried to let Agnis fight a strong warrior to build confidence by teaching her that her fire magic power was not bad, but useful.
And everyone in the Demon Territory will acknowledge the power of Agnis.
So when he heard that a guest was coming from the empire, he expected a powerful warrior.

But it was an alchemist who had no ability to fight.
He was disappointing, really disappointed.
Because of that, General Reisenga treated me harshly

“No, that is also an excuse … This is my fault.”

General Reisenga said.

“Please Thor-dono.
Let me apologize to you.
Please tell me anything you want as a remuneration for the item you made for Agnis.”

“A remuneration…”

By the way, I didn’t think about it.
I was focused on the [Health promotion pendant]… so I finished it all at once.
But if I can get paid──

“Then, could you give me some alchemy material? There is a mine in General’s territory, right? If you have precious metals, minerals, or rare stones, would you please share them with me?”

Of course.”

“But it’s hard to choose the ones that are useful, and General and Agnis wouldn’t know too … if possible, could you take me to your territory?”

“I understand.
You could always tell──”

“Of course.
It doesn’t matter if it’s after the development of the mine begins.
I heard that some volcanoes have minerals with a composition different from that on the ground.
Also, do you know that there’s something called meteoric irons? It’s an ore that could be obtained from a meteorite, a stone that falls from the sky, but strangely there are none in the mountains.”

“Thor-sama, Thor-sama”

Mabel was pulling on my sleeves.

“I understand your feelings, but that’s a different topic, right?”


General Reisenga was flabbergasted.
Both Mabel and Agnis have troubled faces.

“To sum it up, if I could get remuneration, provide me alchemy material.
Also please give me the right to go to General’s territory and look for the materials.
Of course, I will get permission when I go.”

I told the general again.

“How about that as the remuneration and the apology from General?”

“I will accept all your demands.”

General Reisenga stood up and bowed deeply toward me.

“Thanks to Thor Regus-dono’s for his kindness in the name of Reisenga Frazad, I will never forget that he made an item for my daughter.
I pledge loyalty to Thor Regus-dono, second to Her Majesty the Demon Lord.”

“Thank you”

You don’t have to go that far.
I guess being a warrior, the general has a line of speech for pledging loyalty.

“Mabel … I’m sorry.
You were trying to protect Thor Regus-dono.
I should have listened more to Agnis’ childhood friend.”


Mabel puts her hand on her waist and stares at the general.

“… Actually, I’ve been putting up with the magic of the general from a while ago.
You were trying to abduct my dear master … If Agnis hadn’t stopped general, I was seriously going to launch a magic attack.”

“… I’m sorry.”

“And if General took Thor-sama away as it was … Worst-case scenario a civil war might erupt.
You should be aware that Thor-sama is an important guest for Her Majesty.”

“Okay … I’ll apologize to Her majesty later, but Mabel.”


“I have a request for you.”

The general looked at Mabel and Agnis and said,

“Mabel Refrain.
Would you like to get along with Agnis like you used to? As a friend, call her by her name without worrying about your status.”

“Of course”

Mabel took Agnis’ hand and laughed.

“I’ve always wanted to hold hands with Agnis like I used to.”

“… Mabel”

Agnis is looking at Mabel with tears.
General Reisenga looked happy,

“And you don’t need to use honorifics for Agnis.
Don’t worry about the difference in status.
I’m going to relinquish my position as General… Yeah, if that happens, I’ll be able to spend more time with Agnis.
I should ask Her Majesty the Demon Lord after I report about this event.”

“Please stop.
If you do that the Demon Territory will be in an uproar.”

I said.
It turned into a big deal without Demon Lord Rukie noticing.
It’s going to be hard to explain to her later.

“I’m heading to meet Her Majesty the Demon King.
I’m going to talk about the truth, including my blunders.
I’m also telling her about the thing made for Agnis by Thor-dono.”

“That’s right.
Please tell her about the effects of the [Health promotion pendant] too.”

“Of course, Thor Regus-dono.
It is natural to be proud of ── “

“No, there may be other people who have the same problems as Agnis-san.”

Agnis erupting flames are due to the overpowering fire magic power.
When it comes to that, there may be other people with similar symptoms.

The [Health Promotion Pendant] can convert magic power into magic powers other than wind, light, and dark.
It should be useful for those who are suffering from an overpowering magical power.

Magic items that I made by alchemy will become popular.
I feel blessed as an Alchemist to have this position.

“That’s why, please tell Her Majesty and the Chancellor about the effects of the [Health Promotion Pendant].”

“I, I understand …”

“And Agnis-san”

I looked towards Agnis.

“Let me touch the pendant for a moment.
I’ll make the final adjustments.”

“Yes, please.”

Agnis took out the pendant from the chest of the maid outfit.
Touching it, I activated [Creation Alchemy].
I made some adjustments and returned the pendant to Agnis.

“Now, there won’t be a notification.
It would be annoying if you hear the voice every time it converts your magic power.”

“Thank you very much.
How can I return this kindness…”

“And this is a spare.
Just in case.”

“… Thank you … for everything.”

Agnis closed her eyes and hugged the second pendant.

“From now on … Agnis Frazad vows to do his best for Thor Regus-sama, no matter what happens.
[In the name of the primordial flame]”

“I heard that earlier, but what does that phrase mean?”

“It, it’s a secret”

Agnis held her mouth with the pendant.
I felt that it was dangerous, so I stopped probing about it.

“That’s all I can do.
If you have any problems, feel free to tell me.
The pendant is attached with an [User support].”

“[User support]?”

“It’s something from the Hero’s world.”

It was written in the [Mail order catalogue].
If you have any troubles in using or using it, please contact [User Support].

In addition, refunds are OK within 2 weeks after the item arrives.
If you can’t feel the effect, it seems that they are accepting refunds.
I decided to imitate it in order to get closer to the world of heroes.

Just making an item isn’t enough yet.
I’m still not a match for the world of the heroes.
The world of the heroes ── The dream to surpass the Empire still has a long way to go.

“If you can’t feel the effect within 2 weeks ──”

“No, I already feel the effect is enough!”

“When refunding──”

“I will never do that!”

“For user support ──”

“Agnis will go and meet Thor Regus-sama in person!”

With that said, Agnis took my hand.

“Agnis will tell you how happy Agnis was… and then I’ll fulfill whatever dream you have …”

“Is that what user support means?”

Isn’t the person who made the product supposed to support the person who received it?
User support doesn’t mean that the person who receives the product takes care of the creator.

“Because Agnis is happy to fulfill the wishes of Thor Regus-sama.”

Agnis looks straight into my eyes ──

“Please let Agnis, who uses this pendant, support Thor-sama.”

── With a big smile, she declared that.

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