Chapter 25 – Demon Lord Rukie and Chancellor Kelve Receives a Report From General Reisenga

“To seek an audience with me.
What a turn of events.
Reisenga Frazad.

Demon Lord Rukie said.

This is the throne room of the Demon Castle.
Demon Lord Rukie sat on the throne, and next to her is Chancellor Kelve.
In front of her was the kneeling flame general Reisenga.

It is rare for him to ask an audience himself.
Because Reisenga attaches great importance to physical strength he despised the young Demon Lord Rukie.

Thinking about that, when Demon Lord Rukie looked at him ──

“This Flame General Reisenga once again pledges allegiance to the Demon Lord Rukie Evergard!!”

── General Reisenga bowed to the floor and declared.

“My loyalty is forever Your Majesty’s.
If I make a mistake, I will offer this life and soul, in front of my master- [I swear in the name of the primordial flame]!!!”

“What are you talking about, Reisenga?”

“In the name of the original flame!?”

Next to Demon Lord Rukie, Chancellor Kelve screamed.

“Reisenga Frazad? Do you know the meaning of your words !?”
“What do you mean, Kelve!”

“[In the name of the primordial flame] is a way to establish an absolute vow for the people who carry the blood of Ifrit.”

Chancellor Kelve began to speak.

It is said that the [Primordial Flame] is to the source of Flame Giant Ifrit’s flames and his vitality.
So to swear “in the name of the primordial flame” has a significant meaning to them.

When a person that carries the blood of the Flame Giant breaks that vow, the flames in them would make them not complain nor resist if someone took their life.

“The only time this vow was made was when the Flame Giant swore allegiance to the First Demon Lord-sama.
[In the name of the Primordial Flame] it is said that he literally followed First Demon Lord-sama until his flames of life burned out.”

“…W, what a thing …”

“It’s no wonder Your Majesty doesn’t know about.
This is the second time this vow has been sworn officially…”

Why did you suddenly do something like that…?”

The Demon Lord Rukie was surprised behind the mask.
I am thankful and proud to have your absolute loyalty.
But I have no idea why it suddenly happened.

“I’m happy with your loyalty, but can you tell me why?”

“I have done something rude to my benefactor because of my foolishness.”

“A rude thing?”

He forgave me, but he was an Alchemist that was under Your Majesty.
Then, I naturally have to apologize to His Majesty.”


Demon Lord Rukie repeated the words of Flame General Reisenga in her head.
He said, “My benefactor is an alchemist who reports to Your Majesty the Demon Lord.”
That means ──

“Thor!? What happened between you and him!?”

Thor Regus-dono, who cured Agnis’ erupting flames.”


“But I thought Thor was trying to trick Agnis into doing something wrong …”

Reisenga sighed.

“And then I foolishly tried to scare Thor-dono with my flames, capture him, and bring him back to my territory.
To be honest, I was overwhelmed by my anger at that time, but … Agnis corrected my mistake.”

“Did Agnis stop you?”

Agnis used the erupting fir magic power and displayed terrifying physical strength.
Then she blocked my movements with one arm, completely restrained me with both arms, and lifted me overhead.
I was totally surprised!”

“…eh, ehhhhhhhhhhhh!?”

“I am grateful for Agnis for stopping me from hurting my benefactor… It was my first time seeing Agnis this angry.”

Reisenga continued to talk about his gratitude to Thor and Agnis’ growth and prettiness.
Demon Lord Rukie didn’t know how to reply.
Her head was blank because of the unexpected development.

She thought that Thor had done something again.
However, the fact that he improved Agnis’ magical power far exceeded the expectations of the Demon Lord Rukie.

Reisenga’s daughter, Agnis has Ifrit’s blood flowing strongly within her.
Unable to control her fire magic power, which was too strong, she was suffering from erupting flames.

Therefore, Rukie, the Demon Lord, also helped out.
She allowed her to wear armour in the castle and provided an exclusive compartment for her.

(He healed Agnis’ erupting flames!?)

Moreover, Agnis is said to be able to strengthen her body with her fire magic power.
In Reisenga’s words, she blocked his movement with one hand, restrained him with both hands, and lifted him overhead.
Such a thing cannot be done by normal physical strengthening magic.

Physical strengthening magic only raises one aspect, such as power and Agility.
The rate of increase is at most 1.5 to 2 times.
However, in order for the girl Agnis to block the movement of Reisenga, she needed to be strengthened four times … or five times.
In addition, not only strength but all physical abilities must be strengthened overall.
That’s something that could rival the Hero’s strengthening magic

“To be honest … I was skeptical of the current policy of “learning from humans” of the Demon territory.”

General Reisenga continued to talk

“But after meeting Thor Regus, I understood that Your Majesty’s policy was correct.
It was wonderful that His Majesty used Thor Regus heavily, so with a sense of gratitude, I decided to pledge allegiance to Your Majesty.”

“… I see?”

“My loyalty is already with Your Majesty.
Please, punish me for my blunder.”


Reisenga slammed his forehead on the floor.

“… Suppresses erupting flames caused by the strong blood of Flame Giant Ifrit and converts the fire magic power into physical strengthening … Gives you enough power to block the movement of the General … No.
Impossible … Impossible … “

Looking to the side, Chancellor Kelve was banging his head against the pillar.

It seems that high-ranking officials of the Demon territory have developed a hobby of head-butting buildings since the arrival of Thor.

“I understand how much of a sin it is to be rude to the guest of Your Majesty.
I am already prepared to resign from my post of General.
Your Majesty, please be unreserved.”

Eventually, Flame General Reisenga looked up at Demon Lord Rukie.

“…The punishment of Reisenga.”

Demon Lord Rukie grasped the armrest of the throne.
Reisenga tried to kidnap Thor without knowing the whole story.
This is certainly unforgivable.
As a Demon Lord, Reisenga should be punished.

However, Reisenga had pledged allegiance to Demon Lord Rukie “in the name of the primordial flame.”

It was the most serious vow the first Demon Lord received from Ifrit.
The fact that the Demon Lord Rukie received it has great significance.

Furthermore, if she disposed of Reisenga who had done so much, the people of the Demon territory will also be dissatisfied.
If they find out that Thor was the cause of this dispute, some people may blame him.
Rukie didn’t like it either.

“What did Thor say?”

Suddenly, the Demon Lord Rukie asked.

“What kind of punishment did he want from you?”

“He didn’t want to give me any punishment.”

“… Well, that might be the case if it was him.”

“But when I kept asking for it, he said that he wanted Alchemy materials.”

Reisenga nodded.

“My territory is in a mountainous area, and the development of a mine is about to begin.
When Thor learned about it, he wanted the rare stones in the mountains.
Also, he wanted to personally come and find some materials himself.”

Demon Lord Rukie thought that it sounded like Thor.

Because it was him, he probably thought about the Demon territory and Agnis’ position.
Adding great punishments to General Reisenga would upset the Demon territory.
Agnis’ position, who had recently recovered from her flames, would also deteriorate.

So Thor didn’t want to punish Reisenga.
Then, with that in mind, we should think about what to do with Reisenga as the Demon Lord.

Demon Lord Rukie decided,

“If that is the case, Flame General Reisenga, this is an order from Demon Lord Rukie Evergard.”

Demon Lord Rukie stood up and looked at Reisenga.

“Although there was a misunderstanding, my important guest, Thor Regus was threatened and you tried to take him to your territory which is unforgivable.
Therefore, I will confiscate a part of your territory.”

“I understand!”

Without any hesitation, Reisenga replied.

“That means that part of my territory will be under your majesty’s direct control?”

“That’s right.
Because it is a hassle to govern a large piece of land.
The land should be big enough to have a large house built on it.
Preferably there is a path nearby and there is a place to get water.
Something like a place where you would build a villa.”

“… Y, yes with pleasure.”

“Is that so?”

“But your Majesty, that wouldn’t be a punishment.
If your Majesty wishes, it’s a natural of course for you to have a villa…”

“It’s not my villa”

Demon Lord Rukie laughed,

“You should prepare the land near the mine.
Specifically, where you could immediately go mine and materials can be easily collected.”

“Your Majesty!? Perhaps is it──”

The house is for that guy.
A large house that also doubles a workshop.”

“── Yes!”

He probably understood the intention of the Demon Lord Rukie.
Reisenga opened his eyes and nodded.

“I understand.
The place would have easy access to the mine and it would have a house with a large garden so that he can experiment with Alchemy!”

The cost of building a mansion is your personal expense.
Providing land, a budget for building a mansion, a workshop, and managing the building while Thor is absent.
That’s your punishment.”

Then the Demon Lord Rukie looked at Reisenga.

“Are you dissatisfied with this punishment, Reisenga?”

Rather, I want it!”

“Thor-dono’s house is this Demon Castle.
But sometimes he might want to study somewhere else.”

Demon Lord Rukie smiled gently under the mask.

“Thor wants everyone to use the magic items he makes, so it would be nice to have a workshop not only in the Demon Castle but in a place where everyone can visit freely.

“I am happy to accept this punishment!!!”

General Reisenga slammed his forehead against the floor.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to return the favour to Thor-dono.
My lord, Your Majesty Rukie Evergard!”

“I don’t want you to be too happy.
You lost part of your territory and use your private property.
This is supposed to be a punishment?”

Demon Lord Rukie smiled while saying so.

“Anyways, you should treat Thor with the same amount of trouble you caused him, but switch the trouble to nicely.”

“I understand!”

Flame General Reisenga looked up and nodded.

“That’s it.
Kelve, do you have any opinions?”

“… Conversion of magic power … impossible.
That’s …”

“Hey, the pillars will be damaged.
Don’t butt your head against.”

“………… I was listening to the story.”

Chancellor Kelve looked toward the Demon Lord Rukie while holding his forehead.

“I think Her Majesty’s judgment is the best.
General Reisenga is in the process of negotiating with the empire.
If he is given a big punishment, it might be exploited by the Empire.”

“Negotiations with the empire …”

Demon Lord Rukie recalled the report she had received before.
The mine development is underway in the territory of General Reisenga.
Therefore, we are currently preparing to subdue the monsters that have built a nest in the mountain.
It is necessary to gather soldiers to subdue it, but the location of it is close to the border with the empire.
It would be a problem if the empire misunderstood that “The Demon territory has intentions for an invasion”.
Therefore, Reisenga is negotiating with the Margrave of the Empire.
Among them, the talk of subduing the monsters jointly with the empire and the demon territory is progressing.

(… But the empire is the country that abandoned Thor…)

Demon Lord Rukie was not sure if that country could be trusted.
She was worried about whether or not it’s okay to jointly subdue the monsters.

I left the negotiations with the Margrave of the Empire to Reisenga.”

we have already exchanged letters several times.
In the near future, the Margrave will come to the territory of the General.
Is that right, General?”

It is exactly like Kelve-dono says.”

“Well, then you should continue to take on that role.”

Demon Lord Rukie continues.

“However, you don’t have to forcibly proceed with the joint operation with the empire.
The monster subjugation could be managed by our own soldiers one way or another.
If you think that the other party is not trustworthy, you can terminate the negotiation.”

“Your Majesty.
That is…”

“What Kelve”

“If a joint operation with the empire succeeds, it will be a great achievement that even the First Demon Lord-sama did not do.
Your Majesty’s fame would also rise.”

“I know.
I want to do it if possible.”

Demon Lord Rukie nods to the dissatisfied Chancellor.

“But it’s just that you don’t have to overdo it.
Got it? Reisenga.”

“I understand.
Your Majesty.”

“I’ve gained the loyalty of General Flame, and my daughter is now able to live in good health.
That’s enough.
I don’t need something as little as my reputation.

Demon Lord Rukie suddenly touched the mask covering the upper half of his face.
The mask continues to hide my face.
In the last few days, the features that used to be important have become less necessary after Thor came to the Demon territory.

With him, I can expose my face and talk with him.
While I thought it was fun … Before I knew it, I got the loyalty of General Reisenga.
The mask was meant to be a counter for a warrior who values ​​power like him.

(… I wonder if I will be able to remove this mask in the near future)

── Agnis took off her armour.
──It may be time to face everyone with your own face.

Demon Lord Rukie thought about that.

“…We got sidetracked.
Anyways, I have already decreed my punishment to you.
From now on you will have to listen to Thor and he doesn’t want to punish you.
Well, he might make some requests about the workshop, so be prepared for it.”

“Thank you.
I will accept any request.”

Thank you for your loyalty.”

Demon Lord Rukie told General Reisenga, who was bowing his hand

“I will do my best to be a lord who deserves the vow of yours.
That’s it.”

Demon Lord Rukie nodded.
That was the end of the audience.

Flame General Reisenga bows and leaves the throne room.
When the Minotaurs in the hallway opened the door, the general suddenly turned around.

“By the way … Your Majesty, let me correct one thing.”

“What? Reisenga”

“About Ifrit’s vow, Chancellor Kelve-dono said that if you break your vow, it means “I won’t complain even if you take, my life”, but that’s not accurate.”

“Was I mistaken?”

“If you first say “I swear in front of my master”, it means exactly what Kelve says.
If you swear to a specific person without that, it means something different.”

General Reisenga continues with an embarrassed look.

“For example … If you say it to someone you love it is referred to as … “With this vow, I dedicate my body and soul to you.
This feeling will continue to burn with the flames of my life.”


“It’s an important vow, so we rarely say it.”

Reisenga looked distant and sighed.

“Really … children really grow fast.
I’m happy, I’m lonely.”

“── Hmm?”

“Sorry, It’s just a parent’s complaint.
Excuse me.

With that said, General Reisenga left, leaving Demon Lord Rukie tilting her head, and Chancellor Kelve, who was holding his head as if he has perceived something.

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