Chapter 26 – Holding a Tea part


The next day, Agnis and General Reisenga returned to their territory.
Before they left, the general said, “We will prepare your workshop and residence in our territory.” It seems that this happened as an apology and a thank you for this matter.

General Reisenga nodded and also allowed me to see it beforehand.
Agnis also said, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Agnis seemed to be very shy, perhaps because it was her first time to appear in public in normal clothes.
By the way, she wore a sky blue dress that Mabel gave her.
Agnis doesn’t have normal clothes yet, so it seems that Mabel lent them to her.
The general said, “When I return to the territory, I will make clothes that look good on Agnis.
Please look forward to it.”

I’m looking forward to seeing Agnis’ new clothing when I go to see the house
Then I saw off Agnis and the general ──
I returned to my room and decided to continue my research.

“This stone from Agnis is… a Meteoric Iron”

I’m in the [simple warehouse] appraising the black stone.

Agnis gave me an alchemy material through Mabel.
It’s a black stone about the size of a pinkie finger.
It’s a stone that does not melt even at high temperatures, and it seems that it was found near the mine.

When I appraised it with [Creation Alchemy]──


Iron Meteorite

A stone that falls from the dark outer space.
It has different attributes and compositions from substances on the ground.

attribute: Space, Space, Space, dark, dark, earth


“This is the first time I have heard of the space attribute.”

While thinking so [Creation Alchemy] reacted.

『You have awakened the [Space Attribute] by successfully appraising the iron meteorite.』

『It is possible to add the [Space attribute] to the created items.』

…… Since I came to the Demon territory, I can use new attributes more and more.
Five attributes of the different world.
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and water.
Space attribute from an iron meteorite from the sky.
All of them were unknown to me when I was in the empire.

Somehow, I’m getting exciting.
I have to thank Demon Lord Rukie for the materials and the new workshop.
Let’s make more and more new items for her.

In the [simple warehouse] a hearth and a workbench are installed, delivered by the nice minotaur-sans.
It’s arranged by using the item organization function of the [Simple warehouse].

Mabel brought me a small stove and a table.
There is a tray with tea utensils on top beside the stove.
This is the tea party space for me, Mabel, and Demon Lord Rukie.
We are supposed to get together today around 3 pm.

“I hope Her Majesty also enjoys it.”

I left the workshop.
I need other materials to make an item using the iron meteorite, so I went into the warehouse next door to find some.

“I have to organize this room a little more.”

The warehouse next to my room is so messy that I can’t see the floor.
Demon Lord Rukie and Mabel used to say it was “junk”, but for me, it’s a treasure trove.

“Let’s categorize for the time being.
Let’s separate what I put in the [simple warehouse] and what I would leave in this room first.”

First, the books.
Books for the Hero’s world are valuable.
They might be a hint for future items.
I should keep it in my room so that it won’t get wet or torn.

“Which one should I clean up first?”

The most important one is the books describing items from another world, such as the [mail order catalogue].
When I looked for them … I found another similar book.
Just in case, let’s check the contents.

“… I see.
It’s interesting.”

I sat down.
I started reading and 1 hour passed.

“── Huh! Oh no, oh no”

If I don’t clean it up quickly, I won’t make it in time to the tea party.
We finally got a time when all 3 of us were free.
I have to clean up before that.

The next book is … a book of this world.

It’s a record about how the Demon Territory was created, written by the First Demon Lord-sama.
The types of demons and subhumans living in this area, their characteristics, and their living environment were written.

“… interesting”

I sat down again.
I started reading and 2 and a half hours passed.

“This won’t do, the cleaning isn’t going anywhere…”

I won’t read the books anymore.
Let’s just collect them.
While I thought about that──

Are you in the room?”

After the knocking, I heard the door of the other room open.

“── What is it?”
“Rukie-sama… You can’t enter without permission …”
“Thor said that it was fine when it was time for the tea party.
I can’t wait too.”

From my room, I heard the voices of Mabel and Demon Lord Rukie.
It looks like it’s time for a tea party.
I’ll move to that room too.

The book I was reading …let’s put it in this wooden box.
When I opened the wooden box ──


At the bottom of the wooden box, there was a sword in a sheath.
It had a familiar shape.

“It’s the same as the one at the entrance.
Is it a magic sword? “

If I look closely though, it’s different.
The length is too short.
The statue has a big sword that is a little over a meter long, but this one is less than a meter long.
The pattern of the handle and the pattern of the sheath is also different.
The statue’s magic sword has a complex pattern engraved on it, but this is a simplification of that.


I used the [Appraisal] function of [creation Alchemy].
Looking into the magic sword ──


“Magic sword (replica)”
Ability: Strength up.
Attribute: None in particular.


“I see.
This is a replica of the magic sword.”

Are you in there?”

“Your Majesty? Please come in.”

Just the right time.
Let’s ask the Demon Lord Rukie.

“I also wanted to see Your Majesty.
Can we talk to you for a moment?”

“U, umu.
Then please excuse me.”

The door opens, and the blonde Demon Lord appears.
She looked at me and laughed happily.

The current Demon Lord Rukie is not wearing a mask or a robe.
She’s wearing a jet-black robe with lots of ribbons.
Perhaps she noticed my gaze, she turned around in front of me.

“It suits you well.
Your Majesty Demon Lord.”

“… Just Rukie is fine”

Demon Lord Rukie blushed and turned to the side

“You already know my true face.
It’s unpleasant to be called Your Majesty by such a person.”

“No, isn’t it the opposite?”

“If so, this is an order.
If you think of me as a friend, call this Rukie by my name.”

“Is there such an order?”

“Isn’t the Demon Lord supposed to be a tyrant in the empire?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“So, I can make selfish requests.”

Demon Lord Rukie laughs.
I raise both hands and pose for surrender.

“I understand.

“It’s okay to be upfront.
By the way, what were you doing in the warehouse?”

“I found something like this”

I presented the sword that was still in the scabbard.

“This should be a replica of the magic sword?”

“A replica of the magic sword?”

“But the only added effect is a strength increase.”

I explained how I found the magic sword and its abilities.

“The length is different from what that statue has, but what is it?”
“What do you think, Thor?”

“The material is just iron, and the effect is just a strength increase, so it’s probably a prototype.
There was probably a blacksmith who tried to replicate the magic sword.
However, I think that it was abandoned because it is inferior to the original.
The blade edge is also dulled so that it will not cut.
It’s a scrapped item.”

“You are amazing.
That is the correct answer”

Rukie laughed bitterly.

“In my uncle’s time, there was a plan to revive the magic sword, so the elves and dwarves worked together to make the magic sword but──”
“a strength increase was the limit.”

It’s just as you said.”

“Can I have this sword?”

Rukie had a puzzi look,

“Why are you asking? This is your room, so you can decide what to do with it.”

With a gentle smile, she nodded as a matter of course.
A face that of a 15-year-old girl.

I think that this is unfair.
If you make that face, I’ll want to give you various things.


“What’s wrong? Thor.”

“Rukie is very cute ──”

No, is the word “cute” rude to Her Majesty?
No matter how much you are called a friend, you still have to keep some etiquette.

“Rukie is very attractive.
If you smile like that, I’ll want to do anything for you.”


Rukie opened her eyes wide.

“Wh, what are you saying suddenly!?”

“No, I just said what I thought.”

“Y, you, I don’t think that you should say that right away!!”

“Ah, that’s right.
In the Empire, I was a lowly person, so I didn’t have any people to talk to, except for a few.
But Your Majesty ──No, Rukie-sama and Mabel, would listen to me right? That’s why I’m so happy and blurted that out”

“You were having a hard time…”

“But if it bothers you, I’ll fix it.”

“… You don’t have to fix it.
Speaking frankly is one of your good parts.”
“Being kind is one of Rukie’s good parts too.
I think that’s a good thing.”


“So why are you so angry? Your Majesty!?”

“I am not mad! And you said you would call me Rukie! You really──”

“The tea will get cold? Your Majesty.

When I noticed, Mabel was looking at me from the other side of the door.
Her elf ears were twitching, and her expression seemed complicated.


“U, umu.
Then Thor, this sword belongs to you.”

Rukie gave me the black magic sword placed on the floor.

“As proof of that, I gift it officially to you.”

“Thank you.

I looked up at Rukie’s face and then

“Your Majesty ── No, Rukie-sama”

“What’s wrong, Thor?”

“Can I turn this replica magic sword into a real magic sword?”


“One of my dreams is to make a sword that surpasses the holy sword in the empire.
But I don’t have the fighting ability.
Even if I make a great sword it will only be put in a treasury.”

“……So that’s it”

“That’s why I want to make an awesome magic sword and have Rukie use it.
I heard from the general, but you’re going to a monster subjugation soon, right? If you can use it even at that time…”

“I’m happy about the thought.
Thank you, Thor.”

Rukie puts her hand on my head.
Then immediately with a gentle smile,

“But you don’t have to worry about that.”

“I don’t have to worry?”

“You’re worried about my physical weakness … Isn’t that what you’re thinking?”

Rukie wrapped my cheeks with both her hands.
She muttered at a distance where I could feel her breath.

“But it’s okay.
Thanks to you, I was able to gain absolute loyalty from General Reisenga.
If that spreads, those who doubted my strength will change their attitude.
Well … I might be able to remove the mask in the near future.

“… Your Majesty”

“That’s why you don’t have to be in a hurry to make the magic sword.
You should make what you want instead.”

I just want to see Rukie using a magic sword.
I think it’s really cool.”
“── What!?”

“But … is that so? If Rukie-sama removes the mask, it must be a magic sword that matches it.
What about a magic sword that shows its true appearance as soon as the mask is removed? A cognitive obstruction Magic sword … the same time as Rukie’s true appearance… Yeah.
That may be good”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!!”

Demon Lord Rukie taps and pinches my cheeks.

“Y-o-u! Why is it like this!”

“But don’t you usually give a muffler or glove to a person close to you.
Before that wouldn’t you think if it suits that person in advance? And you have to listen to the opinions of the recipients too.”

“You’re the only one who relates a muffler to a magic word!”

Rukie finally released my face.

“And I don’t need a magic sword to subdue the demon beast this time.”

“I’m leading the soldiers.
Unless there is a complete defeat the Demon Lord won’t swing their sword, right?”


“That’s right.
What we need this time is something that can safely attack monsters from a long distance.
Moreover, it is desirable that anyone can use it.
It is better to have items that support the battle, not weapons.”

“……So that’s it”

Thank you for your good idea.
Your Majesty.

“An attack support item.
Something that Rukie and co can safely attack the demon beast from a long distance.
I understand.
I’ll think about whether such a thing can be done.”

“U, Umu”

Demon Lord Rukie thought a little, then,

“It seems that you’re motivated.
There is no reason to stop you.
I entrust this project to you.”

“I understand.
Demon Lord Rukie-sama”

I think there was an item in the book that I just read that could be used in long-range battles.
I’ll find it later and make it usable for Demon Lord Rukie and the people of the Demon territory to safely subdue the monsters.

“Then, Thor-sama.
Let’s have tea time.”

“That’s right.
Let’s go to the room next door…”

“Hey, Thor! Stop glancing at the book with the items listed.”

Rukie puts her hand on her waist and looks at me as if she was fed up.

“I’m going to talk about something important during tea time.
It’s also for the paperwork that Reisenga asked me to do.”


“Rather, it’s a blueprint.
A workshop and a house on the territory of Reisenga for you.”

Rukie raises her hand after saying that.
Mabel, who was behind her, took out the parchment, the pen, and the ink.

“Eh? Do you make a workshop and a house by incorporating my opinion?”

“Isn’t it natural?”

“Thor mentioned it earlier.
You should listen to the opinions of the recipients when choosing gifts.”

Rukie laughed and Mabel winked at me.

“So, let’s talk over a cup of tea.
About the workshop and house that Thor will get in the near future.”

That’s right.”

“Ah, but your principal residence is still here.
You’ll have to travel a lot from now on.”

“I understand.
Your Majesty.”

“… Didn’t you say that you’ll call me Rukie?”

Then we went into the [simple warehouse].
While drinking tea, we talked about the layout of the house and the workshop to be built on the territory of the General.

You keep talking about the workshop.
Shouldn’t you pay more attention to your residence?”

I think that having a place to sleep and wake up would be good.”

“That won’t do.
The place where you live is important.
You have to think about your health too.”

Even so, I’m not very picky about my living space.
The dormitory of the government office where I lived when I was in the empire had only a bed in the room.
I also don’t want to remember the residence of the Duke’s house…

“Mabel, can you help me think about the living space?”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course.
Even over there, I’ll be taken care of by you.
It’s fine if you make it easier for you to work.”

“OK! Leave it to me!!”

“You’re so sly Mabel.
Let me think about it too!”

“Yes, let’s think about it together.
Your Majesty.”

We each decided to come up with an idea for the new home.

──And when everyone finished drinking tea.

The workshop should be something like this.”

“We have also finished the living space.

“Check it out, Thor.”

Mabel and Rukie showed me the blueprints for the living space.
It was drawn pretty well.
There are quite a lot of rooms.
It’s General Reisenga who is building it, but I wonder if the budget is okay.
And ──

“Was it Mabel who drew the bedroom?”


“Why are there 2 beds in it?”

“To take care of Thor-sama.”

“And the bathroom that can accommodate three people?”

“To take care of Thor-sama of course.”

“Please elaborate on it a bit more.”

“Thor-sama does alchemy work, so I think it’s better to wash your body with other people’s hands when you take a bath.
For example, there may be small pieces of wood and metal on your body and if you touch them, they might fall into the items you were making.

It makes sense …
Oh well.
Let’s give it to the General as it is.
If something goes wrong, General Reisenga will fix it.

“… Say, Mabel”

“What happened, Your Majesty”

“It’s good that the bathroom is large, but I feel like the boiler room beside it is oddly wide.
What does this mean?”

“Th, that’s…”

For some reason, Mabel’s face turned bright red and,

“I think that Thor-sama may want to remodel his home with alchemy, so I tried to leave a margin.”

“I see! As expected of Mabel.”

Sure, that might be the case.”

I might find a “boiler room item” from the Hero’s world soon.
Then I would also want to remodel the boiler room at home.
Did Mabel save some space to make that easier?

“Thank you.

“No, no.
After thinking that Thor-sama and I will live in this house … I think it’s better to have a space wide enough to dance…”

“But it looks like it’s going to cost a lot.
If General Reisenga says it’s no good, let’s give up.”

“I think it’s okay? Thor-sama.”

With that said, Mabel grins.

“Agnis-sama will surely put in a good word for this design.
She should understand it perfectly”

“……Is that so?”

“That’s right”

For the time being, I decided to submit the designs of my home and workshop to General Reisenga as it is.

I wonder what the General and Agnis are doing…?
They should be discussing the Monster subjugation with the empire.
I’m a little worried because the empire might put out unreasonable demands.

It’s a good idea to make a “magic item for long-range battles” just in case the empire does something.
An item that can defeat the monster without alerting the empire and without risking the demon territory ── If there is such an item, it wouldn’t matter if the negotiations break.
I think there was such a thing in the [mail order catalogue].
Because that is an item list of the Hero’s world ──

── With that in mind, I enjoyed the tea party with Rukie and Mabel.

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