about the wording.
General Reisenga forgave me, but for the time being, we still have different positions and statuses.”

“I know.
That’s why we … including when were with Thor-sama, can speak freely to each other.”

“Okay, only when there is only use 3, right?”

“Yeah, and then … this.”

Agnis took a black stone out of her maid’s pocket.
It was a small stone.
Smaller than the pinkie’s fingernail.
With the stone in both hands, Agnis said,

“This is a stone that Agnis found earlier in my father’s territory.
I want you to give it to Thor-sama.”

“Is it an Alchemy material?”

“Thor Regus-sama said earlier that he wanted something that could be used as a material for alchemy.
It may be too small to use but,”

Agnis continued, staring at a small black stone.

“This is a mysterious stone that doesn’t melt even at high temperatures.
That’s why I was holding onto it.
I wonder if Thor-sama would be interested in this …”

“Okay, but shouldn’t Agnis hand it over yourself?”

Mabel shook her head,

“I think that would make Thor happy too, right?”

“Well, that is …”

Agnis’ cheeks turned bright red.
Hold the chest of the maid outfit with a white palm.
Seeing her skin gradually turning red, Mabel reaffirmed that the [health promotion pendant] was working well.
She nodded and waited for Agnis’ words.

“N, now that in the end … it’s embarrassing to meet each other.
From the time I met him until today, Thor-sama … has seen various of things.”

“That is …perhaps is it that?”

Mabel covered her hot cheeks.

“Is it because you jumped without your underwear on? But that was just a moment, and you don’t have to worry about it too much…”


“Huh? Was that not it?”

“…Th, that is”

“Please tell me, Agnis-sama.
I will use it as a reference when serving Thor-sama.”

“Use it as Reference!?”

“I also owe Thor-sama a debt.
This Mabel will … show what Agnis did before… If Thor-sama wants it, I’ll offer it to him…”

“… Wa, wawawa”

“… Ah, what else did Agnis do?”

“………… errr”

“You seem embarrassed.
The [Health promotion pendant] is also shining.
You must be thinking about something similar to that jump.”

“Ma, Mabel!! Don’t deduce it!! “

“B, But, but … I’m the attendant of Thor-sama.
I am the senpai of Agnis-sama.
If that makes Thor-sama ha, happy, I am resolved to do the same thing as Agnis-sama.”

“W, wait, Mabel.
Wait a moment.”

The flustered Mabel and Agnis.
Mabel nods as if she’s ready, and Agnis holds her bright red face.
Then, suddenly, Mabel looked up and said,

“By the way, Thor-sama and Agnis-sama met in the bathroom yesterday.
Perhaps something happened there.
Maybe the salamander in the water heater might know something── “

“I surrender! Mabel’s deduction skill is too overpowered! I will teach you!!!”

In this way, Agnis talked about yesterday, how she was practicing how to control Fire magic with salamanders at the water heater without wearing clothes.
We also talked about how Thor-sama reacted.
In the end, Mabel and Agnis made a promise that “this will be kept a secret except for Thor”.

Mabel came up with a new event to serve Thor, but that was another story.

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